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I love speedrunning and revealing bugs
Kwoky and watchOut are about to run Slave Zero PC game. What do you think about it?

Wikipedia info about the game:
First level (only test):
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Heyyy... wait.. i don't know you. Don't confuse me
This test run looks fairly nice... the only thing i could make out, were some minor mistakes, regarding, getting stuck on a corner... but not more than 5 seconds can be saved there.. the boss fight.. well.. it has been too long, that i played that game to be certain, but maybe theres a litte room for improvement.

But all in all.. go for it.. im convinced.
Lay waste to everything...but I still love SDA!
This game looks totally what i need to play. Sadly, i can't help in the run, but i'd like to watch it. The first video was impressive, so go on.
I love speedrunning and revealing bugs
This test video was made with no planning, no preparation. So it is absolutely possible to be faster - more than 5 seconds Smiley That´s why it is a TEST video Smiley
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Kwoky: 2009-04-27 04:19:20 pm
I love speedrunning and revealing bugs
Update: Small movement research proved that walking "sideways" (forward+strafe) is much faster than just walking forward. Jumping has (probably) no effect on the movement speed.
Forward: 6,5s
Sideways: 4,5s

L1: 1m 19,4s (very fast fight with the boss is a must)
Impossible to run more than a second faster.

L2: 1m 24,5s (almost perfect)

L3: 2m 45s (around 2:40 possible)
L4: 4m 12s (sub 4m probably possible)
L5: 7m 54s (only test, convoy is slow and sucks)
Heyyy... wait.. i don't know you. Don't confuse me
L1 wow.. nice improvement. Just bevore Reactor 2, you got stuck twice within a few seconds.. maybe you can shave the one second off there.

Other than that, im really impressed ^^ (not that, this has to mean anything^^)
I love speedrunning and revealing bugs
I decided not to push to the limit and make the run to estimate the total time only. I just think that watchOut will find some bugs and my (current) run will be worthless Smiley Therefore I won´t upload any new videos to youtube for some time.
Quote from Abaddon:
Just bevore Reactor 2, you got stuck twice within a few seconds..

Yes I focused on the shooting and stood still for a moment. I don´t really think it had some influence on the final time, but thank you for the opinion. I will test it in my second run.
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Xagar: 2009-05-06 08:22:02 pm
Yeah, I've wanted to do this game too, but it has severe compatibility problems with a lot of versions of Windows.

Yes, strafing is MUCH faster than walking. I'm wondering whether getting the multi-missiles early in the sewer level is worth it.

Also there's an invincibility glitch which you can trigger, IIRC, by passing an instant-death trigger like a fall during a cutscene. You can't quit the game afterwards or it will disappear, but it would be a ridiculous time-saver. IIRC it does persist through level changes. The place I remember it being easiest to do is during the fight on the four skyscrapers with the flying boss - shoot a missile to kill it and jump off, then when it explodes you'll fall but not die. Since it doesn't work on my computer at the moment, I can't really test it.

EDIT: Here's the actual best place to do it, quoted from somewhere I Googled. Do a SS (you have to, basically, to use this glitch).

Quote from
Glitch: Invincibility

Intentionally die just before entering the next level or section of the current level. The best place to do this is when you come across the third power plant on the first level, where destroying it will takes you to the next level. Find where the nearest street to the third power plant is located. There should be a pit here. Turn your back to the pit and destroy the power plant. After it explodes wait for approximately two seconds then jump into the pit. If done correctly, the mission completed mission will appear followed by a message stating that you died. When the next mission starts, you will have no life, but will be invincible (except for falls). Note: Although the game will continue normally, you will not be able to save since you are considered dead.
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Kwoky: 2009-05-11 12:15:50 pm
I love speedrunning and revealing bugs
Wow, that´s impressive Smiley I must test it soon Smiley Thank you Xagar.

EDIT: I tried it, but I don´t know how exactly fall down and where (i don´t know what "pit" is). Every page, where this "invincibility glitch" is written, contains cheats for Sega Dreamcast. Maybe it cannot be used on PC(?).
Heavy Metal Powered
a "pit" is a hole in the ground, you should be looking for a hole in the street
Yes, you can do it on the PC. I usually did it at the boss fight with the four skyscrapers, but doing it in level 1 is clearly better.
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Xagar: 2009-05-16 10:55:49 am
I haven't managed to do it in level 1 yet (it requires some pretty precise timing), but here's proof that it's possible on the PC.