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How you doing, people?!!!

Throughout the past month or so this year, I have seen JXQ's TAS of this game, but never seen a speed run of this on a real console.  That is your chance to volunteer!

From Start to the final shot that defeated the final boss Icepick, the fastest I got so far (in-game time) was 0:16:30 single segment but never recorded it since I don't own an NES right now - just an emulator.  The strategies I got so far involves a few things:

Building up food/music currency:  At the Royandale Mall in Level 2, the latest TAS showed entering a few secret stores which I did take advantage of.  I took advantage of that while entering the wrong store on purpose (which takes a :30 second penalty off the delivery time) and entering non-secret stores with :30 seconds or less remaining to get food/music currency.

Buying the Afterburner at the Beaches in Level 3:  This was one of the most difficult parts of the game because crabs, seagulls, body-builders, and roller-skaters were approaching rapidly.  Sometimes, luck was also hard to manipulate because at times Rodney will sell the Hangtime before the Afterburner - and can be hard to chase down with a Rocket.

Energy pickups at the Abandoned Warehouse in Level 4:  After memorizing rooms in many sections, I now know some of the nearest spots I can go to in case I get shot too many times and/or before preparing to face the final boss.

I have written a PDF of the entire walkthrough of this game and submitted it to Neoseeker, and I also re-incorporated it as a Wiki at the IGN web site.  That should give everyone here a chance to study the game a little bit more.  I really hope this helps!  Also, if you want my donation, I would pay to see two players race through this game at the next GDQ event!


Thanks, all. Smiley
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