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torch slug since 2006
We swedes love folding Smiley

Im setting up my gpu for folding atm, but i might migrate over to SMP instead, we'll see
wow, a PS3 + 6850 seem to be rocking pretty good, I've pretty much doubled my WU and points in just a few days.

Too bad it's summer, small room + hot computer + PS3 running 24/7 = heeeaaaat D:
Balls jerky
you basically just described why I'm not folding right now
Just joined the team.  I used to just fold individually, but this makes me feel like I'm helping a double cause!
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MrSparkle: 2011-06-16 12:32:32 am
Doin Good
This new 2 million wu is only using a single core, not sure whats up. Averaging (from a sample of 1)  42 minutes per % (per purr?). It is no gpu wu, I can tell from gui lag and the like. If this keeps up I'll have to buy a gpu, or set up virtual machine to max this 4 core cpu.

On the plus side I can sleep, fold, and keep stock clocks all at the same time! I'm in the top 24,000 club of folders, and might retake third place unless some of these new people start using cheating gpus...
Balls jerky
you do have the smp client set up using the -smp switch don't you?
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MrSparkle: 2011-06-17 12:21:57 am
Doin Good
Pretty sure I set it to -smp without having to type it out, but I'll try that. Oddly, it is using exactly 25%, but none fo the cores are maxed, according to task manager and resource monitor.

No change with the switch. I'm at 50% though!
I ordered a new quad core CPU last night (along with a new mobo and RAM), which means I can get to build a new main PC, and have a second one to use for folding and whatever else. Next weekend I should be able to have the following folding:
quad core @ 3.8Ghz + ATi 6850
dual core @ 3.6Ghz + ATi 5770

Should be interesting. Hopefully these past few cool/rainy days will continue long enough for me to have all three going without my room becoming an inferno.
Balls jerky
ati sucks for folding. D:
I wonder why that is, considering it blows nvidia out of the water with things like bitcoin mining and other number crunching things.
Doin Good
Haters gonna hate
My name is unpronounceable
All this because I removed a spam-post prior to Sparkle's post :O
That'll teach you.
hmm running into a weird issue. I got the new PC set up, and put all the old parts together for a second PC. But now after reformatting both of them and installing everything, both are running into the same error "At present your GPU is not supported or you need a current driver". Both of them have their most up-to-date driver (the 6850 being the 6xxx driver and the 5770 having the 5xxx driver) so I'm not sure what the issue could be. It's also kinda weird because before I got the two PCs set up both cards worked perfectly fine.

I'll play around with it more later I guess.
torch slug since 2006
I also had that problem with my 5770, so i downloaded GPU3 6.41

Works for me...
Doin Good
Yay, I'm now part of the elite 30,000 club. I might drop out before finishing this WU, but I'm here to stay, all without a GPU and a crappy x4. Meanwhile team sda has dropped to 760.

Anyone tried gpu folding with a Sandy Bridge IGP? Brazos? Hell, Llano? Wonder if it would be worth it, or if you'd be better off not, so cores can turbo. The reverse would be true as well...
My name is unpronounceable
I just started folding on my 2500k a few days ago using SMP.  I'm not sure if I'm going to fold on my gpu though.  My case is pretty small, and I'd worry about the temps in it.  Maybe in the winter when I could use the extra heat though.
I stopped folding on my computer because I started receiving problems that might have been caused by damage due to overheating. Set up my PS3 for folding, but apparently it nets a whopping 150 points for each WU only so I stopped trying that one too.
does anyone know why they hate ps3s so much?
Crawlathon WR, get down on my level.
Straight from their FAQ:

It seems that the PS3 is more than 10X as powerful as an average PC. Why doesn't it get 10X the credit as well?

We balance the points based on both speed and the flexibility of the client. The GPU client is still the fastest, but it is the least flexible and can only run a very, very limited set of WUs. Thus, its points are not linearly proportional to the speed increase. The PS3 takes the middle ground between GPUs (extreme speed, but at limited types of WU's) and CPU's (less speed, but more flexibility in types of WUs). We have picked the PS3 as the natural benchmark machine for PS3 calculations and set its points per day to 900 to reflect this middle ground between speed (faster than CPU, but slower than GPU) and flexibility (more flexible than GPU, less than CPU).