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Secret of Mana (ntscus) (snes) [Any %] [Single Segment] [Multiplayer]

Verifier Responses

Quote from chris_x:
For me this is an accept.

A/V is good.

The run is very impressive in my opinion. The only time loss I recognized is Four Seasons Forrest, Minotaur and Dark Lich.

I estimated a time of 1:54:27 hours.


Quote from CyberBotX:
A/V good, no cheating detected. This is a fantastic run of the game, even with the time losses in certain areas that were noted by the runners themselves. The players worked really well together and most of the bosses were decimated really easily thanks to the weapon overcharge glitch. Wholeheartedly giving this an accept!

Quote from Eternalspirit:
It's a good enough first entry for this particular category.


Quote from Crow!:
With all of the Secret of Mana runners being so verbose in general, there is no excuse for this run not to have notes.  I recommend that you request run notes from them, because I know they can provide them.  Heck, I could write notes myself if needed.

The big issue with the run is a few instances of A/V problems with the recording.  I counted 5 instances where I noticed it.  The A/V quality is usually good, but the following times are exceptions:

"Play-by-play" comments:
At Mantis Ant, when one attack is given a stab animation, the next attack will be parried by the boss.  I'm the only person in the SoM community who actually believes this is the case and accounts for it, but it's on display again here.  Also, an early (2 damage) swing is accidentally performed.

At Tropicallo, he gets super greedy and goes for a charge attack after taking a hit.  This costs 5-10 seconds, but the critical hit more than makes up for it.

When the Boy's attack got canceled vs the Eye Spy + Chobin Hood group in Elinee's castle, the Sprite should have attacked.

23:00 - audio desynch which is eventually fixed via a graphical skip.

At Spikey Tiger, they apparently have a clever setup which doesn't require a barrel, but they botched it.  In the end, they probably broke even compared to "standard" strats, thanks to cooperative Spikey RNG.

No silly despawn strats at the Underground Palace!  I'm so proud. :3
At Fire Gigas, there were a couple of preemptive pause buffers.  It's only like a 4 second loss.

At around 32:50 - some graphical stuttering.

At Wall Face - I've never seen Earth Slide backup strats before.  Good game knowledge to identify that would work.

At Jabberwocky - Got trolled by Cure Water; there wasn't really anything they could have done about that.

At Pebblers - they took a bad charge attack animation, and RNG did not forgive them for their mistake.

The menuing trouble in the Matango cave is a result of needing to use an Herb unexpectedly, which was a result of not properly executing the Nemesis Owl manipulation in the narrow  corridor.  Getting the menuing direction correct on a non-pre-planned menu access in this game is deceptively difficult, but the error that required the Herb in the first place was pretty dumb.

50:33 - graphical garbling.

Frosty Forest and the Ice Palace were the low points of the run.  More instances of getting hit by enemies than expected, and a poor Tonpole fight (both in terms of execution and in terms of RNG).

Terrible RNG at Minotaur.  There wasn't anything they could have done about it.

Bad movement in the Northern Ruins costs about 10 seconds as the Sprite is slain by bats in the next room.  Non-ideal RNG at Doom's Wall.
Perfect RNG at Vampire (that fight frequently loses minutes to bad RNG).

Brief audio desynch at the end of the Metal Mantis fight.

Joch and Grand Palace were excellent.

They forgot to move the Sprite north for their first try at the Mana Fortress barrier skip.  About a 10-15 second time loss from that.

Perfect Buffy RNG.  Like Vampire, that fight frequently loses minutes to bad RNG.

Dread Slime did not go to plan due to unfortunate timing from the first Acid Rain cast, followed by mediocre RNG.

Thanatos got into the headbang (second try), but then was blessed by completely unfair dodge RNG, and then he refused to emerge, then he re-burrowed.  They probably lost 1-2 minutes compared to typical RNG here, at no fault of their own.

Graphical stuttering and audio desynch at around 1:53:15 (during the second Lucent Beam cast).

The runners are of the opinion that going for the 1 cycle Mana Beast is not worth it when he comes from above.  They're probably right, and in this case they wouldn't have gotten it (it requires some nice critical hit RNG, which they didn't have).

Apart from the ~0.3% of the video which has sync issues, this run is a delight to watch.  So long as SDA's staff is alright with the video errors indicated above, I wholeheartedly recommend that SDA accept this run.

If I understand SDA timing correctly, this run clocks in at 1:52:57.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'StingerPA' & 'Yagamoth'!
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Congratulations friends.
Professional Second Banana
'Grats guys!  Was a pleasure to see this run recorded live.
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Congrats. Looking forward to watching this.
Congrats. Saw the commentary stream so I know it's a great run. Smiley
Great stuff.  Congrats guys.