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UraniumAnchor: 2016-07-03 02:41:27 pm
UraniumAnchor: 2016-07-03 12:58:14 pm
UraniumAnchor: 2016-07-03 11:24:53 am
Not a walrus
Let's get this started.

Super Mario Sunshine
~19 minutes missing the star
~26 minutes mirror strats

Link Between Worlds
- boosting up on the wall with the statue

Demon's Souls
- skeletons
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Talk to the Hand
-Save the game, kill the battery (About 24:30 in)
Everyday is puppies and sunshine...
- John Snow clears the stage.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist:
- Studio and Shaddex get "assaulted"
Fucking Weeaboo
Bioshock: Windows 10 trolling. 33:20 on the timer.
Jet Set Radio: Around 6:25. Maxy says something along the lines of, "So this is where the game could possibly crash." Game crashes at end of sentence. Just the timing was perfect.
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UraniumAnchor: 2016-07-05 02:29:17 pm
Not a walrus
Dawn of Sorrow:

Final boss fight.


"Is the map showing?"
The Looney Bin
Sonic Adventure 2:
Green Forest wallrun
Final Rush level skip

Sonic 06:
Kingdom Valley Softlock
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pokefan548: 2016-07-06 04:44:51 pm
I'm in your run, killing your splitz
Quote from Sonikkustar:
Sonic 06:
Kingdom Valley Softlock

Darn, ninja'd me!
Uranium, I think you may just need to include the entire Jak and Daxter run in the next highlights/bloopers reel, that was amazing. Especially anything involving the staff and the whiteboard.
Bubble Ghost carthridge failure about 7 minutes into the tun
Super Metroid: oats dying near the end of Mother Brain 2
Pokemon Red: GODDISH (About 1:40 in the race, when Gunnermaniac fights the Rival after collecting 8 badges)
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Sonikkustar: 2016-07-10 12:15:17 am
Sonikkustar: 2016-07-10 12:14:59 am
The Looney Bin
Super Mario RPG: We beat last year's total money raised.
Bowser throws
-PepsiMan trending and packed stream room.
-Romscout's clutch finish of Dawn of Sorrow.
-Gau being named Arby's.
-Moo's and Waaa's.
-Ultimate Doom.
-Save or kill the animals almost didn't happen.
Magrunner: Dark Pulse 45:20 Matty jumping over the load zone and dying, AKA Churching it

Super Amazing Wagon Adventure near the end, there was an Eevee How can the couch be expected to stay on the couch
Dustforce: all of Yotta Difficult
Bruh-zilian speedboy
Ed, Edd n Eddy The Mis-Edventures: The "special" cutscene in Scam 3
Ratchet & Clank: Orxon 1 skip, Umbris ILJ showcase
Team Canada victory in the DKCTF race
Sonic '06: Never before seen glitch
Numerous Jak & Daxter trainwrecks
Everybody except Behemoth dying in the Super Metroid race
If someone is putting this all together, when doing the SotN part, look into around the 8:20 mark of Romscout's DoS run, where he says "I am great at menus." for foreshadowing.
I was 1 second behind my WR run with Incredible Crash Dummies, so maybe the final boss fight of that with the reaction