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Heidrage: 2013-07-19 10:44:19 pm
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Heidrage: 2013-07-19 10:42:49 pm
Willing to teach you the impossible
I picked this game up for nostalgic reasons a bit ago and have been playing it for the past week or so. This game is short and rather easy to play. BUT CRAP is it a bit rough to speedrun in an optimal fashion. I am enjoying playing running it a lot.

Some one beat me to it and produced a rather nice run clocking in at 18:11. It can be viewed on Youtube here. This is a very nice run. I believe I can beat it casually, but I plan on pushing this game. I got a run with 2 deaths that was only 5 seconds slower than his run at the final boss. So I am sure I can get sub 18. But I currently have no idea what a good goal time will be.

I plan on kicking this out over the next few weeks. I might stream depending on how many people want to watch being this is not the hardest game or the most action packed game, but it has some amazing music Grin

I plan on updating this and I will be sending the guy with the current best a link to this thread. Perhaps I can get him back playing again. Would make it more fun for me.

Side note: Shout outs to ktwo
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Willing to teach you the impossible
So I just got a 17:50, it is submittable being 21 seconds faster than Primal's run. Might try to bring this down more.

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Mr. K: 2013-07-20 08:14:07 am
Congrats Heidman!  Also I've got some of the mechanics.

7E06D vitality countdown.  The counter starts at 96 and counts down by 1 every other frame.  When it reaches 0 it will return to 96.  1 bar from the vitality meter is subtracted from the on screen vitality meter every time the counter completes a cycle and reaches 95.
7E06C Vitality Meter  This is the onscreen vitality meter.  A full Bar is 16.  You die when the bar reaches 0.
Fruit: Fruit restores the vitality meter.  It also increases the vitality meter countdown when it is picked up.  Instead of counting down from 96, the vitality meter countdown is increased to 255 every time a piece of fruit is collected.  Once the counter reaches 0 again it will resume counting down from 96 again.

Weapon Damage
Standard Hammer/Boomerang  1
Upgraded Hammer/Boomerang 2

Stage 1 boss
Address: 7E1FFE
Starts 1 dies at 17

Stage 2 boss
Starts at 0 dies at 14

Stage 3 boss
Starts at 0 dies at 16 not vulnerable until a certain time.  See screenshot.

Stage 4 boss
Starts at 0 dies at 6
Collapses every time 2 damage is dealt

Stage 5 boss (first phase)
Starts at 0 dies at 28

Willing to teach you the impossible
I knew something was going on with the 3rd boss, but it was not what I thought. Oh well, I should have figured it was some thing like this.

I called it on the fruit pickups happy

Now is just the power jumping. In each of the TAS submissions they VERY briefly mention the mechanic:
On vertikal levels the guy often jumps with a normal jump to low, but with a high-jump (Down+A) he jumps to high, but you can stop the jumping animation by throwing a boomerang or a stone-axe. You can exactly land on the next platform.

    High-jump cancel

After a High-jump it's possible to cancel the jump by throwing a boomerang or a hammer. Usefull in vertical levels.

Would like to know how this works so it can be used in a run...
Congrats man!

I will definitely try to beat your 17:50.

Did you manage to learn the high jump cancel yet?
In order for the high jump cancel to work, you have to let go of the B button before you throw a weapon during your jump.  Some directional inputs may also interfere with it.  I'm somewhat consistent at it, but there seems to be another factor that is causing it to not work every time and I'm trying to find out what that is.
Willing to teach you the impossible
I have been messing around with it as well, seems random to me...
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Willing to teach you the impossible

Youtube Still prepossessing?

Twitch (enjoy Mecha)

Twitch uploaded to Youtube
Haters gonna hate
Wow, great time!

It won't let me watch the video. It says it's private.
Willing to teach you the impossible
Still uploading, but I am making the twitch highlight now, it will be added in a few min
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Mr. K: 2013-07-24 11:06:30 pm
So about the final boss, getting it done in 4 jumps saves a little over 5 seconds.

Every time he lands he damages six blocks.  Each block takes 3 hits to collapse.  The boss damages 6 blocks in a row when it lands.  In order for the boss to die, the entire width of its body must land on 6 missing blocks.

1st jump
Pretty straightforward.  You need to get him to jump just a little bit to the left.  The two blocks on the left corner should not be touched.

2nd jump
Pretty straightforward.  You need to get him to jump again on the left and damage the two blocks on the far left.  He needs to be as for to the left as possible

3rd jump
This is the hardest one.  You have to run underneath the boss and you have to get him to damage the three yellow blocks ahead of you.  If you're too close, he'll damage the three blocks ahead of you, but knock out one of the blocks to the left of them , ending your manipulation. 

4th jump
You should now have 6 consecutive red blocks.  You now have to get him to land dead center in the middle of them.  The risk of dying is much lower, but you need to get him to land dead on otherwise it's run over.

So this saves one jump.  I've done it in real time.  It's not easy.  The timing is a bit strict and I'm working on how the boss AI determines how high and far he jumps.  All in all a very gutsy way to end it.

Edit: My advice is grind this on emulator and use an audio cue for your movements.

Hi guys, we’ll done on all of your speed runs.  I need a little guidance.  I’m smashing through this game up until 4.2 (vertical climb).  I get to the level with no deaths, 8 lives, and both continues, but I can’t make that jump, no matter what I try it’s always game over.  How do you do it?  I’ve watched YouTube videos of people doing it with ease, but I can’t hit the buttons properly to make that jump.  I’m at my wits end.  Any help would be really, really appreciated.
If you jump while ducking, then your jump gets extra height. Is that what you mean?