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ChurchnSarge: 2017-07-03 07:15:31 am
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Come one, come all, the yearly SGDQ Poker World All-Stars Grand Finale is back. You all know the drill, $20 buy in. Will either do winner decides what incentive the money goes towards, or top 3, based on what everyone involved wants. I'm open to either. We'll do 24 people, unless we get a lot of interest, with alternatives when people inevitably don't show up.

We can have dedicated dealers if there's enough interest, but we can manage without. I have a small case of chips, and 2 decks of cards, so more cards and chips would greatly be appriciated.

Date: Thursday, July 6th, 2017
Time: 7:00 PM
Place: ?????
Entry Fee: $20

Tournament will be 15 minute blinds.

1. ChurchnSarge
2. hideflomein
3. Habreno
4. JovoSk
5. Losviken
6. Sharky2107
7. CTConqueror
8. Tayman
9. darbian
10. dannyb21892
11. LackAttack24
12. trumez
13. Runnerguy2489
14. Darky321
15. veegie
16. utterlyjulia
17. breastickle
18. TheCowness
19. Fastatcc
20. DeadlyWaste
21. Prolix
22. dwdBabby
23. Chelney
24. SpikeveCheetah

Alternates: John,

At this rate the Poker Tournament will be faster than the setup for whatever game it takes place during
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I'm in - must defend my title Smiley
Deal me in. And speaking of dealing, would be willing to dedicated deal if (more like when) I get knocked out.
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ChurchnSarge: 2017-06-02 11:11:23 am
Huh, I guess Final Table is gonna be really short this year >.> <.<
I'd join, but my run is scheduled later that night so it's probably in my best interests to last minute practice instead Tongue
Highly Evolved
There are a bunch of people that want in on it like Fastatcc, I think Chelney, and a bunch others that will be around but around on SDA.

Find a good time, and it can be announced and there'll be people for it.
Count me in!
I'm up for joining poker.
Put me down as a tentative yes.
Church - since I'm driving, I'll be able to bring my chips to help out.
Count me in.  I'll try to spread the word about this to get some more people.
Hi, I'd like to join. Thanks! I'm assuming by poker you mean texas hold'em?
I'm in.

Yes, Texas Hold'em Danny
Super Mario World
I'm in
I'm not your buddy, guay!
Sign me up
I'll play
I'll play as well.
I'll play!
You can count me in as a dedicated dealer if you have one table of 10 already here.
If you get two tables I'll play AND deal, deal?
I'll join.
spikevegeta is in as well
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ImproperlyCited: 2017-07-04 10:18:53 am
ImproperlyCited: 2017-07-04 10:17:37 am
I can be an alternate, or a dealer if no one drops out.  I have a set of chips I can bring.

I can also bring a couple extra decks of cards.
I would like to be added as an alternate if at all possible. Thanks!