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spineshark: 2010-02-23 01:14:18 pm
新世紀進歩的羽扇子 音楽
I have too much crap I don't use.  (I have too much crap I do use too, but it doesn't need to go away as long as I'm using it)  All items are NTSC, North American region, unless specified otherwise.  I'll take offers I guess since I basically made up most of the prices, but I don't think any of them are ridiculous really.

I ship USPS first class, in the padded envelopes they sell.  Takes about 3 days in the US and I've never gotten complaints about the handling.  Shipping is $3 US, $4 international, for the first item (unless otherwise noted).  Additional items are $1 each.

I take Paypal and USPS money orders.  Maybe other things if you really have to, but those two are very much preferred.

PSP-1000 system with 2GB memory stick - $50 shipped.  I assume it's seen better days.  There's a dead pixel in the corner of the screen, the screen is otherwise scratched up a bit but it's mostly only noticeable in sunlight when you can't really play anyway, and the battery is basically dead; it runs for about 5 minutes if it's not plugged into the wall.  That's replaceable obviously, but since I haven't really used it in a while I can't be bothered.  It's loaded with custom firmware (5.00 m33 I think?) and works fine otherwise. SOLD

Nintendo DS:
Trauma Center: Under the Knife - $15.  Complete with case and manual, in good condition.  Has my clear file on it which means all the missions are unlocked from the select menu.  Also you can watch the credits whenever you want, lol SOLD
Etrian Odyssey - $12.  Game and box in good condition, also has the manual which was dropped in the mud or something, with some damage and dirt.  (It was like that when I bought it, I try to be better to my things than that =( )
Ouendan 2 - $25.  Japanese, obviously, but it'll work on any DS.  Everything's pretty much like new, except the save obviously.  I played this game a lot.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night special edition - $40.  There's a soundtrack CD with selections from throughout the series and a small booklet (manual-size, 32 pages) with character art and a brief comic.  I also have the spine card, but it's somewhat damaged.  Everything else is in good, though somewhat worn condition.

PS1 (NA)
Final Fantasy Tactics (disc only) - I'm never going to play this and it's on PSN now anyway, so you can have it if you pay shipping.
Grandia - $30.  There's some sticker residue on the box I couldn't get off, but it's in great shape otherwise.
Chrono Cross - $6.  Discs work great (played through twice with no issues), case and manual have seen some damage. HOLD

Tales of Destiny 2 and Tales of Rebirth - $6 each.  Both in good condition and complete.

PS2 (NA)
Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne - $30.  Complete and in great shape.  I can sell my other copy with the bonus soundtrack disc instead if you want it, but that'll run another $10.
Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 - $25.  Complete with outer box, artbook and CD.  Box has some wear, especially on the edges, everything else is still looking great.
Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 - $25.  Pretty much like new.
Silent Hill 2 - $12.  With manual, but in a generic case.  I don't have the cover, in other words.  Manual and disc are in great condition.
Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner - $15.  This one I don't have a manual for.  Case and disc are both great though. SOLD

Madworld - $20.  Complete and in great condition.  (This is getting repetitive...)

Street Fighter 4 - $20.  Good condition, complete.
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My feelings on The Demon Rush
I'm interested in Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner. I'm getting my paycheck tomorrow so I should be able to pay you tomorrow or Friday.

I'm also interested in Trauma Center if there's a way to clear save data on that game.
A wise choice.  Grin
Fire Emblem - $20 + shipping. I lost the cartridge somewhere.

Darn you, Spineshark! Tongue

(Seriously though, I don't have anything to add to this topic. Sorry for the spam.)
新世紀進歩的羽扇子 音楽
I'm not too happy about losing $20 from my stupidity myself.
Waiting hurts my soul...
I'm thinking I want Grandia and Final Fantasy Tactics, but I won't have the money for like three weeks (just started the new job.) If you think you can wait that long to do the trade, then that'd be great. Would shipping be 3 or 4 in the US for that if you're able to slip the disc(s?) of FFT inside the Grandia case?

It's funny (in a sad way) how every other game besides Grandia I'm interested in has something missing. Sad
新世紀進歩的羽扇子 音楽
Both of those things should be possible, yeah.  I wouldn't guarantee the FFT disc's safety, but's free, and it was your idea, so I think complaining would be unwarranted  Tongue
Waiting hurts my soul...
should be fine, just slip it between the instruction pages. thanks, I'll let you know once I have the money.
Bitch Knee'd my nuts!
o would be interested in the tales of rebirth and destiny, money order or pay pal? i will have the money november 3rd
Waiting hurts my soul...
Quote from FiveMagics:
o would be interested in the tales of rebirth and destiny, money order or pay pal? i will have the money november 3rd

I just want to make sure you realize those are Japanese versions. correct me if I'm wrong spineshark.
新世紀進歩的羽扇子 音楽
Yes, those are both Japanese.  There's no other kind and I don't think I could've made it any more clear =p

As for payment, I don't really care, I get hit with small PP fees but it's faster and more convenient and I know money orders aren't free either, heh.

Also since both of you have expressed interest in the FFT, it's free if you buy something else, but whoever buys first gets it ;]
Do you still have the psp? I might be interested, if postage to Australia isn't too expensive.

EDIT: eh, my bad, PM me and we can have a chat.
Waiting hurts my soul...
Quote from spineshark:
Also since both of you have expressed interest in the FFT, it's free if you buy something else, but whoever buys first gets it ;]

What's this? Who else wanted FFT? I don't get paid until the 5th :(... but maybe I could spend some money a little early. Go ahead and PM me your paypal.
Bitch Knee'd my nuts!
ohh okay sorry my own stupidity for some reason i thought that it would work in both Tongue okay so how much shipping would you charge for chrono cross and fft?
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Player 2: 2010-02-26 07:42:59 am
Hey spineshark. I Would be interested in buying both destiny 2 and rebirth. I know that they are both Jap, I've been looking for a good reason to mod my ps2 for a while now.  Wink is 6 for each still good? And how do you want to be paid? Message me with the details please and thank you.

Edit: oh, and I'd be willing to pay for shipping, obviously.

Edit Edit: Alright, I got the games yesterday. I can't play them yet, but they both look good. Thanks a ton!