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Sonic Adventure DX (ntscus) (gcn) [Any %] [Single Segment] [Character: Big The Cat]

Verifier Responses

Quote from CyberBotX:
A/V good, no cheating detected. Not really much to say about this, play is solid and Froggy is caught quickly in all the stages. A shame about Chaos 6, but randomness is a thing alright. Giving this an accept.

Quote from MAS8705:
It has been a long time since I've done a verification on SDA and it is exciting to have the chance to do another!  So of course after so long, I decided to do a verification for a Big the Cat run.  Brilliant... Anyway, the video and sound are good so let's get into it.

So comparing the run with the currently existing run, I can't help but see that the runner definitely did their homework in terms of maximizing how fast Big can move with the great use of short jumps.  The pace was about the same as the current run until we got to Twinkle Park where we saw that the runner was able to land the lure directly onto Froggy and got the bite almost immediately.  Definitely, a well placed shot there.

In the 2nd stage, Icecap, I did notice that the runner took a different route from the current in regards to breaking the ice.  The Runner threw the boulder while the current run just used Big's weight to break it. The reason why I bring this up is that when you look at the two together, the current runner actually got his cast off first, although by a second or so. That said, the runner was able to get Froggy to bite first and was able to reel it in about four seconds faster, so good job there.

The same thing can be said on the third stage of how it did look like the current run was able to cast off first and was even able to get Froggy before the runner, but those extra few moments setting up allowed the runner to catch Froggy first a few seconds before the current run did. From there, the switch can be hard to stomp on, but can't really fault anyone here if both runs took about the same amount of jumps to get the door open.

Hot Shelter is next and it was a bit interesting to watch the start since it wasn't until the pool when the current runner overtook the current run.  In fact, it was a bit painful to watch the current run since, by the time the previous run got Froggie, the current runner was already in the next location.  If there was a place in the run where we saw the biggest improvement over the original run, it was this stage.

Now was this to say that the current runner actually outperformed the current run in every way? Well... if I had to nitpick one very minor detail, it would actually be the only boss of Big's run: Chaos 6.  To hook Froggy inside the beast and make a run for it.  The irony here was that the current run actually did hook Froggie a second or so before the runner did.  Chaos 6 was jumping around a bit more during the runner's run whereas the current run wasn't as hoppy. Still, in spite of that, the runner skipped the results screen, so it wasn't like that was much time lost in comparison.

Overall, the runner showed us his impressive fishing abilities and knocked out a good minute from the current run.  I did watch the run fully first before comparing and it was well executed and fun to watch. As such, it is an easy accept.  Well done.  ^__^

The execution is good, while the RNG could have been better (the last boss...). It's overall clean and a sizeable improvement over the old run though, so there is not too much to discuss.


Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Nelson 'Sonikkustar' Martinez!
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The Great Farming Empire
Awesome! Another run bites the dust.

If needed I can encode the run to cut down on time since I still have the raw file. Granted I would need to know the SDA time and also check to see if my encode is acceptable.