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I'd like to be added as well. I stream Link to the Past runs as well as Quake duels if anyone is interested.
I'd like to be in. Stream's here.
Myaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaa w
Can I get in? Stream's

I was following the old instructions to PM bmn, sorry for spam man!
I'd like to be added:

May help when I do my donation stream for SGDQ!
aka ProD1gy84
I'd also love to be a part of the SDA twitch team.
I only stream speedruns (practice & real attempts). Stream's
So I have a bit of feedback regarding the twitch team page, in case anyone is compiling a list to send to TwitchTV:

- I would like to be able to just follow the team so that the team page appears in my "Following" list when at least one streamer is live.
- It's not super intuitive to enter someone's channel from the team page.  I think the only way to do it is to click on the streamer's name in the info box.  Clicking the video seems more intuitive to me.
- There should be some statistics somewhere listing all the games currently being played by the team.  Also, putting the game name beside each streamer in the list of streamers would be useful.
The TrUest of Shades

Me too Cheesy
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Satoryu: 2012-03-19 10:56:22 pm
Visually Appealing
I've put this off for long enough. If you can add my stream, that would be cool.
Now a hit show on the CW
I'm streaming again, so feel free to add me to the team:
I just started streaming, and I am enjoying it quite a bit. Can I get added?
Dark Gamer
if you guys are still adding i would like to be in the team my stream is here, been running Castlevania games and Megaman ones thanks.
so pro u don't even know
Are we supposed to click the two checkboxes when you join? They say "stats" and "monetize" (or something).
My feelings on The Demon Rush
We have banners on the page thanks to Lindsey Layne King!
All the things
I want to be a cool person too Cheesy
Make it so.
I've finally got set up so I can stream, when no-one else is using our internet at least. Can I join the cool club too please?
May I join? I have a nicer setup now, no more webcam (unless it's a piano stream.)
Professional Second Banana
Quote from kareshi:
May I join? I have a nicer setup now, no more webcam (unless it's a piano stream.)

I sent you an invite for the team page last week after I saw you post in the w00ty thread.  If you didn't get the e-mail invite (which is a problem that spikevegeta had when I invited him), check the settings for your Twitch account and you should see a "Teams" button that will let you accept the invite.
I would like to be added to the group please. My Twitch channel/username is "ChiboSempai"

I commonly practice speed running, especially SM64. I am getting more back into the SDA community, and working on getting goals (I'm already active on SRL also). I have held records in the past on SDA, such as the 16 star Mario 64 run many years back.
Add me, I've been streaming speedruns for months now.
Pheenoh the mean-o
I would like to join. Stream is
Can you be members of both Team SRL & Team SDA simultaneously? I'd like to be on the Team SDA page but I'm already on the Team SRL page so I don't know if that matters?
Would you please add me?
My feelings on The Demon Rush
Yes you can be a member of both teams, ChristosOwen.
Quote from mikwuyma:
Yes you can be a member of both teams, ChristosOwen.

Thanks for the clarification :). Well if it's okay I'd like to be added to the list! For ease, here's my URL:
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Sonikkustar: 2012-07-03 11:46:49 pm
The Great Farming Empire
I'd like to be added as well: