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Secret of Mana (ntscus/ntscj) (snes) [Any %] [Single Segment] [Uber-large-skip glitches]

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'Overfiendvip'!
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Secret of Mana (ntscus) (snes) [Any %] [Single Segment] [Uber-large-skip glitches]

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Insane Killer Robot
A/V good, no cheating detected. Wait, no Mana Beast snow cone here? Oh, this is a glitched run? Well, not much to say about this. The glitch is pulled off quite quickly and even though there are a few minor mistakes, noted by the runner, overall this went very well. Gladly giving this an accept.
I never knew you could pass this game so fast.  Game and sound looked fine, everything went smoothly.  Easy accept.
The Dork Knight himself.
A/V - Good

If anything, this run proves that Solid Snake had the right idea all along.

Easy Accept
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Crow!: 2016-04-13 09:48:43 am
What's that gemma?
I'm actually not sold on the A/V.  There seems to be bobbing on some screens and some color problems.  Perhaps Nate or someone can give some input there?

SDA does already have a run of this category.  Compared to that run, this one:

- Is played with about the same number of minor errors.  There are several <1 second time losses in both the incumbent run and in this one.
- Was played on the Japanese version of the game.  This gains a bunch of time due to faster text boxes, and it changes the exact inputs required during the money display glitch to conjure up the The End screen.
(EDIT: also, this probably means the "ntscus" tag in the run header is incorrect.)
- Has one critical hit during the Mantis Ant fight.  This makes that fight like 2.5 seconds faster.
- Reverses the order of talking to the guard and obtaining a barrel.  It is not clear to me whether this order is faster or slower.

By SDA standards (which ignore time gained by text display differences between regions), the only meaningful difference between the runs is the critical hit during the Mantis Ant fight.  So, this is an improvement, albeit a small one.

I give a conditional Accept - the video needs some inspection to make sure it can be brought up to SDA recording quality standards.
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           never a frown
Comparing the two runs (factoring out text boxes where applicable):

Nearly a second faster in reaching the sword
Reached the transition of the first Rabite screen about a third of a second faster (even with bumping into the Rabite)
Lost about 0.7 on the second Rabite screen for obvious reasons
Half a second faster in reaching the Elder
Crit Mantis Ant (I was always told it saves ~2, but if you say so - also, for whatever reason, the critical hit message lags the game for 9f on the Japanese version)
I didn't even know about walking off the sides of stairs in my old run, nor did I know about automatic text box confirmations

I copied HHS's TAS route. Although I admittedly did not test which is faster, I think HHS's route should be faster because I think it allows for more time spent dashing, and makes despawning the southwest Lullabud a second time a 100% chance.

As the notes reflect, I feel I would have a difficult time improving this run without a Mantis Ant crit. This run should be around 4 seconds faster than the run that is currently on the website when you remove cutscenes/text from the equation, but it can be difficult to calculate given the version change.

I recorded the run the same way as my old run, so I can't comment on A/V issues.

Edited post because I think it was coming off as negative before. Thanks for the accepts, everyone.
i don't see that anything was done wrong with the encode. sometimes with ntsc you get color issues that repeat every field and make you think "bobbing" after the d4 field split. it's not trivial to escape color issues with ntsc so such stuff has always been acceptable for posting on sda. with real bobbing you should be able to see it if you go frame by frame looking at the edge of something solid and pure white, e.g. text. obviously point me to a timestamp if you feel like you are seeing something i am not just skipping through tonight.
Decision posted.