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Killer Chobocos don't get any chocolate.
Ok... well... I've decided (for now) to retire my attempts at speedrunning Metroid Prime (since a few new tricks were discovered... I kept starting over)... with a best 100% time of 1:58 (NTSC Version 1)...

So in the mean-time... these games I got, what kinda runs y'think might be good for them

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life
The Challenge.... aquire Maximum money in the shortest time possible... trees are the way to go... but you'll need careful planning of when to plant, when to sell... and when to do your fishing to get your free Seed Maker... And to get under 7 hours... you'll need plenty of sleep (should be near impossible... I'm going to try it though)

Rouge Leader
Ok, Best Individual level runs for ACE mode would be nice... also, speed runs that aquire a GOLD STANDARD would be good too (since RR can be done bronze in a blink)

Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga
Human only game... play through and get the Human keeper and see if the next time through you can do it... a regular run might be ok too... same for Nocturne (well, sortof)

Advance Wars (2)
Forget doing it in the fewest days... try doing it in the fewest MOVES... Spann island alone is about 6 moves a turn

Phantasy Star O(ffline) Gamecube (Plus or not)
Offline challenge mode speedrun... since all 4 screens can be accounted for.... Episode 1 and 2... or individual segments... (GO FOR THE S-Rank!!!)

YS???: Ark of Napishtam
Spelling... arg... Boss Battle speedruns... HARD mode... still can't complete it

Custom Robo
Part 2: Individual challenge times/scores

And for you romios...
Front Mission :Gun Hazard
One of the best Action games I've ever played... rapid-leveling might be neccessary (cuz Sakata is a wiener)

Well... rate and play I guess... which run should I even attempt to do (and by attempt I mean give every spare minute for the next 2 months while schools out)
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Talk to the Hand
I actually tried an Ark of Napishtim speedrun on Normal. I gave up before even making it through Grana-Vallis; the game is like Crystalis in that there are places you HAVE to just stop and level your character/sword or you'll be doing zero damage to everything.

It would actually be quite a challenge to coordinate such a run I think...more than I'm willing to do.

The Boss Rush mode in that game would obviously be far more viable.
Yea I worked on a Y's:AoN Run for like 2 weeks, but the forced leveling finally made me hit a large wall (about 20 minutes of non-stop leveling) right before the lightning sword much as i like the game (I got really good at the dash-jump, which is way faster than walking =o) it's super annoying to speedrun.  I think I had a time of 4:xx near the lightning sword, so under 7 is possible.  Every segment I made was right before the next boss/mini-boss (except the first one), just so I could keep my sanity.  I was trying to save as much emel i could to power up the lightning sword (Everything drops fast when you can unleash it's special every 10 seconds, and Napishtim takes a long time without it).

This was of course on normal, nightmare difficulty took me like 2 or 3 hours of leveling just to stay alive for the lava boss (2nd boss), but I think he's the hardest one.

If anybody else wants to work on this I'll be happy to give you some tips.
I'd watch Advance Wars.
What would the interest of a run on Phantasy Star Online be?
Killer Chobocos don't get any chocolate.
Well... a PSO offline challenge mode run (2-4 player categories) would be an interesting technical demonstration... since challenge mode is much more than pure combat (stepping on switches and such)... also, since its offline all player screens can be accounted for... and in challenge mode, all items/levels are controlled... so not much luck is needed either (also, the most obvious reason of it hasn't been done yet)... like, team selection alone would be difficult enough (balancing power with HPs)

Plus its ALREADY TIMED... and ranked while in game... obviously only an S rank will matter (Level 1 in under 7 minutes... ouch)

Yes... I did say Challenge mode... anything else would be a level/item drop fest of 3 houryness for normal

Here's a few more... (cuz I forgot which games I had)

True Crime: Streets of LA
Theres a GTA run... we can have one of this... aside from the over-abundance of loading screens and the occasional game crash when you enter <no-name> this game could be done quite fast if you take the memory card out..... -OR- just do the Snoop Dogg battle mode thingy (most crimes solved in 1 hour)... but that would be more of a score run than a speed run

Castle Shikigami 2
My Bro bought this game and hasn't played it more than once... he says it sucks.... I don't know how a run for this would look... but it wouldn't be as impressive as Ikaruga

Aidyn Chronicles: The First Mage
Just mentioning that I have it.... a speed run for this game would be impossible... glitches and cutscenes that can't be skipped... plus dying... if you think sub7 can be done I'll try... most likely party would be Arturo, Abrecan and Rheda (Rheda is by FAR the best character in the game)

Flying Dragon
A fighter speed run? well..... fastest time to beat Metal Ryukozu V3 (umm... I forgot his name... the last boss)

Hybrid Heaven
C'MON... Am I the ONLY person who likes this game... Story mode would take far too long (maybe)... so maybe ULTIMATE: Monster clearance battle mode thingy

Quest 64
No Mis-Calibrating the joystick and coming back tomorrow to have max AGI... that would take too long... again, RPG's aren't very runnable (or are they?)

Final Fantasy 8
Little tid-bit, but this game (when played on a PS2) can actually be done pretty fast (because I THINK skipping movies by ejecting the disk won't cause the game to resest...*)... plus you don't have to level up... ever (easiest level to beat the game is 59 I think***)

Well... I can't remember anything... I know I have s'more games.... just can't remember ( I could go look... but that would be silly)
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Final Fantasy 8
Little tid-bit, but this game (when played on a PS2) can actually be done pretty fast (because I THINK skipping movies by ejecting the disk won't cause the game to resest...*)

Don't even think about messing with the disc drive. Maybe it is possible to play the game that way, but it damages the PSX and the CD, so it is banned here.
Killer Chobocos don't get any chocolate.
These are just ideas... not saying y'all should do exactly what I said...

here are a few more

*Ryumaou... I think... Flying Dragon yeah*

Devil May Cry 3
Its already in progress I guess... so instead of speed runs, I'll try to get the highest score possible (SS standard... is there such thing as SSS?)

Pokemon Snap
Kinda a joke I guess.... but challenge mode is ok (level 1, 49 pictures of trio-pikachu + 11 multiplyer photos... or what)

Jet Force Gemini
Races... Guns... Running Around collecting stuff... and the requirement of back-tracking... speedrun gold... maybe the final boss is too hard without Second player assisstance

Turok 1-3+RW
One of the longest action games there is "Turok 2" also requires a deal of back-tracking... and has difficulty settings... 3 can have level runs (from scratch... or continuance)... Rage Wars... maybe not

Blast Corps
Already done I think... no need to do something thats already been done


Perfect score? Is there such a thing...


Classic Microsoft gold.... best Microsoft game until Halo... how fast can YOU go expert mode... a simple screen capture utility will capture no problem

Corridor 7
While regarded as one of the worst FPS games of all time (I like it) and it is quite old... its one of the lucky few DOS games that don't rely on Extended Memory... meaning you can play it in Windows XP... now, on higher difficulties killing all the enemies is required... and on the lowest you can get away with killing 2-8 enemies... so I suggest Lieutenent mode... 75% level kills would require a little planning (don't have a heart attack now.....)

Well.... I don't know...

I got Phatasmagoria... but movie games are bad speed-runs.... CHAOS continuum is bad too.... JOURNEYMAN PROJECT Turbo is cool... not good for running... neither is Earthsiege or Cyberstorm... Spectre VR... nope... too hard... Morrowind? psh... 15 minutes... no way...

Any Ideas?... I could just go buy a new game... but I want to do something no-one else (at least not seriously) has done yet... my PC has a direct AV feed... so I can play my games right on my PC (lossless as well... lucky)
for me i only wish that someone try a run on lolo Cheesy
Jet Force Gemini is already done.
Do FF7 before you do FF8.
Do you know the Muffin Man?
Does anyone still have Quest 64? I sold mine cuz it fetched a pretty penny
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marshmallow: 2005-06-17 05:29:48 pm
Jack of all Trades

I already did Turok 1, 2, and JFG.

As for Quest 64,, haven't seen that game mentioned in a long time. What a bad game! I think this is where I plug my guide on it though.

Any RPG where you pretty much have to invest in a certain spell tree is bad in my book.


Is your muffin head crying tears, blood, or sweet, sweet syrup?
Killer Chobocos don't get any chocolate.
But I don't like FF7... plus FF8 can be done fast

Ok, well, Turok and JFG are out then... hmm what else
Jack of all Trades
I find it hilarious that two people have made guides for it within the past year. And they hate it like I

But why does everyone praise the battle system? It's bad! OK, so if you ask me almost every game with menu based battle is bad...but it's like OOOOH octagons! And it's 3D! INNOVATIVE!

If it really is then...well...sad.

It's not that hard. Just do it.