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NG+ Any% single segment run with resets

Verifier Responses

I'm amazed. That was extreme. So much of the game just completely ignored. Mad props to Greenalink.

Video and audio quality are perfectly fine. No cheating, only cruel abuse of the game's engine.

Alright, Shadow Complex. Great game, and great run. Definitely carries on the Metroid tradition of massive secquence breaking letting you rip the game open. This run has it all, and the execution is pretty much spot on all the way through - the only real mistake I noticed at all was a missed grenade, which couldn't have cost more than a second. Early foam and early missiles were executed as far as I can tell near perfectly, and the half save skips are brilliant. Route planning this and figuring out where to abuse half saves, or even finding the half save trick (and for that matter the opening scene skip) can't have been easy. It's obvious a lot of work went into this run, especially seeing that the final time is nearly cut in half from the previous run in the category. For a run that wasn't even 15 minutes long, that is a massive improvement.

I haven't encountered anything that would lead me to believe the in-game timer is not accurate, so the final time of 07:28 should be perfectly legitimate. And also perfectly awesome.

Verdict: Accept immediately! Or even faster. Like, accept two weeks ago.

I think the best thing about Shadow Complex runs is that even after completing the game myself, I still don't even know what is going on half of the time.

This run in my opinion is an easy accept though, the Z-slides are perfect and apart from one missed jump and one missed grenade (3 seconds lost in total?), the run is flawless. Video and audio are fine and no cheating as I can see. To mirror what Kennyman said, it's clear that a lot of work has gone into it, and as the run is around half of what the old run was, I see no reason to reject it.

Verdict: Accept.

This run made me empty my foam gun.

ACCEPT with flying colours.

Category-wise it should be noted that this run is on casual difficulty. The runner would have died 10x over on the two highest difficulties. Not like it matters, because this run is more about the shortcuts and the breaking than difficulty.

A/V: Very crisp. Recording in widescreen really makes a difference with this game.

Gameplay: Very good, there were probably about 5 seconds of execution error, which can definitely be tightened up a bit, but all of the execution mistakes are very minor, so I'll let it slide. Most tricks are performed first try, with the exception of the z-slide to get the missiles early.

Tbh, I don't really like this game, but I was very entertained watching this run. It was fast-paced and there were a lot of cool tricks, especially for such a short run.

The only thing that really sticks out is what one of the verifiers mentioned about the storage device. I'd like to ask Greenalink how you can save without selecting a storage device. Once that issue is resolved, I'll definitely accept this run.

Quote from Same Verifier:
I just tried the opening scene skip. Like [other verifier] said, you need more than one storage device so you get the select storage device prompt, and it's very easy to pull off. Consider me an accept.

BTW, this run is a SS with resets because Greenalink loads his last save at one point in the run, and I guess the opening scene skip counts too?

As other verifiers have said, the one missed jump and missed grenade did lose about 3 seconds.
Other than those two mistakes, this run was very well planned out, showing off the various exploits in both the game itself and game engine.

Overall I was very impressed.

Verdict: Accept

1. I remember way back when the old run was complete and seeing how far its come with the new tricks is awesome. Good video quality, good sound, no signs of cheating. Its runs like this that are the reason I love seeing old times smashed.

This run made me empty my foam gun.

ACCEPT with flying colours.

I'm gutted to not get the first dick joke in.

Overall: Accept. Well done Greenalink.

This was a really awesome run. I remember doing attempts on the old 14 minute route and getting around 20 minutes, but there were a load of annoying parts of the run, most of which are gone now.

Not skipping the cutscenes to save seconds is the worst part of this run, but it is beside the point since it saves time (just makes the viewing experience slightly worse and makes attempts worse). Audio/Video are really good. I love the Z-Slide trick because it removes the really long foam tower you had to make to get the missile upgrade in the old route.

Obvious ACCEPT. I just hope that Greenalink is #1 on the leaderboards now though, but those hackers SOMEHOW get better times than him, haha.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Jordan 'Greenalink' Greener!
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Greenalink: 2012-08-22 11:15:41 am
DS Dictator
Obvious ACCEPT. I just hope that Greenalink is #1 on the leaderboards now though, but those hackers SOMEHOW get better times than him, haha.

Your wish has been granted!
I'm actually amazed no one has actually checked the leaderbaords lately as I took the number 1 spot for at least 2 weeks now

After seeing this awesome image (second post), click the hidden tag:

Yes this time here is almost 2 minutes faster BUT I do not want to reject my 7:28, as you may have noticed it uses a new trick, it's way more extreme than the Z-Slide. I might PM the admins a sample of this trick to see whether or not this even faster run should be an alternate category as Large skips.

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Greenalink: 2012-08-22 11:18:42 am
DS Dictator
here you go
make sure you read the hidden tag on the previous post.

aka theenglishman
Quote from Greenalink:

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KennyMan666: 2012-08-22 11:24:51 am
I... that's... what.

And since I care not for anonimity regarding it, verifier response #1 is me. As alluded to by response #2.
Quote from KennyMan666:
As alluded to by response #2.

Fuck. I'm bad about missing those. Since you don't care I won't bother omitting it at this point lol. Sorry anyway.
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KennyMan666: 2012-08-23 10:14:42 am
No need to be sorry, I was considering even outright stating in my verifier response that it was me while writing it. I really don't see what point there is in being anonymous about it, especially not after it's been posted.
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Quote from Greenalink:

Is it recorded?
DS Dictator
Is it recorded?

Yes but I am not submitting it yet, it's improvable, the run is getting shorter but this new trick has very strict timing. I am aiming for a sub 5:30 and that's it.
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Greenalink: 2012-11-22 02:51:44 pm
Greenalink: 2012-11-22 02:50:33 pm
DS Dictator
Ok the 7:28 run is up on the site.

The description on the Shadow Complex game page is the old, unreleased 7:56 run and moooh said that the change will have to wait for a while because he hasn't yet installed a reader for .docs on his new computer.

The hidden tag contains the more recent comments about my both 7:28 and my future sub 5:30 yet difficult to achieve run Wink

Hi Greenalink here with a run that prevented me continuing my segmented Phantom Hourglass 2012 edition. It’s Shadow Complex a legit Metroidvania style game that now has broken sequence breaks, you’ll love it.

Recorded settings:
- 1x Xbox 360
- 1x AverMedia Game Capture HD – enables me to record 720p at 60fps if I wanted to.
- 1x Component to VGA coverter box –
IN: Component cable from Avermedia to this converter box
OUT: VGA cable from converter box to back of the monitor I play it on.
- 1x LCD HDMI/VGA monitor
- The audio Line in is not only connected to Avermedia but also to the back of Line-in slots from my PC unit to hear, my speakers only support headphones at the moment.

Watch the run in Insane Quality for glorious 720p.

Previous run on SDA

14:14 2009-10-03.

33 months and a few days later, a new run is completed in a time of 7:28!

This huge improvement is caused by 2 notable exploits including:

The Z-Slide technique. It’s called the Z slide because normally Jason slides along the X-axis which is basically going to the left/right. The Z axis is where Jason slides towards the in-game camera or the background, each kind have their own use.

This is one of the two new tricks used in this run and it’s a very effective one as well, it enables me to pickup early foam, missile and enables Jason to clip through a door to skip the switch that opens up the huge bridge which saves over a minute alone.

There are 2 kinds of Z-sliding:

To Z-slide towards the background, sprint for at least 1 second and the flick the right stick to face the opposite direction, as Jason is turning, press LT to slide and he should slide towards the background, the angle of the slide depends on the timing the player presses LT.

Uses: Skipping the pipe tunnel and skipping the switch to open up the huge bridge

To Z-slide towards the camera, sprint for at least 1 second and press LT to slide, then during the slide move the left stick to a 11 o’clock position* ,

Jason should turn his body angle a bit closer to the camera.

You can move in this awkward position by going the direction Jason is facing, and for each time you perform another slide, Jason’s body angle will move.

Getting a certain angle to slide makes early foam and missiles possible.

There is a faster way to start up with an odd angle which is done by standing on a slope and look up, then move the stick to the 11 o’clock position and you can go forwards by moving the stick to the 2 o’clock position.,

Uses: Very early foam right after the spider boss and early missiles in less than 1 minute after picking up the foam.

* 11 o’clock position if Jason is facing the right otherwise use 1 o’clock if Jason is facing left.

Half save trick:

This is the easiest way to describe this trick. Basically when you start up the game, you are asked while storage device you want to use to save your data, press B to ignore this because for some interesting reason it tweaks how Load from Last save works.

-Usually when you have chosen a storage device, Load from last save:
* Takes you back to a previous checkpoint
- Losing any new pickups you had after the previous checkpoints
- Forgetting any events that happened like notable foam/grenade/missile doors being unlocked and any in-game cutscene you’ve encountered.

-However if you decided to say no when choosing a storage device, Load from last save:

* Takes you back to a previous checkpoint
- Losing any new pickups you had after the previous checkpoints
- Remembers any events that happened like notable foam/grenade/missile doors being unlocked and any in-game cutscene you’ve encountered.

There is a use for this trick which is this:

I save the game at the starting point during Jason’s adventure. I perform the switch skip and activated the self destruct sequence, doing this unlocks the final battle, now to complete the game I would normally escape but because the bridge is blocked as I skipped a switch from earlier on to open it, I would have to use Load from last save. Using a storage device to save would ignore everything I did in between the checkpoint to activating the self destruct sequence. Without the storage device, the game thinks I have activated the self destruct sequence so not only I managed to skip the bridge switch, I have also save warped back to an earlier point where I can complete the game, this alone saves 2 minutes!

I can’t really say much of this run, the route as of the time it was recorded was very well optimised and only had a few mistakes that isn’t worth mentioning on here, it’s a huge improvement from my 14:14.

As this run was getting verified, I have managed to achieve an even faster time of 5:32 which is currently the World Record time as of 1st October 2012, the only reason why I am not submitting that run yet is because it is still improvable but frustrating at the same time. There is new trick I use in the 5:32 run and it is called Corner Warping. The execution window is very small and precise which can be annoying for a run very short.
I usually get a decent run when I execute the corner warp trick first try, however because the run skips double jump (and missiles) the final battle sequence is much harder to complete without execution/luck errors.

The other reason why this 7:28 run is up now is because 14:14 is out of date, that old run reminds me of  Metroid Zero Mission where most of the sequence breaks from that run were intended and looks like it’s not a broken game. Now when you watch this run and my sub 5:30 in the future, you’ll realise how broken this game really is.

I’ll be livestreaming this game for sub 5:30 WR attempts and 100% practise for races at

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ozzy88: 2012-11-23 12:30:10 am
Well, the run that just went up blew my mind already. I hope I can catch you're streams of the sub 5:30 attempts at some point Smiley

Keep up the good work.
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Greenalink: 2013-03-26 05:25:03 pm
DS Dictator

It's improvable by 3 seconds at the most but the optimisation, luck and first try corner warping puts me off. So I'm gonna submit this not only as a significant improvement to the 7:28 any% but it also beats the first SDA published run by 9 minutes!

Not a walrus
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Itsu de Mo: 2013-03-27 01:22:53 am
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Greenalink is the next Mecha Richter. <3
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