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Shogo: Mobile Armour Division (Any %) (Segmented)

Verifier Responses

Everything looks great.  Audio is fine and the few visual ticks are fine.  Lots of good shortcuts and (mostly) good ammo/health/weapon management.  Easy Accept on my end.

Timing for each segment should be from whenever the FPS HUD shows to whenever the view shifts to third person for cutscenes.  That, or whenever the menu pops up, obviously.

I had forgotten how well this game has aged.

Audio and Visuals are both solid. The Lithtech engine can easily be a trainwreck with the wrong settings, but it looks almost pretty here.

The mech sections are played really well, with the runner using the lightest MCA model and sticking to the vehicle mode with its faster movement as much as possible.

The on-foot sections are more straight forward. As there are not many sequence breaks tricks in these levels, it basically comes down to just constantly moving forward - something that is not always easy since the enemy's hit-scan weapons can kill the player in seconds. The runner also skips all non-essential levels, such as blowing open the gate control panel instead of having to do an extra level to rescue a cat.

Decision: Accept.

So I was going to do some very detailed comments, including a preliminary timing for the run (which is why I asked before), with segment by segment comments, but I've had a, let's say, troubled weekend, and since we're all pretty much in close agreement, I'll stick to a more general overview:

A/V is good throughout. No sign of cheating that I can find (I was puzzled by a instantaneous turn around that happens in part 21, around the minute mark, but I checked and Shogo has a 'turn' around button, about the only place it would be useful), health and ammo seem to be consistent save to save and the difficulty doesn't seem to change either, i.e, a clean slate of health.

Overall route planning seems good. There's a couple of shortcuts (in part 24) that the runner could have used if he had access to the rocket or choose to forgo obtaining the red riot, but which he can't use because the time it would take to acquire/forgo would be greater than the time saved, so the trade-off seems correct. And for everywhere else, he's taking the most direct routes, doing things as efficiently as possible and using what level skips he can (aka, the musuem and the cat).

There is the double cutscene glitch to the Uziel fight he could have used, but it only saves time if we're counting those cutscenes and it only costs him a couple of seconds, tops.

As per verifier #3, the way to do a good run in Shogo is to manage to keep moving as much as possible, despite having enemies that can kill you very quickly if you allow them. For the most part, the runner succeeds in doing so, rarely hesitating or playing it safe by stopping to kill enemies, something I'm not sure a casual viewer might appreciate. He might, perhaps, have been a bit more bold in a few places (such as a couple of places in segment 16), but I realize that's being harsh and he takes some severe risks without seeming to do so.

There are only a few obvious (and non-obvious) errors in execution, which cost him mere seconds throughout, so this is a very solid run. Barring the discovery of major skips or glitches, I wouldn't expect an improvement of more than, say, 10-15 seconds in the future, so Accept.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Peter 'Sloth_machine' Madill!
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Thank-you all. I am very pleased to have my first ever run accepted on SDA.

I know that this run can be improved on, as the play could be cleaned up a bit. Also, I did a bit of research beforehand, but other than that, I kind of solo'd it. I think next time I'll contact the community for input on things I might have missed.

Another reason I wanted to get this run out there was to inspire others. So they would see it and say, 'I can do better', then improve on my groundwork. Maybe one day I might obsolete my own run Smiley
Congrats sir.  I loved this game back in day, definitely looking forward to seeing this run.
Third verifier here. You did a good job Sloth, it's a solid run. I imagine there are bound to be tricks and glitches to be found that could significantly make a difference and I look forward to this inspiring more people to try to run the game, as it could definitely use a cooperative effort, but given what we know of right now, you did a very good job, kudos.