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Serpent in the Staglands () (pc) [Any %] [Single Segment]

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'Varstilone'!
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Serpent in the Staglands () (pc) [Any %] [Single Segment]

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Judgy: 2015-09-03 11:32:59 am
Borderlands 2 Glitch Hunter/ router.
A/V: Good
Cheating: None
Gameplay: At the first cut-scene I through it was gunna be a Myst style game :P, Everything seems to be in order, I have no prior knowledge of this game but it seems to get the job done quickly, The kite-ing on the boss was funny.


(Note: from seeing your note about the loading times. if this is a PC run loading times are taken out so you're actually looking at a time around 30:42~ at a quick estimate. IsraeliRD will time it properly for you should the run get accepted)
I'll wait for another reply or two on this one.
Edit history:
LotBlind: 2015-09-17 11:12:02 am
Just a few curious inquiries to the runner:

13:50 - While this fight is happening, could you not have went to alert the next spider while you wait? Would the spider have targeted you and would that have killed you? If so could you have went round anti-clockwise or are there more enemies over there (or a dead end)?

14:50 - There's a save/load here so it's an RTA.

Would disabling sounds or music have reduced loading times at all (e.g. when summoning creatures)? Doesn't matter about the loading screens themselves.

Could you have put the "morph into bats" spell in the hot slots (where the horn went) or is that just for items? Is there no way to hotkey spells?

My verdict, even if the guy doesn't show up in a few days is still going to be an accept because even with the 13:50 thing it's not enough for rejecting (and I don't think the rest are oversights either).

Decision posted.
Sorry guys, got super busy with life and didn't even realize this was being discussed or that I'd been accepted until just now.  Thanks so much, it's greatly appreciated. 

LotBlind, apologies for what is practically a year long wait for the answer-  The AI on the spiders and the guards can be kind of funky.  It's real easy for a swarm of spiders to take out the guards if RNG isn't in your favor, plus the spiders have a bad habit of prioritizing the PC over NPCs.  If I go back and replay this to see about a new time (which I'm planning on in the coming months) I'll probably look into this.  That said, given the likelihood of having it backfire, it's probably something you couldn't consider as Marathon safe.

But forget marathon safe- this is about getting the best time of course. 

Just for clarity, the save/load at 14:50 is for manipulating the way enemies are read in the game.  They are coded as groups, not single entities, so if you kill every enemy in a pack save for one, save, then reload, the game checks to see if the pack has been killed.  Since one of them are still alive, the game reads that as all of them being alive- so it respawns the dead minions.  Helpful for getting that extra xp boost.

The game also isn't very forthcoming about it's info.  I did find out recently there is a way to hotkey spells, albeit in a weird way.  Still, it'd improve time and keep me from shuffling through the spell screen.

Anyways, thanks so much.  It's really a big honor for me to know this was accepted. 
Haha... Sounds like you've got work to do! I'm always glad to have been right about something, even if vaguely.