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Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter (pc) (pc) [Any %] [Individual Level] [Tourist]

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'Freezard' & Daniel 'rayvex' Babik!
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Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter (pc) (pc) [Any %] [Individual Level] [Tourist]

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Tezur0: 2016-03-15 12:23:07 am
Tezur0: 2016-03-15 12:21:38 am
Will make that post as I'm gonna verify all that, but bit later, and I'm actually happy that Freezard submitted the whole pack, was very interested to see some of stages.
Will be updating this post.
Hatshepsut : Accept (nothing to be said)
Sand Canyon : Accpet (I wish that would be a viable strat for fullgame any% T_T, but as far as I remember object boost here requires very high fps, which nullifies chances of Metropolis clip (which is a much bigger timesave), I might start trying to go for double object boost and no metropolis clip though, just my thoughts :D)
Tomb of Ramses III : Accept (Was done by rayvex, so no comments in file, but route for this stage is basically the same, only with strafejumping now, very clean gnaar climbings)
Valley of the Kings : Accept (Even though first Gnaar flight goes down the drain, it is very solid IL, since boost is really hard)
Moon Mountain: Accept (haven't seen those strats before, pretty amasing)
Oasis: Accept (I can possibly imagine this going down to 40 seconds if you jump from harpy straight into the hole and hit it to not fly all across the room, but that's tough to perform)
Dunes: Accept (very clean turbolaser part, I'm truly impressed, wish to know if that it a mousewheel with unlocker? (a thing that just lets it scroll on its own))
Suburbs: Accept (less kleer boosts, more strafejumps, pretty much stage 1 but longer)
Sewers: Accept (RNG was a bit too harsh at the end)
Metropolis: ACCEPT (Insane)
Alley of the Sphinxes : Accept (Nice optimisations all along, magma boss at the end is pretty scary, cause you can die pretty much instantly while trying to go around him, here it goes well though, wonder if any deaths there happened?)
Karnak: Accept (another not viable strat for a fullgame run, since done in 30 fps, but pretty interesting route overall, also really like that you can use kleers there instead of bull)
Luxor: Accept (huh, another 60fps geometry clipping, I should try that more, not as big of timesave as metropolis, but is surely very significant skip, yet old route was so good for IL, too bad it's gone)
Sacred Yards: Accept (I remember trying that stage just with harpy flying, it went bad :D, this is however a much better proof of concept)
The Great Pyramid: Accept (THE nemesis of fullgame runs, even IL is horrible to grind, since that trick is the biggest mess I've ever seen :D, amasing bull riding, also strafe jumps to save even more time)

So I was going to accept every IL anyway, since there was a lot of work put into all these runs through a big period of time. Now I actually feel inspired to do fullgame runs again, who knows maybe I will do some recording on a back of my stream to have only game footage and sounds and submit it here afterwards.
This is IL table for TFE that we deserve.
Looking forward to TSE ILs.
P.S. RIP Freezard's fingers for all that strafejumping.
Accepted. No complains.
Decision posted.
Watched 'em. That same strafe technique works in certain other games too. Sometimes those games will have other faster techniques used most of the time so this doesn't see as much play because of it. This is why there should be a big list of tricks that might work in a given FPS, like Judgy started to collate. Check the thread out and give your opinion on what it should be called (I don't know any existing names for it) but I gave some suggestions already myself. "Strafe jumping" is unnecessarily generic.

The hero's last quip is soooo ironic in this game Smiley
Thanks for verifying! While I do already have done HD TSE ILs, they're without strafe jumping and some other tech plus they're sloppy compared to these runs, so I'll have to improve them all at some point. But it will probably be my next project, either that or SC2.