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Sonic Adventure DX (Any %) (Single Segment) (ntscus) (gcn) [Character: Amy]

Verifier Responses
A/V: Good
Cheating: No evidence that suggests cheating was done.
Play Quality: Pretty good overall. Detailed comments below

Twinkle Park:
The epic 20 second save on the first wall glitch was exciting for me since I haven't seen it before. I only witnessed very slight errors that could potentially save a second or two but it's not really imperative. There were no major hiccups in this level.

Hot Shelter:
This stage exhibited both high and low points. Door skips saved you several seconds, but much of that was compensated with the number of failed attempts at the last door skip. All in all, this stage time completion still beats the current record holder's stage time.

Final Egg:
Pretty straightforward run. Could possibly save a second or two here. Nothing major to note.

Adventure Field:
I observed some tricks and glitches I haven't seen before (e.g. carrying the man for the skip—saves a few seconds or so). I thought you handled most of it pretty well up until the mystic ruins approaching and leaving from Final Egg. Much of the jungle run seemed either very unlucky or sloppy. Tightening this up could save you about half to an entire minute.

**Overall, the runner exhibits great control and talent for Amy's story in Sonic Adventure DX. Despite some major time that I believe that could still be improved, this runner seems to have completed Amy's story faster than the current record holder's.

Timing note: The game's timer is used for all stages that display it (minus 10 seconds added at the end and plus any restarts/deaths). Manual timing of all areas of the adventure field, sub games, and Big the Cat's action stages are added manually. Comparing DC/GCN/PC versions should be possible with this system.

When I first read this and compared the runs, it made little sense to me as well, but it was explained to me by a couple of people that the times set by these standards only includes time when the runner has control over their avatar. This is to normalize it between console platforms. With manual time calibration performed with the posted run, I determined the run to be at 10:20. I will also go re-time it a few more times to see if I can get a more accurate value.

My protocol for timing.
Time starts when the runner has control over the avatar. The rest of the Adventure Field was manually timed whenever the runner had control over the avatar (including transition times that led the avatar to an area where the runner had immediate control aka no following cutscene). Time was only paused during cutscenes. Sub-games were also considered as part as the overall time. Stage times were added onto this time. Time was stopped after defeating ZERO. Using this method, I was able to sync pretty well with Nintendan's Amy record of 10:36 (I also determined his time at 10:36 using my method).

Verdict: Accept

Quote from ikkeserv:
A/V: Good

Fastest run I've seen so far. Can't find any reason for rejecting that run.

Great job! ACCEPT!!!

Audio Quality: Good
Video Quality: Good

Alright, Lets see what we got here.

Twinkle Park:
A nice start to the run. You kinda overshot the ending to the funhouse section as well as miss the balloon, costing maybe 3 seconds. But that's just nitpicky stuff.

Hot Shelter:
Very nice door skips! Never seen those in a run before. The last door skip however costed you a few seconds, however you still beat the current record.

Final Egg:
Smooth looking stage. There were no noticeable mistakes that I saw here.

Well, This sure is a nice way to end a run. That was a great fight.

In the end, I'm going to give this an accept. Although there are some improvements to the run, they are not significant enough to warrant rejection.

Quote from mike89:
A/V: Good
Cheating: None

OK this one is really tough :/

Reasons to accept:
New Twinkle Park strat - comes in 23 seconds quicker
Final Egg door luck! In that room with five doors the exit is completely random, it probably costs around five seconds to check each new door, but this run gets it first go
Solid enough ZERO fight

Reasons to reject:
That failure to load the last area in Twinkle Park. WTF?
Hot Shelter clip taking quite a few tries
The above combined with the fact that the run is barely ten minutes long...

Really I could go either way here but for the sake of argument I will give an accept. I think you can do better though!

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Anthony  'GeminiDX' Pancione!
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Oh neato! Thanks, guys.
SEGA Junkie
Oh, that's what "show username" means! I thought it meant show it to the admins :p

I'm pretty confident you can do better than this Gemini, I'd encourage you to get something even better soon. Smiley
I can totally do better. I will someday.
Fierce Competitor
Oh, this is cool! A new Amy story speedrun for Sonic Adventure DX. I will be looking forward to watching this one! Good job! I have a question though. What date did you complete this speedrun?
The 27th in October, I believe.