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Quote from Flip:
This run will be timed manually, since that's now our policy regarding multi-segment RPGs that DON'T display a time at the end of the run (I'm assuming this one doesn't). I'll give this a bit more time so that LotBlind can finish his commentary. I know it's a long run.

Yeah, this one doesn't display the final time at the end. I haven't been as dedicated to watching this as much as I wanted to, but from what I've seen so far it looks like it should be an ACCEPT from the gameplay side. Only thing that could hurt is the time.
I think the Gamecube version is officially called Skies of Arcadia Legends. For the record I had not played or seen the game before.

So I'm thinking the runners could have made better use of the compass to get the exact headings for each cruise segment. A little time could be shaved off each segment involving flights that way. Cornering in general isn't super precise but also not terribly sloppy. Then again it seems the controller doesn't allow a smooth, gradual turn.

Seg 17-18 could it be possible to get the two encounters for the moonberries earlier (or would it even be possible to get the right kind of encounter in an earlier segment?).

Seg 23 has a mistake with equipping an item and having to re-equip another afterwards. Around 19 secs lost, but there were two 1/100 drops... so unfortunate but acceptable.

Seg 30 has a 5-sec equipment change that could have been done in the previous segment with everything else. Not sure what the brief menu visit near the end is about. Ofc the runner didn't realize this stuff would end up being timed.

In some of the fights you get the notion a "pyri" and two regular attacks might have been faster than two "pyri" but this is a luck-dependent strat because it requires only 1-2 enemies to be left standing after the first pyri both at sufficiently low health. The difference might not be very great.

Seg 49 Something weird causes the Wings of Gold card to appear twice costing 2 seconds...

Seg 55 Looked like one less crystales box might have sufficed.

Seg 68 - This segment has a minor movement blunder at 3:12 and I think another one shortly after at the door.

Seg 88 - the 4-second mistake is okay in a 12-min segment with two boss fights.

Seg 90 - Felt like a few things were sold that didn't really have much value but maybe they'd have been cluttering the menus otherwise so I'm sure it works out.

100 - activating one of the switches a second time costing a second.

101 - A ridiculously tough fight by the looks of it.

104 - Impressive segment with a gigas fight that goes very smoothly.

121 - 2-sec mistake in the fight trying to select a gray item.

124 - Another segment where the overall strategies might change a little if taking into account the menus being timed.

131 - Not casting another delta shield on the last round works out super well here. Awesome luck!

134 - There may have been a tiny bit of hesitation with choosing some actions for the Zenos fight. Then again it's by far the longest segment. It's clear that the runner had more complete kits and gear grease than he ended up needing here, whatever that means.


So this run is beyond a doubt improvable adjusting to the new timing system but the play quality is overall good. All the in-game menu navigation never feels like the runner is wasting much time.

I, too, wish future runners didn't play around with the camera so much as it's actually a bit uncomfortable to watch.

The few video artifacts that were pointed out I didn't even notice until looking back.

Decision posted.