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Serious Sam 3: BFE (Any %) (Segmented)

Verifier Responses

Quote from HoboWithaShotgun:
A/V looks good
No signs of cheating

Comparing this run to the singlesegment wr run, this run is only 21 seconds faster. I'm always a little on the edge about segmented runs being only slightly faster than the singlesegment runs, especially since some missions are actually slower in game time.

Still, it's a really good run, in fact a beauty to watch at certain points. It also contains lots of OOB glitches, kleer bloosts, and running past hundreds of enemies.


A/V good. No cheating detected.

Solid run. Wonder why it's marked as SS when it's segmented? Anyways this game is broken into pieces. Out of bounds is always nice but here it saves so much time. Don't want to fight that boss? Just climp out of the room.


Quote from Lhexa:
A mouse cursor is visible at the ends of some videos.  A timer is also present during all the gameplay.  Audio's fine.  The timing seems good, except I'm not sure whether it pauses during the brief autosaving intervals.  No cheating detected.  The ammo counts don't match between some segments, but that's because the game will give you extra ammo if you enter a level with too little.

Played on the easiest level, thus the regenerating health.

Segment 1:
An early wall-skip using stray terrain.  Later on, uses a Gnaar to clip through a wall.

Segment 2:
Was it necessary to kill the spider at the start?
Jumps across railings to gain a little extra time, nice optimization.
Skips part of the level by running along some narrow moulding.

Segment 3:
Activates some secrets, then gets stuck on a spawning kamikaze.  Maybe two seconds lost.
In the arena battle the grunts could have been killed a little faster, and at this difficulty you can just ignore the kamikazes and let them blow up on you, while focusing on the others.  Not a big deal, though.
Why do these Kleer spawn so slowly...
Mechanoid defeated by crotch-hammering.  It sure is easy on this difficulty setting.

Segment 4:
Half the level skipped via roof traversal.
The rocket firing looks inaccurate, but it actually keeps the helicopter from dodging the later shots.

Segment 5:
Around ten seconds lost while trying to scale a wall.
Inefficient fighting at the start of this battle, but you have to wait for the boss anyway.
Very fast boss battle.  Normally it's a rather long fight, too.

Segment 6:
The player pauses for about five seconds to let the sandworm surface, so as to dash safely across instant-death terrain.  Then he's out of bounds and skipping most of the level.
Runs forward to trigger a fight, then back to collect supplies.  This looks like a mistake, but isn't.
Good arena fight, though it becomes a bit sloppier towards the end.  I was impressed by all the single-shot grunt kills.  That helps conserve assault rifle ammo, which is the most valuable type at the moment.

Segment 7:
A Kleer-assisted boost out of bounds.  It does look like the player killed more enemies than was necessary, though.  The remainder is a straight run to the exit, with a couple of pauses for the sandworm.

Segment 8:
Some monkey dodging, then another fairly easy OOB.  This game sure is generous with its bits of rubble and jutting ledges.
A high damage boost later on, keeping up the Serious Sam tradition.

Segment 9:
The player kills only the largest monsters (I guess these trigger the next waves), and destroys the ship in the fewest possible cycles.  A fair amount of time is simply spent waiting for enemy waves or the next boss phase, but it does give a rare opportunity to resupply.

Segment 10:
Simple running from start to finish, swerving only to avoid instant-death zones.  The only pause is to look back and stun a witch, who would otherwise slow the player down.

Segment 11:
Jumping down into the pit of arachnoids is rather amazing.  Of course, they aren't as deadly when they're in each others' crossfire.
Good platforming shortly thereafter!  That looks like a very difficult sequence.
Shortly after getting outside, the player misses a jump and has to retry.  Maybe a second lost.
Oh man, I forgot you had to collect the gas tanks one by one.  As a result, there's no way to optimize this section beyond retrying for more convenient enemy movement.  It seemed to go well, though.

Segment 12:
An easy run through the first third, then a remarkably easy OOB traversal.  I think the player may have picked up too many supplies, though.  It's capped off by another boss who's remarkably quick on this difficulty level.

Overall, the run shows considerable research and planning, plus very good execution.  Every level but one has an OOB trick or sequence break of some kind.  An easy accept.  I do hope the runner fleshes out the comments, though.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Ivan 'ImFuryPro' Saponenko!
Thread title:  
It's supposed to be an IL table not segmented right? You can choose to play any level in this game just like in the other Serious Sam games.

Also could someone list the level times? Smiley
indeed i dont see a reason why it should be segmented
Not a walrus
There isn't a significant difference between loading a save and just picking one of the levels, right? If there's not much difference then this is indeed an IL table.
Edit history:
Freezard: 2014-10-13 02:17:47 pm
Well there are 12 levels so he did one segment per level. The only difference in continuing from the same save file is you keep all the weapons/ammo which can make a difference if he picked up any secret weapons, because when doing ILs you don't spawn with those. Kind of doubt he strayed away from the normal IL strategies though, judging from the verifiers' comments.
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moooh: 2014-10-13 02:31:02 pm
If things carry over, then this run can't be an IL table, as an IL table means that each level is isolated and everyone competing for a time in a particular level should be starting under the same conditions.
However, if you are able to save anywhere, the runner could probably have segmented more optimally. Since the verifiers accepted this run, it just means that it can be beaten by someone who segments more optimally. This is where the distinction between segmented and IL would be more obvious.
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HoboWithaShotgun: 2014-10-13 05:26:55 pm
HoboWithaShotgun: 2014-10-13 05:25:27 pm
HoboWithaShotgun: 2014-10-13 05:14:00 pm
Wake up and be awesome
Here are the times for each level (I don't know the names of the levels because their in Russian)
Here's the singlesegment WR, for comparison

Segmented Run                                            Singlesegment Run
Level 1: 1:36                                                1:37                            -0:01
Level 2: 1:54                                                1:36                          +0:18
Level 3: 5:02                                                4:59                          +0:03
Level 4: 1:52                                                1:48                          +0:04
Level 5: 2:53                                                2:40                          +0:13
Level 6: 5:16                                                5:40                            -0:37
Level 7: 1:38                                                1:37                          +0:01
Level 8: 2:39                                                3:08                            -0:29
Level 9: 4:08                                                4:06                          +0:02
Level 10: 3:12                                              3:15                            -0:03
Level 11: 5:24                                              5:31                            -0:07
Level 12: 3:46                                              3:46 (roughly)            +0:00

I also did the math wrong, this run is 37 seconds faster than the singlesegment run, in game time
Thanks Smiley Plus 18 seconds on a 1:36 level that was achieved single-segmented is not acceptable imo. He must have not done the boss skip in the end. Same with +13 seconds on level 5. Also there are new strategies found since that SS run, for example level 8 is now sub-1 minute. He would know if he had checked out the SS3 thread here, but I guess he doesn't hang around here.

Anyway I'm running ILs right now and I have faster times on every level, so I'll be submitting sometime later Smiley
Wake up and be awesome
The runner did do the boss skip at the end of level 2, just kind of slow
Edit history:
ImFuryPro: 2014-10-16 07:12:19 am
Just Programmer and Just Speedrunner
Thanks to all for remarks and comments, especially thank you that you accepted my SpeedRun :-) I know the mistakes and I will try to correct them and to improve records.
Your decision was very important for me, and I am very glad that SpeedRun accepted. Thanks of SDA and everything who participated in the decision.