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GreenAmbler: 2015-05-17 07:23:40 pm
GreenAmbler: 2015-05-17 07:23:22 pm
GreenAmbler: 2015-05-16 07:40:21 am

A little sloppy, a real speedrunner could probably be about 10-15 seconds faster, but otherwise it would look something like this. Unless there is some sort of rerouting or better way to do the inn skip at the beginning, this will be slower, although not by much. The boy almost always runs left after the guard skip, so I make sure I switch to him before that. BBM skip is fairly consistent if you set it up right. Lost time on Thraxx due to bad damage, dog is less likely to take damage with this route so he should usually survive. 14 HB would be about 8-9 seconds slower, you'd get the other crystal pickup on raptor screen and 2 slow clays. I use a visual cue to do FE skip, when the menu icon is touching the boy's hair, you switch. otherwise you need to menu like 6-7 times I believe, and sometimes the dog will get leashed and mess it up.
I make a TTAS with your route greenambler. It's slower Sad
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GreenAmbler: 2015-05-16 05:16:31 pm
GreenAmbler: 2015-05-16 09:56:48 am
GreenAmbler: 2015-05-16 09:54:04 am
Yeah I figured, just wanted to share it in case I was overlooking anything or something new is found. Were you able to determine how much slower, for reference?

Figured out an inn skip setup to enter raptor screen as the boy but requires menu buffering. Depending on how many menus and how smoothly it's executed, could save maybe 7 seconds max, although realistically around 3-4 . Instead of keeping the dog on the screen transition trigger, keep him just below it (if you attack downwards, tap up, and attack again, he should only be 1-2 frames below trigger). After the boy get killed by the flower, switch to the dog and menu buffer until he steps on the trigger and then switch back to the boy. I use a visual cue, had to learn the space between the blue brackets and the dialogue box in the menu
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CrAwEk: 2015-05-22 05:11:35 am
Secret of Evermore 100% TTAS 1:47:54
In this TTAs, i can't do thraxx cutscene skip cause i can't manipulate the boy. Really hard to do blimp skip cause same probleme. I had the same probleme on scrubmathon 1 and i know why. If we dont skip intro, we can't manipulate boy movement. It's really weird.
Question: Is it worth it for new runners to lose roughly 5 minutes having to go back and kill Thraxx 2.0 if you missed / messed up the Diamond Eyes skip, or reset and embrace the salt?
It's a really good idea to go back and kill Coleoptera if you missed diamon eyes skip for new runners. But if you want get a really good time, you should reset Smiley
Evermore Extrodinare ᕦ(° Д°)ᕤ
Or just get better at the skip (With practice using Crawek's DiaEye skip setup he has on his Twitch page :P) But yeah I agree with Crawek. At least to a point. You need to find where you're goal is first and then go from there. If you want sub 1:30 then I would agree with Crawek (It's doable without but in terms of doing the actual run right :3) otherwise I wouldn't reset unless you're just not happy with the run itself.
Actually Meta, just got that sub 1:30 tonight ᕦ(° Д°)ᕤ
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CrAwEk: 2015-06-03 04:07:03 am
congrats MegaManX306
Secret of Evvermore 100% WR 1:53:03
My goal in this category is 1:51
Currently my AB% PB is my best soe run by far. So after get 1:51 on 100%, I back on any% for get sub 1:17:30
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Evohwoo: 2015-08-03 02:31:52 pm
I picked up the game two weeks ago and have a question about the Atlas glitch.
Is there any safe way that I don't get a too high attack value?
And what's the highest value that i can go with?

Thanks in advance Smiley
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Vultuz: 2015-08-06 09:17:34 am
Vultuz: 2015-08-06 09:17:16 am
The Highest Number is 65535, if you get 1 more it loops to 1

The Value depends on how long you wait until you get killed after a poison/plague tick.
So if you die because of poison => dont getting attack value at all, but defense works (So youre invicible, but you dont deal any damage)
If you die like 0.1 seconds after poison => 65510~ (So like 5+ Level ups and you overflow it back to 1)
If you die like 3 seconds after poison tick => 65200~ (Totally Fine)
I cant tell you the "perfect" time how long you have to wait, i would say try to get killed as soon the damage number disapears, and check your Stats after the glitch!
I Guess everything under 65490 works for the speedrun (Maybe you have to equip the boneclub in the very late game to lower your attack power)

(Thats just how it feels for me, maybe it works a little bit different, but i can work with it in my runs)

I did a speedrun using the Walk Through Walls game genie code for fun/curiosity. The run is kinda silly but a nice mix of short/challenging imo. If I didn't mess up the final boss rush, I would have likely gotten sub 40 minutes. Made only a few mistakes, could have had slightly better routing (especially taking windwalker to swamp area) and had average RNG, which is a pretty big factor of course (especially getting Poison). You need to be able to toggle the game genie code to avoid enemies getting lost off screen, which is what ended this run. And sorry for the mic feedback, I have a very ghetto rig. It gets a bit better around 10 minutes in.
Speed > Safety
So... We could technically lock a boss with X HP (X being more than 999 x 4) up in an animation until the entire frame window for that animation is played out by utilizing the Act 4 dog's triple attack that it has. Possibly the other Act dogs as well if we assume this is possible given the high HP requirement, which it isn't, but we can pretend for shits and giggles.

Anyways, was playing around with Metal Magmar today and locked him up to the point that he moved 1 pixel of his entrance animation (rolling to the center of the area) per every 8 attacks. Obviously this is broken as shit in something like a TAS setting, which unfortunately is all it's good for right now due to obvious reasons. But! We can also keep this in mind since it is menu-bufferable as some kind of quick retort to a chain of misses during a bad time.

Just leaving this here in case we ever need it in the future, RTA guys don't need to really look into too much since the restrictions kind of remove it as an option in many cases. I am going to dig a bit deeper though to see if we can somehow abuse this interaction with other things and maybe do some interesting things with it in the future.

That's all for now...
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TheAngryPanda: 2015-09-15 12:46:07 pm
Speed > Safety
TAS is done. More info sometime later/tomorrow.

RTA comparison time: ~1:10:40
TAS Notes:

100% is up next. If anyone wants to help out with it, send me a PM. Don't care if you're new to TAS'ing or not.
Rad... They have taken me...
I'm looking to catch some streams of SoE to peep some different styles. Other than Crawek and MetaSigma, who else streams this game?
Speed > Safety
LovableLambchop said he'd possibly be picking it back up eventually.
LemonsX also said they'd like to try and get a new PB/WR as well.

I do TAS stuff, probably going to start 100% TAS'ing soon-ish alongside Illusion of Gaia Any%.

Generally speaking, it's pretty much just Meta/Crawek these days.
Rad... They have taken me...
Awesome, thanks Panda. I will be picking this run up soon as SoE is one of my favourite SNES titles and I still own my original cart. But first I need to record a video of my Rad Gravity run that I'm happy with, then I promised to burn through SoulBlazer and get a run archived here to complete the trio.

After that it's Evermore time!
Speed > Safety
Has anyone tested AI leashing the boy over where the bridge would be to enter Ebon Keep so we could potentially skip Dark Forest? You would have to kill footknight and backtrack after acquiring the dog to really do much testing. I would test it myself, but my SNES is put away at the moment.

Might lead to something, might be worthless idea, dunno... If someone's bored enough, they should find out. Smiley
Rad... They have taken me...
Nothing is a worthless idea. That kind of curiousity is how amazing skips are found.
If the bridge isn't spawned, neither is the trigger for the screen transition. Walk thru walls cheat helped me confirm the possibility of many of these types of potential skips. The run with the cheat I posted might help demonstrate the bare minimum you need to accomplish to progress in most parts if anyone is curious
Speed > Safety
Ah, so that's the only thing really preventing us, assuming it's possible to get the dog/boy leashed over there? Okay, so when exactly does that transition appear? I assume it's when we enter the sewers to initiate Verm Skip, but have we tried any points prior to that?

We need to find something to burn some more time off this run that isn't another god awful RNG hell like the TAS uses, lol.
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Evohwoo: 2015-11-06 07:27:21 am
Hey everyone,
can someone explain to me how that "villagers calling Fire Eyes"-skip after defeating Thraxx and returning to the village is done?
I only saw that in videos and can't quite figure out what to do exactly.

Oh, and how much time does this actually save?

Edit: Ok, so I got it now. Would still be great if someone could tell me, how it should be done, because I don't have the feeling I'm really saving time with this.
Evermore Extrodinare ᕦ(° Д°)ᕤ
Basically it saves 3~ seconds if you do it right and execute it properly. Basically it's just a frame perfect character switch as the dialogue box pops up so you have free control of the boy. We open the dog's menu because frame menu buffering, but if we were able to do it WITHOUT the menuing it'd be FAR faster. Just crazy hard otherwise. Trust me it's a small time saving when you do it right I have personally timed it myself and it's just hard to do.
Okay, thanks!
I'm able to do it with opening the menu 2 or 3 times. Well, after I tried it a few more times, I don't seem to fail it anymore, so I think I'll go with it.