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Serious Sam: The Second Encounter (pc) (pc) [Any %] [Single Segment]

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Quote from Freezard:
A/V: Good.

Again it looks like this is a segmented run and not a single-segmented one, just as with the runner's TFE run. It's a run on Normal difficulty which makes rocket jumping possible. I'm not an expert at TSE non-HD but it does look like a good choice, as Normal is most likely faster than Tourist in a single-segment run.

Sierra de Chiappas: Rocket jumping allows for a faster than normal OoB route here, saving about 40 seconds to Tourist.
Valley of the Jaguar: Never seen this OoB spot earlier personally, and it saves over 5 minutes compared to the fastest IL so it's huge.
The Pit: A couple minutes slower than Tourist because of more enemies, could possibly optimize this level more.
Ziggurat: The arena fight at the end can definitely be done quite a bit faster.
Land of the Damned: Cool OoB route, I believe that's a new one as well and should save about a minute.

However I have to reject this run because I don't see any point of doing a segmented run compared to ILs in this kind of game since it's basically made for IL running, and the level times are slower than the IL times in most cases as well which they really shouldn't be.

Decision: Reject

Reason: The run quality ranges from "well done with innovativve new tricks" to some levels being noticeably slower than the serious difficulty ILs currently on the site (this submission is segmented on normal). A segmented run shouldn't contain sections that are considerably slower than ILs of a higher difficulty. (exception being things like going out of the way to pick up a powerful weapon that speeds up later parts of the game, but that doesn't appear to be the case here)

This run will be available for a month. After that these link(s) will no longer work.
Thread title:  
Some parts of the thread didn't post correctly. Here is what's missing:

I accept this run, but you should try to record it again with better time Wink

Hi there, sorry for not looking into this sooner. I'd also like some clarification from the runner. If the segmentation is fine, then it's an accept in my book

The run was mislabeled on the sda end. This is a segmented run, which is an acceptable category and that fact should not be held against this submission. Based on the replies above, it wasn't possible to post a decision, so some more justifications were asked for. One additional reply was received:

Quote from Freezard:
I didn't say they looked bad, and I don't think the gameplay is sloppy either. It's more like unoptimized, it's kinda how I'd imagine a single segment run to be. A few levels are slower than the ILs on Serious difficulty (which is considerably tougher than Normal) on this site and those are not exactly super new.

The Pit @ 15:10: This room could be done 20-30 seconds faster by using the Flamethrower.
Ziggurat @ 23:57: This fight could also be done 20 seconds faster by killing the spawning enemies in the towers instantly with the Flamethrower instead of killing them one by one.

If you're going to do segmented then you should use more segments before important fights like those and not just for the rocket jumps, else you might as well run single segmented because the rocket jumps aren't really that difficult.
Just Programmer and Just Speedrunner
Anyway, thanks for your opinions on my run, I read all remarks (in which, surprisingly it appeared more accepts of this run) and I will try to improve time and to spread the run, here.

Next time I think will lucky))