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Balls jerky
so that's why they shit on my ati graphics card too. I'm not about to ruin my card for the 900 or so points per day. i haven't been folding in a while anyway. No AC makes it get real hot real quick.
"We have picked the PS3 as the natural benchmark machine for PS3 calculations"

ok ...
Doin Good
I'd kill for 900 points a day, is what I was going to say. Thats more or less what my x4 (965 or something, but I play with stuff so it doesn't mean much) pumps out when I want it to. Must be a lower end ati card and/or nvidia really does do a much better job at folding, per $ and watt.
Fucking Weeaboo
I got my PS3, which I hardly ever use, now hardwired into my router so I can use it for this project.  Set it up with Team SDA and under donor name SirVG.  Should be able to get some nice work done with it.
My name is unpronounceable
Interesting thing happening on our points graph here.  For whatever reason, the WU's sent in over the past couple days didn't register until a little while ago, and I know I was folding the whole time.  Makes for a nice spike though.  We're probably not going to see that again any time soon though.
Doin Good
I had been slowly churning away at a massive WU for a while, and it matches up with your post, from what I can remember. But really, all this statistical stuff is great, I used to see who was active by refreshing and seeing which numbers had changed. Seems we lost Kibbo, and grabbed someone even better. I've been folding just enough to stay in the top 30,000, but now I want that 1,000,000, and I don't want to wait until I get a gpu to do it! Hurry up, Ivy Bridge Pentiums!
My name is unpronounceable
That new folder would be me.  I'm not folding right now because I turned my computer off while I'm home for the Christmas break.  If you're curious, I'm using the SMP client on a i5 2500k at 4GHz.  Maybe I should look into running a GPU client too.
Balls jerky
If you have an ati don't even bother.
Doin Good
Yay, 1 million points. It took a while, but I'll get some better hardware before 2 million. Here's some data things on our progress.
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AdamAK: 2012-07-23 02:54:00 am
Totally rad
I've joined the SDA team about a week ago as well. I always leave the program running at night on my laptop, and generally only switch it off when I'm not playing games or streaming. Just completed my first WU and am about 17% into the next one. I think I'll make my old laptop run this 24/7, because I don't use that one intensively anyway; not exactly a powerful laptop, but everything helps here.

Just realised that I was only running the GPU client, and not the SMP one, so I should get a bit more folding done now.
Doin Good (featured article, for those that will be checking this out the following day)

In other news, I've got 2 GPUs folding while I'm away, and should beat njahnke around January. 1 GPU can fold at the lowest speeds and low settings while I sleep feet away, but 2 GPUs can't quite, so I'm not sure what I'll stick with. Winter means a lower ambient, so I might stick with 2 for now...

We are the strong, we are the mighty, we are the class of 110285. Doing science couldn't get any easier, join the cause!
torch slug since 2006
decided to install fah at my vps, because it has pretty much nothing to do other than hosting and running irssi 24/7...
its not fast though (i think its running on a intel xeon bla bla at 999mhz, 128mb ram, no gpu...) but its always something...
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tate: 2014-01-22 11:11:53 am
tate: 2014-01-17 03:44:13 pm
I recently starting contributing to the sda team for this with my 5 cpus and gpu. This is an old thread so I was pleasantly surprised to still see about 6 people actively contributing to this! my folding name is craztad

Woot almost one month in and just passed lag. Should catch moooh next week for a top 20 spot. Of course catching moooh means nothing since he doesn't fold anymore (catching a target that doesn't move isn't very fair). The team almost has 20 million points total! Lets get there!
Go Team SDA!
Team SDA just hit 20,000,000 points as well as breaking in the 700s in rankings again. As of this post we are in 797th place. We are also nearing 30,000 work units!

Also congratulations to our folder IsraeliRD for hitting the 3 million points mark. At the rate I am folding it will take me a couple years to get there...
I trip over my own feet in game.
No idea you guys had a team (being a new member and all). Just added myself to the team! Cheesy
Welcome to the forum and folding team barinelg!
We are kicking some butt on the sda folding team lately. We have around 8 active folders now and have jumped all the way to 766th place as of this post.

I quit folding for about a week while I built a new computer so now I should be back full board.

Everybody get in here and fold a work unit or two. The gui for this is super simple to use these days and it is for a good cause!
Dragon Power Supreme
I stopped folding for a few days while computer is in repairs, but I do have two laptops' CPU going slowly. At the moment I prefer to let GPU only run as it's worth more than the CPU.
Don't forget to have a passkey, because that gives you the Quick Return Bonus and that means lots more points.
That is a good point IsraeliRD, the passkey helps quite a bit. The team just hit 750th place!

The march of progess in the computing world always amazes me. My 5 year old ATI graphics card was pumping out about 6k points a day, this new gtx 780 pumps out closer to 160k. I had to turn folding off on one of my cpu cores just so that core can feed the graphics card... Looking forward to the next computer I build in another 5 years!
Dragon Power Supreme
SDA just hit 25m points, and is ranked 719.

For those that want to, get Google Chrome v31 or higher (latest is recommended) and in the google web/app store download Folding@Home. The app is lightweight and folds very small work units and gives lots of points. Every 3 hours a laptop that I use does 11 WUs and returns ~1,100 points. Compared to the normal application that takes 2 days per work units and gives 7,000 points back. You can fold at 20% CPU, 60% and 100% on the app so you can fold in the background or with full power when not using the computer.

It should be noted that a bug in Google Chrome does not delete temporary files (16mbs each) on every work unit, so you have to go to your temporary files directory and delete all of these files. I'm not sure whether the latest version of Google Chrome fixes it, but they are aware of the problem.
The team is ranked 686 as of this morning! We were ranked in the 800s in January, that is an amazing jump.
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tate: 2014-05-23 10:21:03 am
Team rank of 649 today! We have also passed 30 million points as well as 36000 work units. go team go

I will be shutting down due to the summer heat but will be back in late fall when it cools down. good luck team