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mike89: 2010-05-23 10:34:35 pm
SEGA Junkie
Congratulations to feasel for defending his SDA Tourney title! It came down to the wire on the last day, but Baron Dante missing out on beating Normand's time by just seven seconds cost him a share of the spoils.

Hope you all had an awesome time, and see you next tournament!


Welcome to the sixth SDA tourney! Once again you all have the chance to be complete and utter showoffs for the next five weeks.

As usual, there were no signups, join any time with the current week's game!

All usual tourney rules apply: use default settings unless I specify otherwise, no continues, blah blah blah.

Scoring will be functionally identical to the last two tourneys, but I'm going to do it in reverse: lowest points wins. As such, the overall points table will be sorted by weeks played and then total score. What this does is makes it much easier for me, and practically ensures that there won't be any mistakes.

Here we go!

feasel - 17 (5)
Baron Dante - 18 (5)
mike89 - 19 (5) (cannot win)
DiluteD - 28 (5)
X - 44 (5)
ShadowJacky - 46 (5)
moooh - 52 (5)
Skullboy - 68 (5)
ZenicReverie - 69 (5)
Zyre - 37 (4)
zoonel - 16 (3)
holydiver42 - 35 (3)
Anwonu - 8 (2)
nXmaniac - 16 (2)
SMK - 19 (2)
Breakdown - 20 (2)
neskamikaze - 21 (2)
DoubleThink - 22 (2)
mocliamtoh - 28 (2)
sunburstbasser - 28 (2)
Molotov - 1 (1)
Normand - 1 (1)
tomatobob - 4 (1)
cygher - 9 (1)
VorpalEdge - 10 (1)
Flip714 - 15 (1)
RaneofSOTN - 15 (1)

Total players: 27

Old Scoring System (this will slightly change some results for those who didn't play all five weeks)
feasel - 123 (5)
Baron Dante - 122 (5)
mike89 - 121 (5) (cannot win)
DiluteD - 112 (5)
X - 96 (5)
ShadowJacky - 94 (5)
moooh - 88 (5)
Zyre - 75 (4)
Skullboy - 72 (5)
ZenicReverie - 71 (5)
zoonel - 68 (3)
holydiver42 - 49 (3)
Anwonu - 48 (2)
nXmaniac - 40 (2)
SMK - 37 (2)
Breakdown - 36 (2)
neskamikaze - 35 (2)
DoubleThink - 34 (2)
mocliamtoh - 28 (2)
sunburstbasser - 28 (2)
Molotov - 27 (1)
Normand - 27 (1)
tomatobob - 24 (1)
cygher - 19 (1)
VorpalEdge - 18 (1)
Flip714 - 13 (1)
RaneofSOTN - 13 (1)

Week 1:
feasel - 1
zoonel - 2
mike89 - 3
X - 4
Baron Dante - 5
DiluteD - 6
ShadowJacky - 7
SMK - 8
moooh - 9
DoubleThink - 10
sunburstbasser - 11
Zyre - 12
Skullboy - 13
ZenicReverie - 14
Flip714 - 15

Week 2:
mike89 - 1
Anwonu - 2
nXmaniac - 3
neskamikaze - 4
feasel - 5
Baron Dante - 6
Zyre - 7
DiluteD - 8
cygher - 9
zoonel - 10
SMK - 11
DoubleThink - 12
X - 13
moooh - 14
Breakdown - 15
mocliamtoh - 16
sunburstbasser - 17
ZenicReverie - 18
Skullboy - 19
Shadow Jacky - 20

Week 3:
Diluted - 1
Baron Dante - 2
feasel - 3
mike89 - 4
Breakdown - 5
Anwonu - 6
Shadow Jacky - 7
X - 8
moooh - 9
holydiver42 - 10
Zyre - 11
mocliamtoh - 12
nXmaniac - 13
Skullboy - 14
RaneofSOTN - 15
ZenicReverie - 16
neskamikaze - 17

Week 4:
Molotov - 1
feasel - 2
Baron Dante - 3
tomatobob - 4
Diluted - 5
mike89 - 6
ZenicReverie - 7
moooh - 8
Shadow Jacky - 9
X - 10
Skullboy - 11
holydiver42 - 12

Week 5:
Normand - 1
Baron Dante - 2
Shadow Jacky - 3
zoonel - 4
mike89 - 5
feasel - 6
Zyre - 7
Diluted - 8
X - 9
VorpalEdge - 10
Skullboy - 11
moooh - 12
holydiver42 - 13
ZenicReverie - 14
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mike89: 2010-04-25 11:22:27 pm
SEGA Junkie
Do you like platforming rodents? Of course you do. Do you like high speed adrenaline rushing gameplay? Sure! Do you like this screenshot?

Ha, I bet you thought you were going to get Sonic for a second. Instead, you get the awesome concept that is Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel! This is a spinoff of the Aero the Acro-Bat series released for SNES and Genesis in 1994. In it you control the titular Zero as he runs, jumps and does physics-defying dives to progress.

In line with the speediness of the character, it’s speed week this week! Grab the (U) SNES version from the site of your choice and start playing!

One thing you’ll want to know about the controls: one of the face buttons is mapped to “Nunchaku / Jump/Spin”. It took me a while to work out how/why the hell they put an attack on a jump button (and why they didn’t utilise the fact that the SNES has four face buttons) but to use the nunchaku attack you need to press down+B (B being default, you can of course change this).

Submissions should be formatted like this:

Player – Stage reached - Time
Radix – 1-2 – 2:30

All the usual tourney rules apply, the most important being: have fun!

Other games I considered: I really wanted to kick this thing off with ninjas. However ninjas are pretty well represented on SDA, and I wanted to avoid using games with SDA runs. I also considered Alex Kidd, and combining the two concepts, Alex Kidd in Shinobi World would have seemed the perfect choice, but I find it doesn’t play that well. And yes, I did consider picking a Sonic game. The front runner there was Sonic Labyrinth, which is a bit more puzzle oriented than your average Sonic, but it has a countdown timer that can be easily gamed, such that not completing the game would be almost impossible.

By the way, there’s a TAS of this game if you want to use it for planning, but remember that using an emulator is cheating Wink


feasel - ALL - 15:53
zoonel - ALL - 16:53
mike89 - ALL - 19:12
X - ALL - 19:28
Baron Dante - ALL - 19:51
DiluteD - ALL - 20:25
ShadowJacky - 4-1 - 12:29
SMK - 3-1 - 6:38
moooh - 3-1 - 8:23
DoubleThink - 2-2 - 2:30
sunburstbasser - 2-2 - 3:00
Zyre - 2-2 - 3:10
Skullboy - 2-2 - 24:48
ZenicReverie - 1-2 - 2:00
Flip714 - 1-1 - 0:00
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mike89: 2010-05-03 12:46:43 am
SEGA Junkie
Week 2:

Time for a new twist on an old favourite. Two old favourites, actually. It’s this tournament’s puzzle requirement, Pac-Attack!


Pac-Attack was released by Namco for SNES and Genesis in 1993. There really isn’t much to it, the screenshot says it all. Blocks of 3 in an L shape, composed of any combination of bricks, ghosts, and every six blocks, a Pac-Man who will eat all ghosts in his path. Once you eat enough ghosts you’ll get a fairy who will clear all the ghosts in eight rows. Real simple!

We’re going to play the Genesis version this week, so go pick it up and start playing! Hopefully something a bit more simple will help out participation this week.

Being the puzzle addition to the tournament, this week is survival week. Set the mode to Hyper, and good luck, you’ll need it!

I think the best way to track survival is to track what level you get to, since level increases linearly with blocks dropped. Also submit your score as a tiebreaker. Note that Hyper starts your level at 100 and your score at 2 million. So submissions go like this:

Player – Level – Score
Radix – 101 – 2000100

Have fun with a pizza-shaped object!

Other games I considered: I was very, very close to picking Kurukuru Kururin, a... I guess you’d have to call it a puzzle platformer. I spent all week grappling over this choice. Kururin had the benefits of being a) a game that was never released in the States, so few people would have known it, and b) fulfilling the tournament’s manly quota. (If eating ghosts doesn’t make you feel particularly manly, you can try this game out for a break!) However, it has infinite lives, so it’s not really suited to a weekly (certainly not for survival). I was going to limit it to one life but that felt like a cheap hack. Additionally, I felt it might have been a bit on the simple side.

By the way, this is the sort of game that you can pick up for five minutes and have a score for, so none of you have any excuses Smiley


mike89 - 185 - 2722031
Anwonu - 130 - 2229290
nXmaniac - 126 - 2189800
neskamikaze - 122 - 2253697
feasel - 122 - 2185425
Baron Dante - 121 - 20150619
Zyre - 113 - 2108018
DiluteD - 113 - 2075000
cygher - 112 - 2125606
zoonel - 112 - 2071600
SMK - 111 - 2136401
DoubleThink - 108 - 2057400
X - 107 - 2043400
moooh - 107 - 2039603
Breakdown - 106 - 2035000
mocliamtoh - 106 - 2029000
sunburstbasser - 105 - 2031038
ZenicReverie - 105 - 2021800
Skullboy - 104 - 2021212
Shadow Jacky - 104 - 2016223
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mike89: 2010-05-09 11:55:54 pm
SEGA Junkie
Time to bring one of my all time favourite series into these tournaments for the first time... This week it’s one of the quirkier games of all time, Wario Land 4!

Wario Land 4 was one of the earliest titles for the Game Boy Advance in 2001. In it, Wario is once again hunting for all the treasure he can find. But how much treasure can you find?

That’s right, it’s score week this week. For a platformer, Wario Land 4 has quite the nuanced scoring system, the quirks of which I’ll leave you to figure out for yourself. I’ll say this much: every level has a maximum amount of coins, but I couldn’t tell you what they all are. I hope to be able to by the end of the week though Smiley In case you hadn’t noticed, this is the one week I expect to have an advantage.

We’ll be playing on Hard mode, which is probably the best for a weekly like this. Hard decreases the time limits for the second half of each level, in some cases quite significantly, so to max them out you really need to get a move on. There’s also a Super Hard difficulty, but that’s not available out of the box so I’d have to provide a savestate, and I’d rather not gamble on something going wrong there. That and it's actually really fucking hard, surprisingly enough!

How we’re submitting this week: The game stores your best coin count for each of the 18 levels, so add them all up and submit the total. Format them like so:

Player – Stages completed – Total score
Radix – 5 – 50000

As usual, have fun!

Other games I considered: As I mentioned, the Wario Land series is one of my all time favourites, and I wanted a representative from the series. Either 2 or 3 could have worked very well for a speed week, but I went away from them for opposite reasons: 2 is a bit on the short side and 3 is a bit on the long side (though 3 does have a very good route planning element). That and Wario’s movement capabilities are a bit simple for speedrunning in general. I was originally going to go for WL4 anyway as a speed week, and then I remembered the scoring element of the game, which swayed me to this end result. It also means I don’t have to pick a shmup Cheesy

By the way, I pre-write these intros so there wasn't really anywhere to squeeze this in, but this comment in IRC a couple of days ago made me laugh:

<Diluted> next week is wario land on virtual boy right?

Oh, you have no idea how close you were.


Diluted - ALL - 285800
Baron Dante - ALL - 283620
feasel - ALL - 277610
mike89 - ALL - 269350
Breakdown - ALL - 243300
Anwonu - ALL - 238410
Shadow Jacky - 17 - 235010
X - 17 - 223980
moooh - 17 - 212500
holydiver42 - ALL - 211490
Zyre - ALL - 186400
mocliamtoh - 9 - 95440
nXmaniac - 8 - 80400
Skullboy - 6 - 38830
RaneofSOTN - 1 - 9030
ZenicReverie - 1 - 7170
neskamikaze - 1 - 7090
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mike89: 2010-05-16 10:45:42 pm
SEGA Junkie
When I was a kid, I didn’t have too much in the way of games, and I really learnt to get the most out of what I had. (This is definitely a contributing factor in me taking up speedrunning!) My uncle sold my parents a Master System and Mega Drive and what games he had for them, and I don’t remember getting any new games from that point until getting a Nintendo 64 about four years later. So I found myself playing the Sonic games over and over, for example. But in amongst this mess of fun kiddy games was one that I could never beat, and to be perfectly honest, one a six year old kid should never have been playing.

I mean that’s stuff that no kid should ever have to deal with. This game will ensure Molotov finally competes in a tournament, it’s Jungle Strike!

Jungle Strike was released in 1993 for SNES and Genesis by Electronic Arts, and was the second in the Strike series of games. In it, you return to your trusty Comanche helicopter and save the world from the nuclear threat posed by Carlos Ortega and the Madman, Ibn Kilbaba.

We’re going to be playing on the Genesis version this week. Go grab Gens and head to your site of choice to pick up the game, and start playing!

How we’re going to submit: This is a survival week, so your foremost aim is to complete campaigns. From there, ties will be broken by missions completed in that campaign, and then by score. When you lose your last life, you have plenty of time to pause the game and check these for yourself. So format submissions like this:

Player – Campaign.Missions completed – Score
Radix – 2.2 – 140000

On the note of pausing though, make sure you use your map, it will tell you just about everything you need to know. Hit B and you will get a detailed explanation of each mission and details of how dangerous your enemies are, and hit C to see which missions you have or have not completed.

As always, have fun!

Other games I considered: I was originally going to go for something like Bubsy or Kid Chameleon for a survival week, but I already felt the tourney was too platformer-heavy (there’s another one coming up next week). The original in this series, Desert Strike, was also a consideration, but I don’t know it as well and any miniscule advantage I did have would have been nullified. And I guess since I don’t know it as well it’s harder for me to know if it would be a good weekly game, right? >_>

By the way, I really only picked this game so I could finally motivate myself to complete it Wink


Molotov - ALL - 15,353,635
feasel - ALL - 14,907,135
Baron Dante - ALL - 10,482,425
tomatobob - 6.5 - 5,895,010
Diluted - 4.6 - 3,765,975
mike89 - 4.2 - 2,498,260
ZenicReverie - 2.5 - 1,065,500
moooh - 2.4 - 955000
Shadow Jacky - 2.2 - 792,500
X - 1.3 - ~17,000
Skullboy - 1.1 - 24,500
holydiver42 - 1.1 - 5,000
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mike89: 2010-05-23 10:06:25 pm
SEGA Junkie
Like Enhasa before me, I am using the last week of my tourney to do SDA a public service. Enhasa used his position to get a new run onto SDA, I’m going to get a game into our next marathon. It was one of our most requested games for the whole of the last marathon, please welcome to the stage, the very reason I’m running this tourney at all, Rocket Knight Adventures!

Rocket Knight Adventures is an outstanding platformer by Konami, released for the Genesis in 1993. In it you control Sparkster, an opossum out to destroy the evil pig empire... or something like that.

What is more important than that is that this game is completely and undeniably awesome! ACTUAL TESTIMONIALS ABOUT HOW AWESOME THIS GAME IS:
<AniMeowzerz> rocket knight adventures! I love that game holy shit
<VorpalEdge> holy shit rka is so great

Since even Mike gives his approval, your approval is guaranteed or your money back!

The top two players are strongly recommended to continue to practice and race this game at the next marathon Cheesy That way nobody can say we don’t listen to our viewers. A very commonly requested game -and- more races!

This final week sees a return to speed. We'll be playing on Normal difficulty this week. Submissions will be in the usual manner for a speed week, as follows:

Player – Stage – Time
Radix – 3 – 15:00

I’m not even going to say have fun this week because it’s a given that you will!

By the way, Rocket Knight, a brand new entry in this series following on from Sparkster, was just released on XBLA last week, and comes out on PSN later this week. Do yourselves a favour and get it!


Normand - ALL - 30:39
Baron Dante - ALL - 30:46
Shadow Jacky - ALL - 32:46
zoonel - ALL - 35:00
mike89 - ALL - 35:40
feasel - ALL - 35:59
Zyre - ALL - 41:13
Diluted - ALL - 49:01
X - ALL - 49:51
VorpalEdge - 7 - 35:25
Skullboy - 4 - 29:50
moooh - 2 - 5:01
holydiver42 - 2 - 7:31
ZenicReverie - 1 - 0:00
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Zyre: 2010-04-19 12:13:40 am
The Speedrunning Teacher
Quote from mike89:
Grab the (U) SNES version from the site of your choice


but remember that using an emulator is cheating Wink

Sorry, I couldn't help myself.  I know what you meant though.  Grin

A tip that's helped me out so far: The spin acts like a double jump, but it won't go very high if you try it at the height of your jump.  It seems that the height of the double jump is connected to the momentum of the first jump, so you will go higher if you hit the jump button twice in quick succession.
destroy them with lazers
yer something about the jump thats not quite right. seems like a fairly short game to blast through. went through the first four levels quickly to see whats what.
The Speedrunning Teacher
Quote from X:
yer something about the jump thats not quite right.

Which part?
fucking .gif....
those diving sections are a pain and also that jet ski portion.

I'll still beat it though.
Go play spacechem !
i'm stuck at the diving test section #3 .... what must i do, i dont get it ?
fucking .gif....
Quote from zoonel:
i'm stuck at the diving test section #3 .... what must i do, i dont get it ?

while in the air, you press A to start diving.  you can move left and right.  to change your angle, press A again to glide straight (while holding which direction you want to glide to).  press A again to lift upwards. 

it's useful to bypass certain sections, but the timing sucks.
I like this game. With some practice and skill you can traverse certain areas pretty swiftly. There's definitely potential for a high quality speedrun to be made.
Fastest movement seems to be forward-A gliding for open areas when you can reach high up. While on ground, single jump + down-B gliding seems alot faster than running. Down-B gliding can also damage enemies and makes an excellent move for taking out the vertical wall crawlers quickly. I've also had somewhat success with the down B glide on rock bosses of the second world. Just need to practice that fight abit more and I'll be able to do it fast consistently.

Also, constantly single jump + A-gliding + jump cancelling out of it while running at the same time makes for an excellent offensive shield for when running tight areas with lots of enemies.
I don't even know what the fuck this is
HOLY SHIT, I've actually played this game before!
Silver Hawk!
I've played this before as well.  Zero is VERY quick and has lots of moves, and this is one of those games that a couple of good players could get really competitive with.

Plus, any game that opens with an over-the-top Bruce Lee yell can't be all bad.
SEGA Junkie
Let's get the ball rolling.

mike89 - 3-2 - 9:08
Diluted - 3-1 - 7:04
The Speedrunning Teacher
Zyre - 3:10 at start of 2-2
Waiting hurts my soul...
ZenicReverie - 1-2 - 2:00

At least it's a time, not sure how much more time I'll get to play this week.
It's a BIG HEAD!
I'm going to do it in reverse: lowest points wins. As such, the overall points table will be sorted by weeks played and then total score.

So, the worse you play the better? Or wut?

And none told me it has started! My weekend will go beating this game Sad
destroy them with lazers
X - 2-2 - 9:00

I really dont like this game. Especially the second cave level its a nightmare.
SEGA Junkie
Quote from Baron Dante:
So, the worse you play the better? Or wut?

No, it just means first place gets one point, second place 2, etc, rather than the other way around. This saves me rescaling the charts every week. At the end of the tournament I'll add the max score for each week that a player didn't compete, and the table will look exactly the same as in the previous tourneys, just with the points the other way round.

Adding times to the first page now.
Edit history:
DiluteD: 2010-04-21 06:48:32 pm
Diluted - 3-2 - 5:54

Cant seem to get a consistant path for 1-1 and 1-2, and 3-2 boss is giving me grief :/

edit: realised that I've been putting the level I've beat not the level I've reached.
destroy them with lazers
x - 4-1 - 8:52

beach levels are becoming really easy but world 3 is a bit of pain with all the lava and the boss

messed around with world 4 and the easiest route with the jetski seems to be to hang to one side as less things appear
Waiting hurts my soul...
So, people will probably have figured this out, but for newcomers here's a tip on the controls.

If you press BB you'll do a double jump, while in the air you can press A and do a face plant thing? But the best thing is while in that mode if you press A again you'll glide pretty fast. Hope that helps someone. I should be able to get a better time now if only I can find some time to play.