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abiscuit: 2014-03-12 04:17:54 pm
If it's not too late I'd like to join the SDA team page.

I primarily run Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga and I've been creating resources for other people who are interested in running the glitchfest that is the Any%-J route.  I haven't submitted any runs to SDA yet, but I hope to when I get a MLSS run that I think is worthy.  Probably around the 1:33-1:35 range.
I would really love to be part of the SDA team page! I also recently offered my Simpsons Arcade run for SGDQ and it surived the cuts, I also run more games like pokemon, mario, and ducktales and follow many people in this team :), thanks for consideration and here is my channel,
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Elipsis: 2014-03-19 09:49:08 am
I'd be really excited to be on the SDA team as well.  I'm currently making myself insane going after the Marble Madness WR, and am also trying to help out with verifications when I can.
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Slyse: 2014-03-19 11:43:23 am
Now with 23% more reset!
I'd like to join the team too. Been streaming for a few months now and I've gotten a solid schedule going, I stream NES and PS1 stuff mostly right now because of my low up-speed, but I'm moving to a new flat soon and going to get a decent connection then. About 90% of my streams are speedrun-related.
I'd like to join the SDA team if possible, i have recently started streaming my runs of FFIV and plan to get a decent time (compete for WRs) and move onto a few more games. I have created public notes on my channel as well for anyone interested in running (and will do the same for any other game that i run) My runs aren't great yet but hopefully i can get a lot more in.
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King L: 2014-03-25 05:12:01 pm
King L: 2014-03-25 04:56:51 pm
King L: 2014-03-25 04:56:39 pm
King L: 2014-03-25 04:55:55 pm
I want to Ultra Touhou 14...
Can you add me plz? I play a lot of Touhou, but I wanna try to do MKWii, MK7, LoZ:ALBW and some other 3ds and wii games speedruns...
And I have a question: if it's Superplay, do it count? Or do "Perfect" shmups, like Touhou?
Gotta Go Fast!
I would like to be added to the SDA Team, I run several different games and I'm learning a few more.
I'd like to join the SDA team page please. I run Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus and will be running it at SGDQ; I am also currently trying to beat Surreal's time in it and am only 1:40 minutes off of his time in Any%. I also run Secret of Evermore and have helped out finding and testing tricks in it.
I'd like to be added to the SDA Team please Smiley

Currently I'm running Secret of Evermore (NTSC & PAL (WR)), Terranigma and do some random races with other streamers. Like LovableLambchop I've helped quite a bit with finding stuff for Secret of Evermore and helped a tiny bit with the TAS. Right now I'm trying to cut the sub 4h on Terranigma and get closer to the top 3 runners.

Also made a custom SDA picture on my stream page! thumbsup
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letterswords: 2014-04-08 12:01:03 am
I'd like to be added. I do runs of all the Mass Effect games primarily and I stream fairly regularly.
I'd love to be in there too. I'm active in the community for a long time (have seen/donated the last 4 AGDQ/SGDQ) and mostly been active in ocarina of time / dark souls speedrunning. I started to run ooT a year ago and currently I'm picking up titles like Type:Rider (rounting everything myself because nobody runs it) and Super Meat Boy (<this for racing on SRL). I stream almost every day and I'll will submit a run of Type:Rider very soon, too. Smiley
I'd like to join the SDA team please. I currently run Anarchy Reigns(PS3, NG), am routing Eternal Sonata(360, NG), and will run Borderlands 2(NG), Dynasty Warriors 8(PS3, but no idea what kind of runs YET), and possibly Revengeance.
My channel is currently more casual streaming, but I'm refocusing it towards speedrunning.
Plays games quickly. Eventually.
I'd just like to throw in a good word for Jamesborg99 above; he doesn't post on the SDA forums often, but he's still a good member of the community, is learning some really cool speedruns, and has been helping me with routing a couple of my games, and I'd really like to see him get added to the SDA team. \o/
A Serious Noob
I've already made a post in the w00ty thread so I figured I'd post in this thread too.

I would like to be added to the SDA Team Page. My main speedrun game is Eye of the Beholder but mostly I play obscured & classic games!
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Quane: 2014-04-30 09:06:16 pm
I am completely new to the site and speed running but figured it'd be nice to share - my main and first game is Kingdom Hearts 1 but I'll be doing more stuff in the future.
I would like to be added to the team. I run Silent Hill 2 Cheesy
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RuneHigh: 2014-05-04 06:18:28 pm
Not too sure if you are still adding people to this list, but I am a runner of BioShock Infinite and currently learning Dishonored and MAYBE Dark Souls 2.

My twitch is:

I stream every day as of recent - mainly BioShock Infinite. My hopes are of taking BSI to AGDQ 2015 as a run, so  I am going to be getting more and more active in the community.

Thanks :3
Don't think.
I'd love to join the team, sharing is half the fun. I've been around for a few years and now I've finally got the itch to run some games myself. The current project is Actraiser 2, and probably Magic of Sheherazade after.
Now that I'm finally going to be streaming (and hopefully fairly regularly), I'd like to be added to the team.  For now I'll mostly be playing Sonic 2, Final Fantasy XII and Mass Effect.
I would like to be added to SDA twitch team
I love speedrun all Mega Man X series
Dapper as fuck.
If you're accepting members to the team, I'd like to join.  I am currently focused on Rescue Rangers, but have done Mario 64 in the past, and have interest in branching out in the future.
Hey guys,

Was hoping to be added to the SDA team page - I'm currently running Broforce and streaming some practice of Transistor.  My channel is  Thanks ♪
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WorldEater: 2014-06-02 10:33:40 am
Hey SDA,

would be nice to be added to the Teams page. At the moment I am running Kwirk (Game Boy) and will start with Bombmerman Tournament (GBA) soon

Thanks in advance !!
Running Super Metroid, may I join your team?
may use a few too many Kappas
I don't think I ever requested to join the team.

Best known as "that guy who runs all those Puzzle League games," I'm the guy with the Pokemon Puzzle Challenge run that is on the site. I have a bunch of records for Pokemon Puzzle Challenge and Pokemon Puzzle League, and my current Tetris Attack V-Hard PB is within 15 seconds of the SDA run, which I am grinding quite a bit more than I should, at the moment.

I have also done runs of Yu-Gi-Oh! spinoffs (maybe the main card games will come later) and the occasional oddball RPG-with-a-cult-following. (Mario Golf: Advance Tour, Monster Rancher Advance) Maybe the Disgaea series will be somewhere in my future if I can ever get around to them???