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xyzzy: 2006-06-14 11:15:43 pm
Rest in pieces.
Hello. Some words about the game.

SiN utilizes a modified q2 engine. The running speed is slower, many tricks removed.

The game features a selection of various interesting environments: bank, construction zone, subway, warehouse, sewers, jungle, deep under water, laboratories where they experiment with humans, oilrig, a rich estate... Fit to notice: the further you are in the game, the more interesting envoronment you find yourself in, while in the beginning it looks pretty standard. It seems that Ritual decided to save the best for the end.

The game also features a gripping plotline (what a rarity for an FPS), which is not linear. Usually what exactly you did in an earlier level influences what's going on now and what you'll have to do. You can skip whole levels, at one point even more than one. And there are a few really, really crazy plot twists. Very impressive.

Damage is mapped physically: the most when firing at heads, the least when firing at legs. Thus, an instant killing ability (or call it a headshot) is introduced for some weapons, like shotgun or sniper rifle. You can even kill two enemies with one headshot if you're using a shotgun and one of them stands right behind the other (the bullets' spread does it).

By the way, your enemies, just like you, are wearing armor :). It comes in three types: head armor, body armor and leg armor. You can also fire away guns from their hands (or they from yours). If that happens they'll start fighting you manually, with their fists. If you come too close, though, they'll attempt to beat you on your head with their weapons.

There's some variety to playing the levels: some are 'old-school' levels where you need to find an item\locate an exit, some provide you with interesting goals, some are stealth missions. You can not only run and shoot, but sometimes swim or drive a vehicle. You can operate comps, break almost all things, watch submarines and rockets launching, do lobotomy to a few brains or viscerate them (in the xenolab, and there are many other things to do there..). I'd just recommend to play the game :).

The voice of J.C., a former hacker and your companion, is talking to you almost all the time (he's watching over you), giving you hints and commenting your progress. Your enemies are very talkative guys, they often ask things like 'Who are you?' and comment their own welfare with phrases like 'Oh, my head!'. You're talkative, too, commenting the state of your affairs (to J.C. probably) with a rather sadistic attitude, saying things like 'Rest in pieces!' after the kill.

(Hmm, I'm feeling like I'm writing something for PR company :).)

The medium difficulty ('officer') is used with the speedrun. The reason for that: when on hard, the amount of damage you take is so drastically different that you have to kill absolutely everyone.

As it's so important to aim for the head to save time, I sometimes use 'fake zoom' script, from q2 deathmatch:
bind F +bond
alias +bond "fov 40; sensitivity 2"
alias -bond "fov 90; sensitivity 5"

Are you interested?
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I have no solution, but i admire the problem.
Hmm, i don't know the game and q2 engine doesn't sound like good graphics. But if it is entertaining ( tricks ? ), why not. And there are certainly some fans of this game out there ( come out ! )
SDA fan
For sure I would TOTALLY watch it.  I played this game to death back in the time...
Your almighty lordship
The only thing I know about SiN is long load times and copious bugs. Of course, these are usually game ending bugs, but still it could be fun.
IIRC all of Sin's problems are fixed via. patches, and load times are much shorter on today's computers.

Kind of a pain to install in Windows XP/2000 but it's possible and you just need patience.
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xyzzy: 2006-04-18 04:55:30 am
Rest in pieces.
Strange, I had no trouble at all installing it in XP and all loading times are short :). Most of the bugs got fixed with the final patch, 1.11.
Ok, now I just need to figure out how to capture video from the demos. Camtasia/HyperCam/Fraps capture only at 320x240, 30fps and no sound. Probably doing something wrong.
yes I'd certainly like to see a run for it.

It's not been long since I played it again (some months). Well the game itself can be very frustrating: puzzles you need to solve without proper hints... there were quite some spots where I didnt know where to go or what to do and spent maybe 30 mins searching...

But the worst was the level where your scuba gear just vanishes so you have to swim along the spots with the bubbles. I was convinced I encountered a bug and was about to give up. Even google didnt turn up any help because the game is quite old. It was after I used a cheat to summon a scuba when I discovered how that level was meant to be done. Well after you've finished the level you suddenly have the scuba gear again.... great!

The game went on with rather frustrating moments until I reached a point where the game crashed every time and I was unable to continue... d'oh
That's where I gave up

Anyway I'd really like to see a run for it as it's one of those fast paced shooters that usually result in great runs
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xyzzy: 2006-04-21 12:50:23 am
Rest in pieces.
Haha, the disapperance of the scuba gear isn't a bug :). It's a joke! Whether it disappears or not depends on how you took it in the previous level. If you didn't use air bubbles to take it, then it stays. If you used them, you'll have to use them in the next level, too...:).

Btw, any patch removes a crushing bug later, if we're talking of the same bug. Mmm, I'll try to find a friend with a better comp, mine seems to be unable to capture from the demos. The videocard isn't exactly new, and probably 512 RAM isn't enough :(.

And, is norm difficulty ok? I could try to rerecord on hard, since I'm not capturing anyway. Hard might be boring to watch, though (or not), it's hitscan-whoring in most of the levels.
Ive done a speed run on this game but then lost most of my videos. Still have some. If you going to do a speedtun there is one thing you have to take your time on ass it will reduce the time by a good 10 minutes

Its at the dam level there are two ways you can finish it the one takes longer than the other one. but the longer route has one HUGE advantage and that is that you skip the Waterworks 1,2,3 and WaterPlant 1,2 a total of 5 areas

Anyway the bank can be done is 2:14 thats my time but it can be improved ill try and upload some of the vids I have
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xyzzy: 2006-05-01 01:53:57 am
Rest in pieces.
Thanx for the Freeport Dam hint. Great, two more levels can be skipped! And I thought I'd used all the shortcuts :). I'll rerecord that level if it doen't take longer to take a longer route than to complete Freeport Waterworks 1-2 (the other three levels you named I skipped).

Btw I found a friend with a capturecard, he calls it "insane" :). Now there's someone to capture video from the demos.
Rest in pieces.
About Freeport Dam:
The longer route is jumping down from the spot near the telescope? It isn't longer, but it seems to be impossible to take it. I tried it, and it works only with a cheat. If you play fair, you can stay on a slope for a while, but whatever you do, the in-game script kills you when you touch that yellow surface (whatever it is).
Darkmag, did you manage to make it work without cheats? Please, share :). It's a cool way to skip more levels, though it seems strange. Note the objectives, they do change! The objective suddenly becomes to turn off the turbines. That, most of all, makes me think that this spear exit was designed as a joke :).
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Radix: 2006-05-07 08:18:32 pm
The times I have from the videos that are left anyway I know you collect pieces of a gun through out the game Ive never been able to get them all

Abandoned Building (1:58)
Banking On Destruction (2:14)
Bio-mechanical Factory Part 1 (2:26)
Bio-mechanical Factory Part 2 (5:19)
Chemical Plant Part 1 (1:30)
Chemical Plant Part 2 (3:33)
Construction Site (2:46)
Estate Sinclaire part1 (0:19)
Estate Sinclaire Part2 (0:33)
Fly-in to Bank (1:12)
Free Port Dam (1:53) (Fast version)
Munt Phoenix (1:38)
Sewer System Part 1 (1:50)
Sewer System Part 2 (1:01)
Subway Station (3:56)
Thrall Master (5:23)
Warehouse Part 1 (2:00)
Warehouse Part 2 (1:47)
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xyzzy: 2006-05-07 07:24:52 pm
Rest in pieces.

Cool, now questions for you :).
What difficulty is it?
What do you mean by "Abandoned Building (1:5)" and "Munt Phoenix (1:3)"? Is it 1:05\1:03 or 1:50\1:30? Makes a big difference :).
Have you added a dialogue's time with Elexis Sinclaire in Biomech Security 2? Did you count other cutscenes that can't be missed, usually in the end of the level?
Did you count fading screen time and dark screen time at the end of levels (a few times when screen goes black but loading doesn't start yet).
Just making sure :).

P.S. And what about that exit from Freeport Dam, you didn't answer the question.
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Radon: 2006-05-07 07:54:40 pm
Abandoned Building (1:58)
Munt Phoenix (1:38)

The times are 1:58    and  1:38
At the end of both times there is a  ")"
The forum script sees  "8" + ")" and thinks it's a smily.
Your almighty lordship
I never understood the 8) smiley. After all, B) looks hella more like sunglasses guy (and it's far less likely to be used in writting). Stupid BBCode and being all stupid.
Rest in pieces.
Great!!! I was almost ready to commit suicide when I thought it might be 03 and 05. As it is, my times there are better. But I can't understand time for Biomech Factory 2. And that Freeport Dam thing (provided that it works without cheats?).
I'd certainly watch a speedrun of this game!

The way I remember SiN is an awful lot like Radon does. Stupidly long load times, up to multiple minutes for some levels, most of which consisted of periods of zero hard-drive activity, and one very annoying bug which would crash the game every time I tried exiting a certain level, I believe it took place on an oil platform or something. And back then, no internet, so no patches. For some reason I haven't tried to play it since we got hooked up to the internet here, which was about 5 years ago :-[

Good luck with your run Smiley
Rest in pieces.
Current times.

01 Assault On FCB (01:06)
02 Freeport City Bank (01:53)
03 Abandoned Buildings (01:28 )
04 Construction Zone (01:51)
05 Abandoned Subway (03:24)
06 Sintek Chemical Lab (00:59)
07 Sintek Chemical Plant (03:18 )
08 Sintek Warehouse 1 (01:37)
09 Sintek Warehouse 2 (01:35)
10 Biomech Factory 1 (02:18 )
11 Biomech Factory 2 (07:12)
13 Freeport Sewers (01:15)
15 Lower Freeport Sewers (01:01)
16 Freeport Dam (01:33)
17 Freeport Waterworks 1 (03:18 )
18 Freeport Waterworks 2 (01:42)
19 Sintek Oilrig (02:37)
20 Underwater Passage 1 (05:05)
21 Underwater Passage 2 (03:25)
22 Hidden Docks 1 (01:12)
25 Hidden Docks 2 (01:37)
26 Jungle Passage (00:34)
28 Mountain Gorge (01:48 )
29 Containment Area 57 (02:42)
31 Xenomorphic Lab 1 (00:42)
32 Xenomorphic Lab 2 (00:52)
33 Estate Sinclaire 1 (00:19)
34 Estate Sinclaire 2 (00:30)
35 Munt Phoenix (01:34)
36 Thrall Master (04:36)
Nice! I so want to see this! Cheesy
Rest in pieces.
Sorry for procratination, I need to rerecord one level and I have to use an old monitor now (mine is being repaired). Colors it gives me are awful... White is actually orange (!), and the screen very dark because of that, at any settings. Bad for rerecording anything.
Don't worry about recording on such bad monitor as it doesn't matter (capturing software gets data from the video memory, not monitor).
Rest in pieces.
It's ok, the monitor is already repaired! Btw we live very close to each other, maybe you can help me? Lol, this is getting very not funny.;action=display;num=1149022359
I would love to see a speedrun of this. As a kid I loved this game, played it over and over. The chopper flyby was great, for its time. Minigun-fun to the max!
I'm recording the run right now, a couple things to work out such as recording in the intro and end
Rest in pieces.
Ok Smiley