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lightningluke81: 2017-03-08 11:34:07 pm
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So the thread I found for Shining in the Darkness made it look like no one has completed a run of this game yet. I thought I saw something on youtube about 9 months ago, but it doesn't seem to be there anymore. So I thought I'd try to revive some interest in this game. I've been off line I don't know, I guess too long now, trying to route this game. I'm keeping it single segment because I don't want my head to explode trying to get a perfect game (reference the new segmented Final Fantasy run to see about how many attempts this game would take) So I've come up with a few important strategies to try and cut off some time in the run.

The most important thing is to try and upgrade your armor as much as possible. It allows you to skip a lot of leveling. In fact I only have 3 planned grinding sessions for levels in my route. I also skip buying a lot of the in between weapons and armors; such as chainmail or a long sword. It helps you to budget your funds so you can buy the most expensive and most effective weapons and armor you can buy.

Inventory is almost always maxed out with one angel feather and herbs in every empty slot (I switch to buying healer fruits instead when I reach level 1 of proper)

I DO: collect all the arms of light so that I can exploit the blinky fountain on the fourth floor of proper

                  egress instantly when I have 5500G for a thorn whip. I do plan to get it before finishing the cave of truth

                  go out of my way to craft the hex whip for Pyra before buying any more armor when I get to Proper. As far as I can tell, it cuts out like 40 minutes overall for battles

                  backtrack for the storm sword and great flail after getting the magic rope. I'd like to find a way to skip this for when I come back to get the light shield, but I feel like I 
                  really need the extra damage for floor 2 of Proper otherwise I fall too far behind on levels

                  get the barrier ring which casts quick 3

So while we're on the subject; the quick, slow, and boost 1 spells have a greater effect than their level 2 counterparts. So if you watch me run I will cast slow 1 and boost 1 rather than slow 2 and boost 2. The reason is that it saves magic for both with the benefit of doing more damage on boost, and lowered defense and speed on the monster. I will use quick 2 when I get it for the mini bosses, but for Dark Sol I need the extra speed for Milo so he has a chance of attacking before Dark Sol. Barrier 3 is essentially using quick one on each party member in one round.

I spend 30-40 minutes level grinding in the following areas:

1: I level up to level 7 to kill the Kaiserkrab. I buy gauntlets, a leather helm, and a bronze saber to accomplish this
2: I grind my allies to about level 7 so I can go through the cave of strength in one shot. The only thing I will really go out of my way to grind for is a morning star for Milo
3: The final floor of proper gains me 8 or so levels so that I can defeat Dark Sol

The heroes weapon upgrades get neglected for most of the run because he's a beast and one shots most everything anyway. Pyra's armor gets neglected for the same reason. I think at max level she has more natural defense (or close to it) than the hero does with all of his arms of light equipped.

Gila, Dai, and Jessa:

Gila is the only extra party member that you can get that has any kind of power behind his attacks. He does an average of 50 damage on each of his hits (or 70 with  what I assume is a crit) and is understandably used in the TAS. However he is slow and always attacks last in every battle

Dai is kind of useless he does like 10-12 damage per hit (even on the crystal oozes that only have about 10 HP), but his speed remains on par with Milo's and Pyra's throughout the game for some reason. He also takes about 20 extra minutes to go for because at low levels, getting him requires you to egress an extra time

Jessa attacks for about as much as Dai does with a normal blow, but she does have a chance for a crit that I think does around 30-40 damage. You can also trade her off for a magic ring. Thanks to Dark Kobold TAS page, I was able to find out that the magic rings give you a 25% resistance to magic each (including demon breath) just for having them in a characters inventory.

So after weighing the pros and cons; I determined that Gila would be the only character worth getting, BUT you can't ever use the inn to recover your magic, or he will leave you. Because of the equipment that I need to buy, and when I need to buy it; I can't really afford the death abuse route that I was planning.

losing all of your members wipes out half your gold
losing one magic user then reviving them at the temple costs too much money and too much time is wasted un-equipping armor and finding a battle to death abuse on
Spending extra time to level and make up for the gold you lost from death abusing takes longer than the time you save by picking up Gila and Dai

Basically what it's come down to is the only character I could see using is Gila, but he would only be used at the final battle versus dark sol. At this time I don't see this really being any faster because it takes about 5 minutes just to get him and use the medallion to get to the last fountain. He would only save about one or two rounds overall in a good fight against Dark Sol. I'm open to suggestions if anyone tested differently on the extra allies.

So if you haven't played the game at all or in a while; the problem with running the game is the unfair status effects and overpowered attacks that enemies use.

Enemies have skills that don't use MP that will burn your party for  around 20 or 40 damage each, freeze for around 60 or 120 damage. It just depends on which enemy makes the attack. Enemies can also shuffle their feet which can cause up to 15 on each of your party members for each monster in the group shuffling their feet

Mandrakes and Triklops can also drain MP using skills

Both you and your enemies can use sleep which usually lasts 1-3 turns
Both you and your enemies can use quick or slow which raises or lowers speed and defense respectively

Paralysis has the same effect as death until you've removed it or walked enough steps in the labyrinth. Some enemies like to glare at you with bloodshot eyes. If it's effective on all of your remaining party member, it's instant death

Instant death attacks are a thing in this game. In fact Mandagora's will howl in pain. This attack attempts to use instant death on all of your party members one after another. It's always fun getting back attacked and having this attack go off

Poison is more annoying than anything and costs 3 MP to remove it.

FYI detox 2 is not useless it is used to remove paralysis

So the final notes are as follows:

I have a required equip list that optimizes each characters equipment when I need it

Depending on what source you check in gamefaqs you are likely to get incorrect or incomplete information on herb water and the miracle herb. I just now found out that the herb water is not a broken item and does increase magic resistance (which I'm guessing is just for the ally using it in combat). The miracle herb does revive an ally to full HP (NOT MP), but it only works in combat, and can only be used once

I guess if anyone cares, holy water removes curses which would only be used once anyway

Every other item has been listed correctly in gamefaqs as far as I know

I would like to see someone else running this game so we can compare notes and finish optimizing the run

I would like to know if there are notes about how to effect when enemies spawn (is it frame and/or position based or random but just manipulated by LUA script)

I would also like to see what factors affect running away. I'm guessing speed and either luck or levels affect this the most. Pyra does get away much more often if the other two are dead. This could be cause for major rerouting.

Also if the Magic rings give 25% magic resistance, does the barrier or heal ring give any type of bonus?

So I'll try and keep updates posted on this thread for this game. My last attempt ended in a failure because of a mis-menu and neglecting to pick up an elven or magic hood for Milo, which would have increased his magic defense in the Dark Sol fight. The attempt would have ended at around 10 1/2 hours. With my current route I could easily cut 2 hours off with more solid gameplay and better execution.

There's still a lot of untapped potential in the run, and I'm still working a lot on routing it. So I will be trying to stream around a third of the run a day so I don't get burned out trying to get it in one go before I'm even ready for attempts. Especially because I think the run that got removed from youtube was 6 1/2 or 7 1/2 hours. This may or may not have been a finished run (I didn't watch more than 5 minutes of it).

So yeah, just let me know if you have feedback or questions about my current route. It's a really fun game, I just want to make it much less long.

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Deal with it!
I tried to route this for very long and got a single segment route up to grimwall where I would grind a little bit. But I still kept dying  in the cave of Truth I believe.
Would be nice to see a finished run. This could motivate me to try again myself and the more people help the better.
I also thought of testing the Demon Staff for snatching some neat drops, but never got around testing it.
Something I think is also important is to know which enemies in a formation of different types to kill first.
I too would like to know what effects encounters and fleeing. Would make things easier to plan. There might also be a need in testing which enemies are easy and which are hard to flee from. Some might just be faster and safer to fight instead of wasting time fleeing.
Yeah, unfortunately I'm finding it to be faster to fight battles that won't destroy me. I have found that by the time I get to the final floor of Proper, but before I get to the healing fountain; I will only fight formations of two or formations that I can kill in one round of magic.

As far as the Demon Staff goes, sorry, it's out of the question. If you could get it earlier in the game, it might help. If I remember correctly though, you would need the Cell Key to retrieve the Demon Staff. By that time the game is pretty much over as it is. I couldn't really incorporate Muddle 2 either. When I finish the game my hero is in level 40, Milo is like level 36-37, and Pyra is level 38. From what I read the Muddle 2 spell is learned in level 42, which takes way to long for me.

The only items I would really want from using Muddle are the Super Flail from the Gollums (which strikes 3 times and I actually got to drop last time, for the first time), and the Light Robe for Pyra which would help with her magic resistance vs. Dark Sol. Guardians drop Light Robes, and again I've had it personally happen.

Then as far as fighting battles goes, I have tried the running a lot method. I would do it if I was ever to do a heavily segmented run, but as it stands I just plan on fighting most enemies and taking the time loss. For the sake of my sanity I fight the battles and plan on getting the Hex Whip crafted from the Dark Block in the Wisdom Cave. Even being level 18 in proper, Pyra still does 30-40 damage to enemies. So I guess what I'm saying is it's healthier to plan a route around slightly over leveling at first, then scaling back when you get more comfortable with the game.
Leader of Starbirdia!
I'd love to see a run of this game, but that's a long time to put into the game. You certainly have more patience than I.
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Okay, so I kind of wanted to keep this quiet until I had proof that this is what is actually happening. When you are asked to name your main character you can hit the blank letter after the game tries to confirm your first persons name. This will advance it so that you can change the names of the other players. Nothing special here right.

What I noticed later on is that I had 3 bronze knifes waiting for me in the trader tent as ordered equipment. Also nothing too exciting right.

So it got me to thinking. What if by altering the names somehow affects the what is waiting for you at the trader. Well guess what it works. So you can actually go beyond naming all 3 of your party members. If you keep pressing the blank letter space I was talking about, you can keep advancing names (as far as I know it's indefinite). So I filled the first 26 name slots (I used every letter of the alphabet to make sure), and I got the following result.

In the trader tent I had 5 bronze knifes, a great flail, and the super flail. I had to reload the items a lot of times. If I didn't lose count; I got a total of 216 bronze knifes, 1 dark robe, 1 leather armor, 1 chain mail, 1 breast plate, 1 bronze armor, and 1 dark scimitar.

I believe the first 3rd, and 4th screens had a majority of the non bronze knife items. At the very end of getting all of the items, I got the dark scimitar.

If you want to grind a lot of these items very fast I would suggest you keep a couple things in mind. First you want to empty all the items from the main hero, to cycle through buying and selling quickly. Second, every time you want to reload the shop, you must exit and re enter the town. You can't access the powerful craft items until you finish taking all your back ordered equipment. It took like 10 minutes to get everything, but I didn't initially have the grind optimized.

You should also save and quit before going back into the dungeon to prevent the game freezing up on you.

So it is obvious to me that each of the names after the first three must hold a value for weapons and armor that you can get in the game. This glitch definitely deserves further testing.
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That is some deadly fun stuff right there! Great find Luke!
I've been sitting on it for about 4 to 6 months now. That's about how long ago I discovered the bronze knifes in the traders tent. I just hadn't gotten back to playing it until now. Even now, I'm too busy to make much progress on the glitch. I should probably add that I tried to get the tamayoshi helmet, and the glass armor to drop in the play through, and they wouldn't. I actually tried both items a few times. I don't think it was because I was using an emulator instead of my genesis. I'm pretty sure it was just the name glitch that I did. I have gotten the bronze knifes on my genesis, so I know that part of it is not just an emulator glitch.

Just in case it wasn't clear the way I had it written, the blank space is the empty letter slot next to the z. Pressing the _ button doesn't work. I think I've had my cartridge freeze by using the _ button by accident.
Well, I just found out that herb water cuts demon breath damage in half. Using that and the equipment glitch will likely cut out about 3-4 hours of the run. I mean the super flail is the best weapon in the game, and I'm getting it for free. Also enemies on the first floor of proper were doing almost no damage to me.
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Sweet! If that is the case, what would you ballpark a run-time to look like?
The best I did was 10 1/2 hours. The 3-4 hours off of the run is just a rough guesstimate. I would likely only be picking up 2 or 3 arms of light, which will not give me access to the fountain. Basically it's get strong enough to beat mortred, then hope you can survive the final floor and kill dark sol. As I said in my original post, the run is riddled with RNG. Likely, the run will initially go down to 8 hours on a good run, then 6-6 1/2 on a solid RNG run. This is all just speculation at this point. I can say for sure that you will easily be saving over an hour off of the run with these strats.

I have a few things going on right now. When I actually have time, I will start streaming segmented runs. 8+ hours is just way too much for a single segment run.
Just as an update, I am testing this glitch out as much as I can. I'll put up a list of equipment that I am looking for to help streamline the testing.

The Hero: I want the entire arms of light if possible. It unlocks the healing fountain on the fifth floor and has the best physical/magic protection. If it isn't possible, the mithril set will do just fine.

Milo: He should get the elven hood, a mithril shield, the super flail, and either the light robe for the final battle, or the mithril armor for the other 3 floors. The light robe cuts down on magic damage and the mithril armor gives maximum defense with no side effects.

Pyra: She also gets an elven hood, a mithril shield and the light robe. Again the light robe cuts down on magic attacks and I don't care about her physical defense because she gets an average of 3-4 defense a level. I would also like a steel whip for her. She doesn't need to do as much damage because the super flail practically cleans up entire battles.

I don't know yet if you can get items from the glitch. If you can, there's only a few that would matter. A couple of shock boxes for battle wipes, a couple of magic rings to save about a half hour, a couple of miracle herbs to revive milo with, and a barrier ring for quick 3.

This is unfortunately a glitch that will need some fairly extensive testing to perfect. Right now I'm getting mostly bronze knifes, and it takes about 30 minutes to cycle through all of them. Like I said you need the crafted items without having the dream list available from the start, so it is necessary for now. At least until it is perfected.
After I finished playing last night, I recorded the data of what I pulled from my entries, and I found a pattern. Whatever it was that I tapped into by performing this glitch seems to be related to a hacking guide I found for shining in the darkness.

Below is a table of exactly what I entered in for names, and exactly what I got equipment wise. I even took it one step further and put the numbers next to the equipment that I got, based on where it was in the hacking guide.

The heroes name was A with four spaces after it.

Milo's name was B with four spaces after it.

Pyra's name was C with four spaces after it.

From there I typed in the entire alphabet afterward with no spaces. I did this to try and eliminate the fat. Unfortunately, I'm still coming up with too many bronze knifes. After I'm finished, it won't be a problem any more.

These were the items I received from the craftsman's tent, in order.

Thorn whip 26
Steel whip 27
Hex whip 28
Great flail 29
Super flail 2A
Doom blade 2B
Wood shield 2C
Dark armor 2D
Thunder armor 2F
Cotton robe 31
Fur robe 33
Straw robe 35
Leather robe 37
Magic robe 39
Leather armor 3B
Breastplate 3D
Bronze knife 00x213
Dark scimitar 0F

Now take a look at this link that I have to the hacking guide, and you will understand what the numbers are, and how they seem to be forming a pattern.

It looks like 8 items are 1 space away from each other, and another set of 8 items look like they are 2 spaces away from each other.

I haven't gotten my head around the specifics, but I should be able to retrieve every item in the game once I reach the first floor of proper. This will eliminate the 30 minute farming session that I hinted at in the last post. The only downside is you shouldn't be able to do repairs without pulling out all of your items first.

So if anyone is really good at math, finding out patterns, or hacking video games; you should be able to help me figure this out a lot quicker. This will probably be my last post on this subject until I find out how to get every item I need. But even then, it may look pretty sloppy for a while.

I still don't know yet how to eliminate the 200+bronze knifes. If it has to do with the spaces in the names, I will have to get an estimate of how many frames are wasted per game with full names instead of partial names. Then I will decide whether the blank spaces are worth it or not.
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Wow, with a lot of trial and error this has some serious potential, manipulating the Light Gear would be pretty boss. I should be open to starting work on this game in July/August. Can't wait to see where you get with it by then, give 'er hell!
So sad news here. This is an emulator only glitch. I'm still going to do runs of this on my own stream on an emulator. Basically what has happened, and why it doesn't work, is that when you perform the glitch, you reset the battle speed to an extremely low number. So the next time you go into a dungeon, and a character or enemy attacks, it takes the genesis a long time to render the text. You can still continue playing, but the game moves far too slow to be worth playing still. I was changing the message speed on an emulator to fix it. But whenever I do this on console, it freezes, and hard locks the game. Now, I'm not sure if this happened because it was on a console, or because I got greedy and tried to access too many weapons at the trader tent (probably the first thing though), but either way, it's emulator only.

I really wanted to show this off at RPGLB 2017. So, I don't think Puwexil would buy that this is a legitimate category. So if you guys would want to see this in a GDQ or RPGLB, I would encourage you to rally behind me on this one, and make emulator+glitches a category. The game is hard enough as it is, and 8 1/2 hours is the absolute fastest that I can see this run finishing without the heavy glitching of using an emulator.

So if you care about this game, please tell me what you think of this post, and please rally behind the glitch category.
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I am curious, however. I know you said that this is emulator exclusive, but I am currently testing it out on the Steam version of the game to see if it will work on that or not. I have been able to successfully rename everybody, but it is just going to take me some time to get to the Labyrinth Proper to open up the Trader.

I will let you know what I find on the Steam version. I would love to get the glitches to work and make the game so much more easier.
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Hopefully we can get this working with fewer issues. I'm gonna take what you have and mess around with the cartridge and see if we can find a compromise of sorts.
Here's another thing I was thinking of. I can't test it because I don't have a Wii U, but the Wii Virtual Console could be something that works. I'm guessing it's just the Genesis that can't handle it because of the limitations of the hardware. This is the only reason I can think of that you could perform the glitch on an emulator and not a console. So basically I'm thinking it's a lack of memory storage. I hope that made sense.
By the way, thanks for the support Starbird
Rad... They have taken me...
Was it released for WiiU VC or original Wii VC? If so I could toss some dollars down to test on VC.
I just looked it up. It looks available for both the Wii VC and the Wii U VC
Got this on Genesis recently, to complete my Camelot collection. Might as well look into this for the hell of it Cheesy
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The Doom Blade may be worth looking into as it has a chance to one-shot enemies.

Okay, I decided to look into the glitch a bit more to see what comes up. Using a few Game Genie codes so that I could finish the 4 trials easily (within 5-10 minutes total) so that I can unlock the Trader made the research faster.

So far, what I've discovered was that this is one of the most confusing glitches I have come across. What I did was after entering the main character's name, I would enter in Milo and Pyra's name, use a space, then go A through Z. My first set of items were:

Thorn Whip
Steel Whip
Hex Whip
Great Flail
Super Flail
Doom Blade
Wood Shield

In the hex value chart, those 7 items are continuous to each other, however, on the next page of items is when I started getting odd items, lots of bronze knives and lances, and a few other odds and ends, but the numbers they corresponded to were all over the place.

So for some reason I thought that only T through Z were recognized by the Trader, so I started over, entered the names, space, then added A through S, then A, B, C, D, E, F, G. The Trader STILL gave me the same items, in the same order.

Also, I tried using the Doom Blade against Dark Knight and Dark Sol, as well as various enemies. The normal enemies had approximately a 10% chance of landing a one shot kill, HOWEVER, no such thing happened against Dark Knight or Dark Sol.

I will update when I find out more, but so far I am not sure which value makes it so that the trader trigger the pick-ups.

It would appear the glitch doesn't want to behave as well as I had hoped. The letters are not matching up at all to the hex values that I assumed they would. I put in after Pyra's name ABC and got just Thorn Whip and Steel Whip. I put in DEFG and got just Great Flail, Super Flail, and Doom Blade. I assumed that the last letter is getting dropped for some reason but that the hex chart was accurate and if Thorn Whip was A and Steel Whip was B, then the hex chart should continue right down.

So I tested it with 7 letters (CEFGJSS), hoping to get a Hex Whip, Super Flail, Doom Blade, Thunder Armor, Wood Shield, and Two Light Robes. I instead got a Great Flail, Super Flail, Doom Blade, Frost Armor, and 2 Leather Robes. Which was odd because that would correspond with a value one before each of them (confused yet?)

At least for starters, if you enter in this at the Name Select, you SHOULD get the best equipment the glitch can currently give, making the 2nd part of the game a bit easier (or you can get some stuff to sell for money, either way). Hex Whip is actually quite amazing on Pyra, even though it is cursed, and Super Flail is pretty sweet as well. Doom Blade could still get you through many random encounters, Thunder Armor is the Hero's best next to the Light Armor, and the Light Robes are good for reducing magic damage.


That should get you those items at the Trader. For some reason, the game is finicky after the 7th letter after Pyra's name. Also, sometimes you have to enter and exit the trader in order for him to show up with the items.

I will look more into it with time, but this should be a start.
Okay, I've been looking over all this information and compared it to my own research. This could possibly be a long shot here, but are you naming your three characters the same thing every time, or at least close to it? If so, I think the items you receive may be partially based on the names you give the character. Either way, I will be exploring this as a possibility when I try testing it out again. This also seems to somewhat explain why I seem to be getting mostly the same items all of the time (with a few new additions each time).

Good idea using game genie to burst through the trials by the way. I may decide to do the same myself.
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MrStarbird: 2016-11-15 03:49:42 pm
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There are a couple of codes that I found work great for Game Genie in regards to testing purposes.
1T0T-AECW will give you 350 Defense and 700 Agility
1T0T-AECN will give you 700 Strength
ABYA-EA6C will let you run from any battle (except bosses or mini-bosses like kaiserkrab, killwave, cyblok, etc).
RY3A-A6TC will let you WALK THROUGH WALLS, which is very handy for just finishing the trials. With this, you can finish the trials in any order and don't even need to face the Kaiserkrab or get Milo and Pyra. Takes me between 5-10 minutes to clear the trials and get to the Trader from name enter. With these codes, the only real danger comes from spells.

As far as what I am naming the characters to test this, I have tried different names and variations of those names. The first 7 digits after Pyra's name will correspond to the hex value in some way (where A is a Bull Whip, and moving downward) anything after that will net random items from the trader that I have not figured out yet. I will test this again later with different names, but putting in DFGKTT after the 5th space for Pyra's name should still net those items.

I am hoping that we will soon be able to get into a character's stat value and empty it out in an attempt to underflow a value (in the same way the glitch works for Phantasy Star II). However, I don't have enough evidence to determine if the items after the first 7 will relate to anything in the values or not.
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Okay, so if you weren’t already confused by this glitch enough. I’m about to take all the sense out of it.

Before we get to that, as long as we are sharing game genie codes for the trials, I would like to suggest 2 other codes

999 HP 660T-AGBY

No random AKRT-AA34

No random encounters eliminates a need for the run from all enemies code

I personally don’t want to use walk through walls so I can stay on route all the time. It’s like 30 minutes tops. This is much easier to make time for.

Here’s the current set-up I used for the glitch

Hero’s name AB and three spaces
Milo’s name CD and three spaces
Pyra’s name EF and three spaces

After Pyra’s name, I entered the alphabet foreword and backwards twice

You should grab the non bronze knife items to save a half an hour or so

Thorn whip
Steel whip
Hex whipx6
Great flail
Super flailx5
Doom blade
Wood shield
Magic ring
Ruin keyx4
Healer fruit
Bronze knifex40+
Bronze lancex12
Demon staffx6
Long sword
Dark robex3
Bronze sabrex3
Ice sabre
Iron armor
Bronze armorx4
Earth hammer
Dark scimitar

I stopped here because there were 5 slots left in the trader’s tent that were still refilling and they were all bronze knives (sarcastic yay). For the most part I avoided picking up the bronze knives this time through. The only thing is, the trader’s tent looked different this time. He seemed to have a 2nd and 3rd page of goodies that he has on order for you (and that’s not even really the confusing part).

So I only really checked page 2 and 3 once. I didn’t grab any items from page 2 or 3. But I did see a magic ring as one of those items. I actually didn’t finish grabbing items and I didn’t list the items in the exact order I pulled them out to save a ton of time. The order of when I first encountered each item is correct though. The thing is I got the magic ring on the second page though. This means the order I pulled items out of the trader’s tent affected what items I got.

So there actually ended up being a lot of “could have” gotten items that I missed.

So there you have it. The names you give your characters and the order you decide to take out items effects your items greatly. So I’m still going to say yes you can get the arms of light and the herb water that you need.

Here’s a short list of what still needs to be manipulated out of the code and why

Hero still needs All the arms of light

Milo still needs an elven hood, light robe, mithril shield

Pyra still needs a magic hood, light robe, and mithril shield

All of the armor listed here offers the maximum amount of magic defense. This is priceless against Dark Sol

Herbal water and miracle herbs will help save a small amount of time as well

You may also want a barier ring, the cell key, the magic rope, and the medallion to maximize everything that you could possibly need to speed things up