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Don't think!  feeeeeal
I have a super computer when relative to quake, like jock2.  Why does it get choppy when I'm bhopping around the intro.

There must be some settings which fix this.

Also is there anything to remove roll_bob and such (that's legal) and get a net graph/fps_graph
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cl_maxfps 72

(you shouldn't get higher because of some engine-trick I think)
Here are some tips.

Disable anti-aliasing. Necessary at least with my crappy graphics card choice.
If possible, set your monitor to run at 72 Hz in the resolution you play Quake. This is the optimal.

Now for your autoexec.cfg Quake configuration:
m_filter          1 // this filters mouse input for smoother play
r_dynamic        0 // r_dynamic 1 kills performance on my low-end graphics card.
r_wateralpha      0.3 // allows you to see through water surfaces using an openGL engine and water vised maps.

cl_bob            0 // these should remove bob and roll crap
cl_bobup          0
cl_bobbing        0
cl_rollangle      0

cl_bonusflash    0 // removes screen jarring and blinking
cl_muzzleflash    0
v_kickpitch      0
v_kickroll        0
v_kicktime        0

v_damagecshift    0 // disables screen discoloration from the powerups
v_suitcshift      0
v_quadcshift      0
v_pentcshift      0
v_ringcshift      0
Someone in #qdq on QuakeNet should be able to help you getting your maps water vised if they aren't already. This means that you will be able to see (and kill) monsters and stuff through the water surface.

I'll be looking forward to seeing some Quake demos from you!


I forgot to mention, here is the command line I normally start JoeQuake with:
[tt]joequake-gl.exe -width 800 -bpp 32 -mem 96 +set s_khz 44 -dinput +set vid_displayfrequency 72 +set m_rate 144 -game qdqstats[/tt]


All those autoexec.cfg settings I listed above are of course legal by the SDA rules.
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Spider-Waffle: 2009-04-26 01:41:50 am
Don't think!  feeeeeal
Should I customize any of those settings on the command line, and does having an LCD change what fps/refresh rate I should use?

Also what fov do players like to use?
Don't think!  feeeeeal
I'm having some horrible issues.  When I move my mouse fast and press mouse1 or mouse2 to +attack or +jump they don't won't frequently, and if I press both at same time +attack gets stuck down until press mouse1 again.

Also, what commands do you use to start a level with appropriate items and stats, ect?  And record and stop demos when loading level?
sda loyalist
Those commandline settings look fine for just about anyone, as long as your monitor is set to run at 72Hz.

I use fov 90 because I think anything else is cheating, many others use 120-135.

I'm not sure what is happening with those control issues you're talking about. It sounds like Quake just doesn't like your mouse...

If you look in the text file that comes with qdqstats, you'll see a bunch of impulse commands that you can bind to keys to set your starting health etc. I usually bind them to the Insert/Home/PgUp/Delete/End/PgDn set of keys. Once you set those up once, if you then use record, it'll keep your stats. There's also a more elegant way to do it; if you're considering running a project demo, you should see links to some 'cfg' files on the page full of current times. If you download and 'exec <filename.cfg>' that, it'll set you up with the appropriate stats.

'record <demoname> <mapname>' is the standard command for recording a demo on a certain map. 'stop' stops recording.
Hey Ho Let's Go
Just to add to lag's comments:

You should customize those settings in your autoexec.cfg file which is located in the id1 folder. You can also create a new config file (call it spider.cfg or whatever), place it in the id1 folder and put "+exec spider.cfg" in your command line.

I use fov 90 too.

You can bind a key to record a demo. Forexample: bind CTRL "record nameofdemo e1m1". This can be done from the console or you can put that line in the autoexec.cfg
I play with fov 120. Some players run with 120 but do 100% demos in lower fovs because it may make it easier to aim. But perhaps fov 120 makes it easier to identify obstacles and plan bunnies around them earlier during pure runs, I don't know. It's up to your own preference.

And regarding your problems... I know your mouse works fine since I've seen other videos from you with no problems... Try running without the -dinput parameter?

72 Hz works nicely at least on my LCD display. If yours can't do 72 at your preferred resolution, at least configure your graphics card to not wait for vsynch (synch with the display) so that Quake may still run at 72 Hz internally while your monitor updates slower.
Why are you all so hooked on JoeQuake, why not try using some other client?
Because Joequake engine has been coded for speedrunners and offers cool features.
Hey Ho Let's Go
Quote from Idkbutlike2:
Why are you all so hooked on JoeQuake, why not try using some other client?

There's also the factor of JoeQuake being the only client allowed for recording demos for SDA apart from the original iD clients. And as AjAX pointed out, JoeQuake is very speedrunning friendly.
There is at least one runner for whom JoeQuake will not work at all. He uses GLQuake instead. But you may also try the software JoeQuake.exe version if the GL one doesn't behave. That's what I used to play with during my more active years.
Quote from AjAX:
cl_maxfps 72

(you shouldn't get higher because of some engine-trick I think)
iirc JoeQuake is hardcoded to not allow higher rates than 72. Due to the way Quake's engine works, having an even higher FPS would grant you an unfair advantage in some cases (such as swimming speed).
well I can get 999fps with joequake so yes you can go higher but what's the point ,as for water swimming speed I really don't know, I only play quake to show myself how sucky I am.
sv nice
You can't go higher than 72 fps while recording.  Simply put, higher fps allows you to move faster, which is unfair to those with less powerful computers, so JoeQuake caps it at 72.  How are the commands Mandel posted working for you Spider-Waffle?
If thats what you think, fraps clearly indicate me 999fps.
Hey Ho Let's Go
As Relomy and Omega have already said, you can't go higher than 72 fps with JoeQuake. We've had this discussion in #qdq several times before, and you're not the first one to claim it's possible even though it isn't :-)
Hell is where the heart is.
From the readme...

Customizes the maximal fps, 72 by default.
You are not allowed to raise this above 72 if you're playing single player or coop.

This was one of the things we asked Joe for in order to make it the official non-id engine for SDA.

So yes, you can go above 72. In Deathmatch based games.
sda loyalist
Because everyone knows quake deathmatch is worthless Grin
Don't think!  feeeeeal
They work pretty good, but I still have the mouse problems when moving mouse fast mouse buttons don't work.
Spider-Waffle: What's your USB mouse polling rate?

I very recently had to revive Quake after re-installing Windows, and Quake ran crap before I used a program called usbmrs11.exe (, hopefully it's virus free but I guarantee nothing). I believe that a too high or a too low setting can cause problems. 500 works fine for me.
Don't think!  feeeeeal
I was using 1,000, maybe that will fix it.
Hey Ho Let's Go
Quote from Spider-Waffle:
I was using 1,000, maybe that will fix it.

Did it?
Quote from AjAX:
If thats what you think, fraps clearly indicate me 999fps.

fraps? thats not quake.
btw, read the doc's included with joequake, they hold many settings that can be altered legally. (if that wasn't mentioned allready)