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hmm might join you guys too, have 2 computers that I can run it on, on with phenom2 x4 955, 4gb ram etc and the other one has athlon64 x2 2.9ghz, 2gb ram etc..
Doin Good
A 4th active member?! I don't see Kibbos of performance from those parts, so my 3rd spot is safe for a few months...

Nice Kibbo! Almost makes up for that extended break you took...
heh yeah i'm trying to avoid running the heater this winter so i started the smp client on my pc (phenom ii x4, unfortunately it doesn't have dedicated video hardware or i would run the 3d client too).
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DJS: 2011-02-10 12:23:01 pm
torch slug since 2006
hey nate, i also have the phenom2 x4, currently i use the "not-smp" client, so yeah, i guess smp is better, where do i find it? i tried google but that made no sense to me (last one on page, "SMP2 client console version")

it took like 1 hour for them to email me my passcode (you will read about it in the install guide) to get the completion bonus for wus ... but it will help our score if you do that.
torch slug since 2006
okay i think  i got it (got my passkey instantly)...
anyway, so i run the smp at 2 computers now, but im planning to use the gpu client on the other computer, because its not used for too much, and its an nvidia card in it, but i dont know if i can use both the smp client and gpu client, at the same time..
i'm pretty sure you can. i found some interesting stuff on their forum about that. some environment variables you can set to make the gpu client use less cpu.
Alright I got this running now as well. Might look into that GPU client as well to run them combined when I'm not using the computer.

No sign of folding@home on European PS3:s, too bad, would have been running it as well if I could.
We be climbing them positions!
The GPU client is the way to go. I can do a 50 million step WU in roughly 4 hours using it. Not sure how scoring exactly works but if it has anything to do with the size of the WU then the GPU is 100 times better performing then my i5 CPU is doing.
There are 2 programs you can use for measuring your folding performance, and FahMon. FahMon tends be a bit glitchy with some setups so I'd recommend going with HFM if you really want to see how good your system is at folding.

i'm medusa and diamond. medusa is an 8-core machine running the smp client because the gpu client doesn't support its video cards. it gets the "bonus" because i have registered it with a passkey. everyone should do that if they haven't already so you get the bonus.

i have no idea whether the smp client with bonus is better than the gpu client or not. i would be surprised if it were. however you can get a passkey with both i believe so you should do that if you haven't already.
heh, I missed that about the bonus, although I did get a passkey anyways since I wanted to tie it to my nick.

and wow, medusa has a huge score to WU ratio. I take it you are running the largest ones on that.
all it is is the smp client on 8 cores with a passkey. wu set to "big" but that's what they recommend in the documentation so i don't see how it should be any different from any other machine ...
torch slug since 2006
Im also using the "big" work thingy (forgot what its called).

Damn my computer isnt to fast at folding, 4 hours it have done "154800 out of 499375 steps" (30%) (using smp client, not gpu).
There's one more bonus that's even bigger but few people know about. The faster you finish a work unit the more "zomg fast folding bonus" you get, the kicker is that this bonus decreases exponentially. It can definitely pay off to have it running overnight etc.
oh, medusa runs 24/7 lol. so yeah you're right, that's probably why.
Balls jerky
Oh hey my video card is supported now! 3 hours later and I'm 75% done with my first WU since September or so.
Doin Good
815th place, as of this post. We'll have 800th place yet! Wtih all these new players and equipment, who knows how far we level off. I need to step it up, less I lose mt 3rd spot in a few months.
Idk how much a PS3 contributes compared to some of your 86.5 Core PCs and such, but whenever I see this thread I always think that I ought to start setting my PS3 to fold overnight again.  Sort of fell out of the habit when I moved back into my apartment.
Greetings from m2k2. Don't mind me, just posting to let you know I'm messing around with f@h and while I'm messing around I'll add some points to the sda team.

Currently using the gpu thing with an ati 6850. I plan to be getting a PS3 soon so I'll probably contribute with that as well.
Cool stuff, PoisonEnvy.  Thanks for contributing.
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dballin: 2011-02-25 04:08:46 pm
Balls jerky
my room would be a furnace if i folded with my ps3 in addition to the pc

Update: We're now in 814th place!
812th as of this writing.

Just curious, but what is Kibbo running? 5 PS3's and a tri-sli 580 setup or something? Tongue
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dballin: 2011-02-26 04:26:27 pm
Balls jerky
My GPU finishes a WU in about 3 and a half hours. SMP client did the first WU in around 4 hours which they must have thought was fairly quick since the next one they gave me was enormous. How many points do you think a 2,000,000 step protein is worth? Started folding 18 hours ago and I'm only 24% done right now.

^According to FahMon the answer is around 3000 points.