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Thursday, August 7th, 9PM EDT until Monday, August 11th, 9PM EDT.

96 Hours of Speedruns and Art Requests streamed to raise money for WildAid's shark program on August 7th-11th! This is gonna be our fourth year doing online marathons for sharks (in the past for Shark Savers, but they have recently merged with WildAid, you can see an article about last year's here:
I archived 2012 along with the art streams here if you want an idea of what it was like: and you can check out previous art requests that have been done in the gallery here:
Money will be going directly to WildAid's paypal, and all money raised during the event will go toward shark programs. We plan on using the SDA marathon tracker this year (Going to apply for hosting in the thread once a schedule is hashed out but we'll figure out how to host it ourselves if need be.)

We are super open to suggestions, and have some changes planned to make the stream smoother for 2014.
How we've done it in the past is just throwing up everything on a site ( but it's pretty clear a lot of people value being able to just go to a twitch page and get the whole experience, so our game-plan this year would be to have restreamers that will also check up on the art streams between games (and possibly show them on the side of the stream during 4:3 games?), with all streams still being available on the site for people who do want to watch that way. As far as I can see the easiest way to accomplish this is having all the individual streams on and restreaming them on the Seamergency channel on Twitch but we're open to suggestions. The reason for using Hitbox is since this is an online marathon we really want to keep the delay for people trying to commentate on the game as low as possible.

We would like to keep things clean for the most part, both with art requests and language, but later into the night for U.S. will be more lax for language. We'll be using Mumble for talking.

Sign-up form for speedruns is here:
Edit: You can submit as many games as you want by re-using the form

Feel free to ask any questions or give any suggestions!
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Wawlconut: 2014-05-18 12:10:14 am
Wawlconut: 2014-05-18 12:00:32 am
Do runners only get one game to submit or will they have to reuse the form?
Edit: Reuse form.
Submitted a few games. Awesome stuff!
sounds like fun i submitted looking forward to August. Lets all have a good time.
Talk to the Hand would streaming to a Hitbox channel first affect partners/subs on Twitch (Who, from what I understand, can only broadcast to Twitch)?

Anyway, I'm interested in this.
Quote from Emptyeye: would streaming to a Hitbox channel first affect partners/subs on Twitch (Who, from what I understand, can only broadcast to Twitch)?

Anyway, I'm interested in this.

I hadn't heard of such a requirement before but if that is an issue we would just have to restream from Twitch channels for those runs instead. Since everything is gonna be restreamed on the Seamergency Twitch channel it shouldn't be an issue besides having more delay for the people trying to commentate in the Mumble.

The runs submitted so far seem pretty rad! Looking forward to start checking them all out more once I actually have some free time.
Just submitted a run. This is my first time hearing about this marathon, and as a scuba diver and amateur underwater photographer, this is a cause that is near and dear to me.
The cake is a lie
I'll be just coming back from ESA, maybe it'd be better for me to take a little break XD

Good luck for your marathon !
吃鬼: Queen of Sharks
Looking forward to our fourth year, thanks for setting up the speedrunning side, LawyerDog, it means a lot.
Seamergency OWNS
Submitted few games. Not sure if I will be available at that time.
About hitbox. You can just create 2-3 channels and give keys to the one who is streaming atm, so they could set up. That's it I guess.
DK + Mario Kart 8 = <3
nice charity Smiley

i submitted one game and i should be available on this weekend
Tossed my hat in with a bunch of random stuff. Also, LawyerDog, I hereby officially challenge you to a Bastion race. Let's do it.
Talk to the Hand
Submitted my one game as well. Hopefully I make it in. Smiley
Submitted one game. I'm working up a few others to submit and will do so once I get everything together.
This look good charity marathon.
I submitted one game for now maybe later i will submit more games and i hope get my mic for the marathon.
Submitted a game. Hopefully, I should be available for those dates!
Dapper as fuck.
Submitted a game.  I should be available unless something work related pops up.
Submitted a few games to save a few sharks

Last time was fun, I'm hoping for a few more personal, one-cycle world records, and people playing their own 4 hour-long RPG Maker games
Talk to the Hand
Heh, I was looking through the Seamergency page, and while I remembered requesting A Shark Piledriving MIKE HAGGAR art, I legitimately did not remember running Metroid II for this last year. Shocked

Suffice to say that I'm much better at the game now.
Awesome, I loved Seamergency last year, and I really look forward to it again this year. I submitted a game, regardless if I'm in or not, I look forward to the marathon for such a stellar and amazing cause!
The runs submitted so far are all pretty neat, we're looking forward to having them at the marathon! We are still in need of more runs to hit our goal of 96 hours, so keep the submissions coming.
Hi I got a Message on twitch it about the time I should run and incase you didn't get it the best time for me is on Sunday Night like 10-12 PM
Dapper as fuck.
I'm excited to be a part of this and run awesome games with the rest of you.  Smiley 
Submitted another game for the Marathon Sunday Night at Midnight would be the best time for me to run my games that are in the Marathon