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Sniper Elite () (pc) [Any %] [Segmented] [Custom]

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'Skajdrovski'!
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Sniper Elite () (pc) [Any %] [Segmented] [Custom]

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11:14 - Quick-Save glitch apparently doesn't work with that body, that's why I've made ,,the animation collapse" glitch instead.

31:22 - I've missed that shot on purpose because I felt that tank was too close to me. Also the previous guys weren't that important to kill fast as the tank was moving slow.

35:01 - I couldn't kill all of the nkvd soldiers there because the objective glitches if you kill more than 2 enemies or get too close to them before first objective gets completed.

39:35 - A lot of missed shots there but it's not affecting the timing since you don't need to kill them all to make my team-mates move.

49:11 - They're not important to kill. I was just shooting them for fun Smiley

Overall this run looks very clean despite my awful aiming which I cannot just improve honestly, also built-in mouse acceleration doesn't really make the aiming easy Smiley
Quote from Skajdrovski:
Overall this run looks very clean

Wait, did you come to verify your own run?! o_O I like your guts! Those notes are actually accessible to verifiers if you just click the "run information" link. No need to post them here separately, but at least it tells people you'll be around to answer questions.

I see that this is now marked as having custom difficulty. I presume you've chosen all the settings that make it the fastest it can be? What settings are those compared to choosing the easiest setting? Do you change anything during the run?

It looks like you're saving the game in places where you don't segment it. That suggests you didn't put too much effort into planning the segments out in advance. That gives a sloppy impression so that's something you should avoid in the future.

7:47 - Did you use a segment here just to get down the stairs fast? That's... unexpected. The mission looks very clean but unless there's something I'm missing, it almost feels like more segments than necessary now.

13:57 - It looks like it's actually the fastest to shoot them one by one as they come out mostly, like you've done here. I know I said something about double kills etc. but I obviously just meant if that was faster. Maybe no time is lost shooting the other guys who come in around the two corners anyway?

16:43 - There you go! That's a nice one.

21:05 - I like the way you pre-place the cursor so you're ready to shoot the guy, but it looks like you take longer than necessary to get out the room. Is there a reason?

22:25 - Clearing this underground hall is so much faster than before isn't it?

24:24 - For the future, shots like this don't have to be taken as reflex shots at all: you can see the car coming so all you have to do is put the crosshair to the corner instead and shoot when you know the fuel tank is just about to come into view. Similarly with other shots too.

25:19 - I don't know, but could going around corners like this be faster if you deliberately slowed down a little bit?

26:36 - Was there some reason why you're going around the outside curve, not the in-curve?

28:40 - I like your cornering in this mission btw.

30:30 - Here it looks like you can actually get on the railing! Could this perhaps have been used more in the run deliberately?

46:54 - Can't you hit the fuel tank on the underside? Or on the opposite side of the vehicle?
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I understood the definition of comment too literally xD That's why I also included my opinion. If that's a rule break then Sorry about that :\ It won't happen again

Yep I indeed included comments in thread for other people because, I saw some people viewing this thread so I wanted to make future guests more comfortable to reply Smiley

Chosing the ,,Rookie" difficulty enables gravity impact on sniper bullets and also lowers explosion's ranges.

43:51 - I turned friendly fire in this mission to off, because the pilot that we are capturing, doesn't gets killed from truck explosion while they're getting off the truck. I don't know if I should include the switching event on video (which is in the pause menu) because it pauses the game.

I'm saving the game to be sure that everyting won't go wrong.

7:47 I did segment here because the truck is coming in randomly time, so the segment is just to get better rng and Yeah these are helluva stairs to cross fast Cheesy

13:57 I need to kill only one guy to move to the next step, the second is begin killed for being sure that the game started to the next sequence (Coming truck to pickup our agent).

21:05 Slidy movement making me slow to exit the room (60 fps)

24:24 I've been placing my crosshair here to prepare my hand to react enough:)

25:19 I did slowed down by holding S for a second Smiley otherwise I would slide (60 fps)

26:36 I feel like A.I get's more inaccurate when being on a rail

30:30 That was a lucky move, because when I often go like this, I'm getting fall damage which slows me down.

46:54 The second Tank doesn't have Fuel Box on his side

49:29 Also I don't know why did I made a save here xD

49:32 AND also the speedrun timer should stop here as soon as the plane scene appears. (I don't know if spartaque12 told you that or you just knew that before. I'm just making myself sure)
Haha. It was a joke! Don't worry, it doesn't matter this way or that. Of course you can include your thoughts about your run and what could be improved in your comments.

Rookie difficulty? But it says "custom" difficulty. How does it help you that gravity is on? Does it only save time that explosions are less powerful or also cost time somewhere?

Friendly fire: Do you mean you do that in the middle of the mission? Is it something you could have done in-between segments as well? Why do you want to have friendly fire on in the first place?

Usually people plan their segments in such a way that they know exactly what they want to happen during each one. When you save the game "just in case", it makes it feel like your planning wasn't very careful, like I said.

13:57 - Okay, you know best.

24:24 - Do you mean you were too used to the way you used to do it? It's a habit you should drop for any future segmented runs. At least you ran much further towards the trigger before the truck appeared.

26:36 - That's exactly the kind of stuff you should manipulate in a segmented run... I don't like this choice. Remember, we want segmented runs and single-segment runs to be as different from each other as possible.

30:30 - You mean there's no staircase in the game that you could partially skip like this, even if there's fall damage?

46:54 - I mean at 46:52 or so you're shooting the fuel tank of a truck. It looks like a part of it is visible underneath it (same with other similar trucks). Can you not get it to explode if you shoot that part of it?

49:32 - There's a field where you can (and should) type in any comments about timing when you submit a run. I think it might be the one that says "verification notes" or something like that. I'm not actually sure what it looks like because I don't have any submissions of my own. On this occasion, though, it was clear that time should stop there.
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I mean that I'm using custom difficulty which can have disabled gravity and have better explosion ranges.

I keep friendly fire on because on the second lvl you need to get a panzerschreck from one of your team-mates and yes I can switch friendly fire before loading another lvl which I did

24:24 Yep I agree with that but I was thinking that wasn't really necessary :\ I'll try to pre-aim in this situations better

26:36 I've choose to do it this way because you can get out of meds very easily in future lvl's (for example Factory)

30:30 Yes every stairs has to be walked as you would irl Smiley

46:52 You need to shoot straight in to the cap of fuel box to make truck or tank explode
The custom settings... that's probably alright in this case, but sometimes if games give you too much freedom in how to define the rules, you end up with completely trivial categories that don't seem to offer much value to the viewer. This is what we would call the "any%" which means using the fastest settings in different parts of the run as you have (the game page won't mention "custom difficulty" since that's redundant). Other than this, games can also be run on the highest difficulty setting (but you can't adjust any of the default difficulty settings in such runs) and maybe some kind of intermediate setting as well (again, with all default rules). Sometimes with segmented runs the difficulty selection doesn't really make a big difference in how the run ends up looking... Maybe that's the case with this game as well?

24:24 The more of these kinds of little things you insert into your runs, the more impressive they are. The opposite is also true: the viewers don't want to see a run parts of which they feel they could have done better themselves. Making things go fast is the whole point of speedrunning, and there's no frame saved less important than the rest. Smiley

26:36 Again, that's specifically why segmented runs exist...

Okay, well it could still have been a bit better here and there, and I encourage you to keep thinking about the little things, but I think this is good enough for an


Hope to see more runs in the future.
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I didn't wanted to put difficulty settings in to the run details, but ktwo asked me which difficulty I'm playing on, so yeah the difficulty doesn't mean much in segments, it's just harder to reproduce some glitches and strats. (Probably some routes could get changed because of A.I higher accuracy)

Thanks for the approve ^^ maybe gonna do tradicional any% soon

Also could I re-use existing segments if someone would beat my time ?
Edit history:
LotBlind: 2020-02-12 07:10:10 am
Looks like due to technical reasons, it will say "custom" on the game page after all. Doesn't matter anyway. I think I'll also add a note on the gamepage to tell people not to run "rookie" settings since it's so similar to custom settings. Would that be okay?

Here is what the rules page says about re-using segments: "There obviously needs to be continuity between segments in terms of inventory, experience points or whatever is applicable for the individual game. Note however that it's allowed for an SDA-submission to have discrepancies between two segments as long as none of it is to your advantage. This gives you the possibility to later redo segments that are in the middle of the run even in games where it's virtually impossible to end a segment with the exact same stats as before. Be aware that additional caution needs to be taken in games where the RNG seeds carry over between segments. It will in practice often be difficult to determine if this results in an advantage for the player or not. Re-doing segments where the RNG seeds impact future segments in a noticeable way is therefore not allowed on SDA."
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Skajdrovski: 2020-02-12 09:40:45 am
I also can do a screenshot of the custom settings for curious people

Just make sure to mention those in your run comments. Feel free to update them to mention e.g. all the missions or parts that can't be sped up, what stuff was RNG etc. Other viewers will be curious about the same stuff as what we've been talking about here. I think it says something like "comment edit request" in the submission screen somewhere.

Ah, wait, friendly fire isn't even in the difficulty menu? Then it's obviously okay to change that one if you're running a different difficulty as well.
Decision posted.
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Skajdrovski: 2020-02-25 01:00:46 pm
Game Page redirects to 404 error, is this temporary issue ?
Edit history:
LotBlind: 2020-02-25 01:21:42 pm
There's been no accepted runs for the game so the game page doesn't exist before the update with this run in it is out. That's normal. Should take maybe two months at most, I hope. There's nothing else you have to do to enable the publication.
Well It's been almost 2 months and the game page still doesn't exist Sad I feel like my run is worthless
Sorry about this but there is always a delay with these things! I'm mostly done with writing the next update. We have a limited amount of staff.
I understood, thank you for giving info about progress