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Serious Sam: The First Encounter (pc) (pc) [Any %] [Segmented] [Mental]

Verifier Responses

Video/audio quality: Great
Cheating: Can't see anything obvious
Time: 18:54 according to in-game timer. 18:45 is a sum of all individual levels, but the game also counts the time spent in cutscenes, hence it's 9 seconds longer.

The run looks good, although I'm pretty sure that the levels where you actually have to kill stuff can be always done a bit better, especially on Mental difficulty.

Tomb of Ramses - I think the ending could have been done faster by simply following the most direct route to the trigger, which opens the exit door. A lot of kleers spawn there iirc, but shouldn't be too much of a problem to deal with them in a segmented run.

The Great Pyramid - Compared to 11 years! Serious difficulty IL, this is more than 1.5 minutes slower. Considering that Mental difficulty is actually slightly easier (less enemies and less damage), it really shouldn't be that much of a difference. Same problem is with Karnak, although the difference is only around 50 seconds. Spawns are always same, so it can be memorized.

Verdict: ACCEPT, but can be done better.

Quote from Freezard:
Time is 38:54. A/V is fine.

It's a decent run using all known skips, but once again it's a segmented run so arena fights could definitely be more optimized. Mental difficulty is the highest difficulty in the game but in reality it's probably easier than Serious difficulty because it's really just Hard difficulty with enemies being pseudo-invisible.

Dropping down to the area before the final one in Metropolis and picking up the Minigun and maybe Cannon would speed up the arena fight (Minigun vs Harpies, Cannon to kill rows of Kleers), and I think you can just run through the corridor with Werebulls so there shouldn't be much time lost picking up the weapons.

The runner was contacted about some of the issues pointed out and replied this:
As for The Great Pyramid, run headlong to the door, it's suicide. I tried this style, it does not help much, because I was dying almost every attempt. Yet because it is Mental Difficulty, the enemies disappear for a moment and they are lost from sight, so you kind of saw that the Werebulls were there, and in a moment they are near you, and throw in the opposite direction.
As for the rest, I can not replay it, as I did the other runs, so saving I have not stayed.

New round with the verifiers...
I'm pretty sure he could at least redo The Great Pyramid. After all, it's the very last level.

My verdict still stays despite a possible major improvement. If SDA decides to not accept this run because of this issue, I'm fine with it.


Quote from Freezard:
I just installed the game and managed to get to the pyramid with one save after the first Werebull wave. Sure you can't run straight forward but you still don't have to be standing still and kill enemies, just have to know where they are coming from and avoid stuff. Seems you can also get boosted by a bull without taking damage if lucky. Then you can save when you get to the top of the slope and then during the boss fight. So about 4 saves in total is enough. My time was about 7:00, so 30 seconds faster than this run, in just a few tries. I'm sure the ~6:00 IL time on Serious wasn't gotten in one day. Sorry but I still have to reject, the fights are not optimized enough for a segmented run and the those are really only the difficult parts of the run, so they should look more impressive.

Decision: Reject

Reason: Standards for games with a "save anywhere" option are high. While the run is mostly well done, there is still a significant amount of time to save by using riskier routes (and, at least partly, by optimizing some of the fights).

This run will be available for a month. After that these link(s) will no longer work.
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