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Serious Sam: The First Encounter (pc) (pc) [Any %] [Segmented] [Normal]

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'Blacksecret'!
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Serious Sam: The First Encounter (pc) (pc) [Any %] [Segmented] [Normal]

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So looks like we've saved 1 minute 30 here. At the start of your new run comments, you have the old time BTW. Adding what the segment counts were per level might be of interest to the viewers too. Though you can clearly hear the breaks in the video at least. Lastly, could you edit in something about how the last segmented run that you're comparing this with was never up on SDA? Some people might otherwise be wondering how they missed it. Very good notes you've written in any case.

Is this game actually fastest on the Normal setting over both Tourist and Easy because of the rocket boosts?

2:40 - So I was right about getting more horizontal boosts? I know a lot about rocket jumps from Quake. Tongue

3:07 - Maybe the damage you take from the bull is multiplied by a sine of some angles (such as the bulls velocity and the target's position relative to its centerpoint)? Could be something along those lines. Can you get a boost off a bull going past you BTW? I like this section so much now... And all the rest of the bull-riding.

7:11 - That last boost looks so good too!

11:50 - Smart to jump there to grab the ammo fast.

13:50 - Really smart to use a bull boost instead of just killing them all blindly.

21:00 - Hopping out of the arena for this is very original to see as well.

21:46 - Hahaha! You can't make this stuff up. There will always be collateral.

Karnak : Maybe there were a few more opportunities to prefire stuff. Difficult to keep track of when only some kills are important. Could you ever have gotten a (no-damage) bull boost going through the door after killing the last biomech? Or did you still have to kill the bulls as well? You're saying it's the biomech that triggers the opening of the door.

25:41 -Shoulda got a bull boost off that bull for sure. Wink

28:56 - I think it's epic the way they all rush in from the side.

Thanks for the shout-out right at the end! It warms my heart. The more optimized a segmented run is, the more obvious it becomes that it needed to be made. I think this thing now passes our verification with flying colors. I hope the other runners also appreciate what you've done. If it wasn't submitted on SDA, it would likely only be seen by those fairly deeply invested in the series.

big accept
Thanks for pointing out the stuff in the comments, I thought about adding each levels segment count but for some reason I did not do it.
Well the arenas in metropolis and karnak have less waves of enemies so they are a lot shorter in tourist/easy so it's hard to say which one would be faster if both were segmented. I think it might be pretty close.

3:07 - No they can only hit you with their head so rubbing against their sides won't do damage to you.

21:00 - I wonder if that even saved any time.

I think the bull's in Karnak are too far from the door and you would have to make them turn somehow on top of having to get close to the door for it to even open.

25:41 - I don't know how I looked this over a bit of a missed opportunity to do something cool here.

28:56 - I have no idea how I dodged them all.
21:00 - I'm not sure how to calculate that either. Probably frame-counting on video footage would have been the ticket. Looks like you might have gotten away with being a little further towards the pillars wall where they appear maybe. If you haven't edited them yet, ideas for improvement is another thing people sometimes put in their notes.

25:41 - Cheesy

It'll take a month or so for the run to appear.
Decision posted.
The submission says something about a commentary track. Did you actually mean to record one?
No I might have miss clicked or something.