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SS run with Tails

Verifier Responses

A/V: My instinct tells me the sound is slightly ahead, but it's not by much if anything.
Cheating: None

I would just like to say that having three different runners on three different categories on this game is pretty cool. Now Quartz, do an Amy run for the full set? Wink

Some quick notes:

Secret Base 1 - Spindash jumping straight into the air sucks. I've been there.
Secret Base 2 - surely you should be running instead of rolling with the speed shoes on?
Casino Paradise 2 - not happy with this boss fight at all, I'm pretty sure this boss is meant to be fought from the middle. Even so, the runner should have at least attempted a third hit on any pass where Robotnik was moving horizontally (with a spindash towards him at the end of the pass). In all, this fight takes six (!) passes, and each pass adds four seconds to the fight.
Ice Mountain 2 - I liked the level strategy here, but missing the first hit on the boss was pretty bad, costing another 3-4 seconds.
Angel Island 2 - shortcut was executed really well, but the second phase of the boss fight seemed rather conservative to me. I know you can jump those missiles.
Egg Rocket - part 2 had some sloppy errors in it, but this is still a really good time
Cosmic Angel - I can't for the life of me understand why every run of this game has struggled with this boss. This one's not quite as egregious as the Sonic or Knuckles runs, but it's still kind of surprising.
X-Zone - final boss is all dumb luck, but at least the right strat was used this time!

I went ahead and did what I think is the correct timing too:

NGH1 (30:38)
NGH2 (49:00)
SB1 (45:75)
SB2 (1:12:77)
CP1 (41:87)
CP2 (1:06:90)
IM1 (52:88)
IM2 (1:08:93)
AI1 (1:14:33)
AI2 (1:19:78)
ER1 (11:80 + 22:00 + 59:90 + 48:73 = 2:22:43)
CA2 (1:28:72)
X-Zone (1:03:92)

TOTAL: 14:37:66 (can I get that double checked by at least one other verifier?)

So, I won't lie, I wasn't exactly very impressed with that run just watching it, but in truth the mistakes aren't especially costly time-wise (I'd estimate no more than 30 seconds of execution errors, with X-Zone and to some extent CP2 as luck factors), and it's also a minute faster than both runs currently on the site. This is especially impressive when you consider that in the ideal case, Knuckles is actually about a minute faster overall.

My recommendation is to accept.

NGH1 - 0:30:38
NGH2 - 0:49:00
SB1 - 0:45:75
SB2 - 1:12:77
CP1 - 0:41:87
CP2 - 1:06:90
IM1 - 0:52:88
IM2 - 1:08:93
AI1 - 1:14:33
AI2 - 1:19:78
ER - 0:11:80, 0:22:00, 0:59:90, 0:48:73 = 2:22.43
CA - 1:28:72
XZ - 1:03:92

Final time: 14:37.66

Video: Quality looks great.
Audio: No sound issues that I could hear.
Cheating: None

The run was overall really nice and clean. Obviously there are small mistakes, it's a single segment run after all so it's not going to be perfectly flawless, but they were all pretty minor and definitely excusable. I'd say it's an easy accept.

It'll be nice to finally have a Tails run on the site Tongue

Video/Audio - No problems here.
Cheating - Nope.

NGH1 (30:38)
NGH2 (49:00)
SB1 (45:75) - Getting a jump off the spin dash sucks, and happens in too many Sonic games. Also missed a jump near the end, but doesn't actually cost as much time as I had first thought.
SB2 (1:12:77) - Because of the route the speedruns take, I've never felt that speed shoes are actually useful here, but as Tails, I think it does at least even out the time it takes to get them. I also don't think not running through the last part loses any time.
CP1 (41:87) - I feel that the initial spindash was weak here, and although the objects were manipulated, I think it could have been done a little better. Even so, a really good time for this level.
CP2 (1:06:90) - Probably my biggest issue with the run is this boss fight. There really should be more hits per cycle, especially with pausing to see where Robotnik is coming from. 2 hits per cycle should have been very possible. Also, @V1, fighting from the floor is a superior strategy. It's easier to both hit Robotnik and avoid Spiky bot.
IM1 (52:88)
IM2 (1:08:93) - Shame about getting hit at the start of the boss fight. Otherwise a really smooth level.
AI1 (1:14:33)
AI2 (1:19:78) - You can hit Knux by jumping after spindashing at the start of the fight. It looks like this was attempted, but just timed too late. I think the fight was still very good, though.
ER (11:80 + 22:00 + 59:90 + 48:73 = 2:22:43) Section 3 was unfortunately riddled with a few mistakes - the section with the spring looks especially bad.
CA (1:28:72) - That last ring box is such a troll. I've never figured out what causes you to get blocked by it. Not a perfect boss fight, but it does seem to always have ways of screwing up a run.
XZ (1:03:92) - The final boss could have been finished on the hand cycle, but it was finished straight after anyway. Because of how annoying this boss is, anywhere in the vicinity of 60 seconds is a really good time.

14:53:74 (.... wait, let's recalculate...)

General notes:
Control of Tails' flight is really good, especially notable in Angel Island 1 and 2. I know that it's a bit easier to use than in the earlier iterations of Tails, but it's still impressive.
I also feel that Tails' B attack is used a bit too often. It's used to stop momentum quickly in order to spin dash, but in a few levels, it seems to be used unnecessarily, in places where Tails has no momentum, or can have no momentum, and hence wastes time. For example, Ice Mountain 2 at 26:00 - Tails is stopped by the wall, so B shouldn't be necessary. It only costs about half a second in each case, but it happens a few times in the run. But this definitely comes under nitpicking, rather than serious errors.

All these negative points included, this is still a very nice run. There's definitely room for improvement, but I think it's worthy of an accept. It does just show that the Knuckles run really needs an improvement, too.

So!  Video/Audio's fine, except it still has a bit of a failed attempt from before a soft reset.  Don't see any cheating.

And now for the levels.  Not gonna bother with time calculations since I see that's all been covered.  Three times.

Neo Green Hill Zone (Act 1) - Looks good enough.
Neo Green Hill Zone (Act 2) - Looks good, actually pinned the deceptively stupid jump near the end in the tree, which is a plus.
Secret Base Zone (Act 1) - Few minor mistakes already mentioned, but not bad.
Secret Base Zone (Act 2) - Pretty good.
Casino Paradise Zone (Act 1) - That last tail swipe looked kinda awkward there, it's not that hard to set it up so you're facing left after that funnel.  But it only loses a second if that.
Casino Paradise Zone (Act 2) - The stage looked good, aside from that one ball clown.  The boss, however, is inexcusable.  The runner didn't even try to get two hits on the early upward ones!  It's not even that hard, just tail swipe then chase after with flight.  Doesn't work so well when the boss speeds up though.
Ice Mountain Zone (Act 1) - Lookin good.
Ice Mountain Zone (Act 2) - Still lookin good, getting hit aside.
Angel Island Zone (Act 1) - Not bad.
Angel Island Zone (Act 2) - Stage was good, boss was a jerk.  Didn't lose too much time though, a few seconds tops.
Egg Rocket Zone - Part 1 looked good enough, everything from the long fall to the trampoline looked pretty bad (Should have landed before falling, could have streamlined hitting the second speed booster after the fall).  That spring after the last set of spiked barrels in part 2 was also pretty sloppy, as was getting hit by spikes, but it's still kinda passable.  Kinda.  Part 3 was okay.
Cosmic Angel Zone - Stage was good, boss fight actually wasn't too bad.  Admittedly slow, but not horrible.
X Zone - And here's the part where someone realizes old junk doesn't work anymore (if he even thought it did before).  And then SUPERJERK FINAL BOSS!  It actually went pretty well, for that boss anyhow.

Aside from the (mostly minor) mistakes, this is still a pretty fluid run.  It gets an accept from me.

I'm late to the party, so I will be brief. Audio and video are good and I didn't spot any cheating.

I think this is a pretty good run overall, with only a couple really sloppy parts (the boss fight of the second act of Casino Paradise and the second sector of Egg Rocket). I especially liked the several tight capsule breaks, which are risky and result in a big loss of time if failed. No act was very good, but most were decent.

Therefore, I can only accept this great speedrun. Congratulations!

Quick version since I'm quite behind and the other verifiers have covered everything already.

No audio/video problems or cheating detected.  I thought this was a great run, couple of bad patches that have been mentioned previously, but this is better than the current knux run we have on the site - hopefully this will serve as a good catalyst for someone to improve the times!


Decision: Accept

Congratulations Kyle 'Talon' Ragbir!
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