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Game: Cornerstone: The Song of Tyrim
Category: Any% No Credits Skip
Estimate: 00:35:00
Misc Info: AGDQ practice

Game: Rot Gut
Category: Any%
Estimate: 00:05:00
Misc Info: HOT speedgame

Projected Availability: Mon-Fri after 6pm EST, Sat any, Sun any except noon-6pm EST
Game: Lufia II: Ancient Cave
Category: Any%, Reject% (HA)
Estimate: 2:00
Misc info: Solo/Race/scored run fun times.  Basically up for anything.
Availability: Not available Mondays, Tuesdays after 3pm, Wednesday after 6pm, Thursday after 3pm, Friday, Saturday, Sunday any time should be fine.  All times Central Standard Time. (GMT-6)
Game: The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past
Category: No Major Glitches
Estimate: 1:35:00
Misc Info: This will be a race with fellow Final Fantasy Runner, TheSabin. With PBs within 19 seconds of one another, this is sure to be a nail biter of (deku) SCRUBS! We have raced LttP--No Major Glitches before and typically have really close races. Our friends' commentary will be pure FIRE. Everyone is going to shed tears of joy as Ganon is slain and Link made a hero. Get ready for scrub-tier No Maja Glitchez.
Projected Availability: Any week day 4PM EST-1AM EST
Muttski -
TheSabin -
Suplexes Trains
Game: The Legend of Zelda - A Link to the Past
Category: Any% No Major Glitches
Estimate: 1:35
Misc info: This is for a race submission with Muttski PogChamp. My PB is 1:30:10 but anything can go wrong in that game. My PB video is above B).
Availability: Weekdays from 6PM to 10PM EST - Weekends Free
edited my submission post (I changed my availability)
Edit history:
Kaons: 2016-11-11 10:28:10 am
Kaons: 2016-11-11 10:06:28 am
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Game: Kirby Super Star
Category: Any%
Estimate: 49:00
Misc Info: This game is my top priority. I also streamed a submission video. (Update: It seems that EngiBlack has also submitted this category, and I wouldn't mind an any% race)
Video -

Kirby Super Star is a Kirby platformer for the SNES. While being a great experience casually, it also offers an incredible run too. While many believe that 100% is the superior category, any% is just as good and includes slick movement by taking advantage of the jet ability and the mix wheel. Jet is objectively the best ability for movement, as it allows you to defeat enemies relatively quickly, fly over sections of levels, and it even allows you to ultra jump to avoid activating mini boss triggers, saving lots of time. There is also a mechanic in the game for unskippable mini bosses, called the jet quick kill, where you fully charge your jet and ultra jump under an enemy as soon as it spawns. Not only is jet used in the run, but plasma as well, which is by far the most overpowered ability in the game when it comes to battling enemies. When executed correctly, plasma deals a lot of damage towards enemies and helps lower the time of the actual run. With all this the game has to offer it is easily beatable in under an hour which is insane. Overall, Kirby Super Star any% is a really entertaining game to run and to watch, even without any knowledge of the game itself.

Game: Super Mario 3D Land
Category: Any%
Estimate: 1:07:00
Misc Info: Second priority game.
Video (Not intended as a submission video and both of these runs were streamed on my old Twitch, zzorua.) - Part 1 - , Part 2 -

Super Mario 3D Land is a very underrated speedgame and it always has been. However, this by no means makes it a bad speedgame. Super Mario 3D Land has very little RNG and is purely just skill which is pretty crazy for an hour long game. The game is extremely optimized for the size of its community. While there are a lot of skips throughout the run, the main way to have a good run is to have good movement, as movement in this game is key. The tanooki suit offers smooth movement which makes for a very entertaining run. The level design is also unique and each level is relatively quick with tanooki movement, even though you still have to collect star coins in order to unlock the final Bowser castle. 100 star coins are required in order to beat the game, so there is a set route for the most optimal star coins to collect. In my opinion, Super Mario 3D Land is way too underrated and would be pretty cool to present it in a marathon.

Projected Availability: I should be available on weekends, preferably Friday night (7:00 PM EST - 11:00 PM EST) or Saturday (10:00 AM EST - 11:00 PM EST)

(If SM3DL and KSS were both accepted I still will be able to run both)
Edit history:
EngiBlack: 2016-11-10 08:12:31 pm
( ・ω・)
Edited my submission (Estimate in some games, i added another category, Availability because my country change the time zone again, and videos)
Ciento Dos Huevos
GAME:  Alien Soldier
ESTIMATE:  00:25:00

PROJECTED AVAILIBILITY:  Early afternoon to early evening is best for me.  I can do just about any day as long as it's around 1:00PM - 8:00PM [USA CST]
Legendary Dragoon
I edited my availability because I suddenly have a job now.  Sorry for last minute changes.
Game: Rabi-Ribi
Category: All Town Members (Normal)
Estimate: 2:20:00
Info: The category I ran of this in Scrub5 was 10 Town. This route does the entire main and post game to get all 24 town members, showing off the vast majority of the game. Also I finally got a headset so no awful speaker interference this year!
Projected Availability: Preferably the daylight hours of EST any day. However, if you need to put me at a later time I can work around it.
Game: E-SWAT
Category: Any%
Estimate: 00:10:00
Info: Guy in fat suit busts crime wave, film at 11.

Game: Dungeon Magic
Category: Any% (Gren)
Estimate: 00:20:00
Info: Snake Puncher II Champion Hyper ST Remix

Projected Availability:
Weekdays: 7AM-9AM CST, 8PM-10PM CST
Weekends: 9AM-10PM CST
Edit history:
FellVisage: 2016-11-12 03:23:59 pm
Game: Tales of Zestiria
Category: Any% (New Game) or Alisha Story DLC (lol) (Normal difficulty for both)
Estimate: 6:40:00/00:50:00
Info: Recent(ish, i guess) reroute made NG a fair bit faster overall and haven't found much time to do runs since, but no more overtime for awhile, so can get on it again. Anyways, 6:32 pb with an 11 minute death because i was too stubborn to take an incredibly minor timeloss to quicksave, got lost, and got into bad encounters against enemies that shouldn't be able to catch me :<. Buuuuuut game is insanely difficult to not die in from around halfway until the end so erring on the side of caution with estimate (though most deaths cost less than a minute or two).
Alisha's story isn't intensely routed but is so short and, frankly, trivial in difficulty, that it'd take me 2 hours to route it.

Availability: Any time from Dec 12th-15th, though there's something else going on sometime during that time that'll be sorted soonish hopefully.
Edit history:
Cronokirby: 2016-11-12 04:23:52 pm
Cronokirby: 2016-11-12 11:12:00 am
Game: Chrono Trigger
Category: No LSS / 100%
Estimate: 3:00:00 / 4:42:00
Chrono Trigger is an RPG speedrun that distinguishes itself through the optimisation of the run, which is mainly achieved via full game RNG manipulation. 100% requires the main story, and all sidequests to be shown, and thus showcases a lot more  cool stuff, that No LSS doesn't have the chance to. 100% hasn't been showcased with all the new route stuff yet, I think it would be a better marathon run than No LSS, but it does take up an extra hour and a half so...
And shell will be shell as always 8)
Videos: ;

Game: Ys 1
Category: Any% (Chronicles +)
Estimate: 46:00
Fun short Action RPG / Bumper Car Simulator. Has a few neat clips now, intense bosses, intense music, and an overall densely packed run.

Availability: (times in CET)
Monday/Friday: 15:30 - 23:00
Tuesday - Thursday: 17:00 - 23:00
Weekends: 7:00 - 23:00 (more flexible on saturday)

Scrub a dub dub
Game: Noobow
Category: any%
Estimate: 35:00
Info: WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE can't forget everyone's favorite yellow marshmallow
Availability: Anything other than 10pm-4am EST, no Sunday 9am-1pm

Game: Jungle no Ouja Taa-chan
Category: any%
Estimate: 25:00
Info: Japanese King Tarzan of the Jungle, he is a flexible, bodybuilding pervert who saves the jungle from the evil MAX.  I don't know who MAX is, but hes hard as hell when hes on steroids.  Amazing animations is about the only good thing with this game.
Game: Arc The Lad
Category: Any%
Estimate: 4:00:00
Info: The game features tactical role-playing game battle elements, which would become a staple for the series.
Availability: On Saturdays and Sundays at anytime

Game: Saga Frontier
Category: Asellus Story any%
Info: Basically A standard rpg with heavy enemy dodging and will use quick saves to actually finish the run
Estimate: 1:00:00

Game: Saga Frontier 2
Category: Any%
Info: SaGa Frontier 2 is a role-playing video game featuring two-dimensional character sprites on hand-drawn backgrounds. Players advance through the game by completing story-based missions and interacting with non-player characters to move the plot forward.

Game: Unlimited Saga
Category: Any% Judy Story
Estimate: 2:50:00
Info: Greatest rpg of all time
Game: Super Mario Advance: Super Mario Bros. 2
Category: Any%
Estimate: 0:10:00
Misc Info: Classic Mario game on the GBA port. Short sweet and to the point. A very easy game on paper, but very difficult in practice. Features a perfect balance of movement, glitches, RNG manipulation, and "luck".

Projected Avalibility:
Sun. - Fri. - 7:00 PM - 12:00 AM EST
Saturday - Anytime EST
Game: NotGTAV
Category: Any% Normal
Estimate: 8:30
Misc Info: Fun meme game to have in the marathon if there are more meme games this could be part of a meme game block
Availability: Monday-Friday 6pm-1am ,Saturday's I am available any time on Saturday's  ,Sundays I can be available basically anytime up to 1 at night (btw I am in west coast time zone california)

Game: Karoshi 1.1
Category: Any%
Estimate: 5:10
Misc Info: I am very solid at this game I highly doubt I will go over estimate at all
Availability: Monday-Friday 6pm-1am Saturday's I am available any time on Saturday's  ,Sundays I can be available basically anytime up to 1 at night (btw I am in west coast time zone california)

Game: Bob the Builder can we fix it?
Category: All Missions Easy
Video:https:  //
Misc Info:  video is from a marathon I ran at
Availability:  Monday-Friday 6pm-1am Saturday's I am available any time on Saturday's  ,Sundays I can be available basically anytime up to 1 at night (btw I am in west coast time zone california)

Game: Nicktoons Racing (GBA)
Category: All Cups Easy
Estimate: 25:00
Misc Info: Great classic GBA racing game
Availability:  Monday-Friday 6pm-1am Saturday's I am available any time on Saturday's  ,Sundays I can be available basically anytime up to 1 at night (btw I am in west coast time zone california)

Game: Super Mario 64 Really Good Edition
Category: All Stars Glitchless
Estimate: 10:00
Misc Info: Video is from a marathon I ran at
Availability:  Monday-Friday 6pm-1am Saturday's I am available any time on Saturday's  ,Sundays I can be available basically anytime up to 1 at night (btw I am in west coast time zone california)

Edit history:
MrKvikur: 2016-11-12 07:15:45 pm
Game: Cally's Caves 3 (PC)
Category: any%+Saves (race with CosmyktheDolfyn and NepumukGaming)
Estimate: 0:35:00
Info: 2D Platformer and a little bit of Shoot 'em up. The savestate makes it easier to kill bosses fast and use skips.

Game: New Super Mario Bros. 2 (3DS)
Category: any%
Estimate: 0:35:00
Info: Jump and Run with some pretty nice skips(if you have Tanooki)

Projected Availibility:
Sun 9:00AM - 10:00PM EST
Mon - Thur - 11:00AM - 10:00PM EST
Fri 11:00AM - 5:00PM EST
Guess I'll throw a last-minute submission in here...

Death Rally (1996, not the remake)
Category: Any% "Speed Makes Me Dizzy" difficulty
Estimate : 40:00
Misc Info: DOS top-down racer where I'll be killing all of the other racers because actually finishing races is both slow and boring.  Kinda surprised more people don't run this; other than a fair amount of RNG, it's a pretty fun run.  I only run this every once in a while, but I set a pretty strong record in it a couple months ago.  The estimate's pretty generous because early, uncontrollable RNG (How many points the fast racers earn before I can race against them) determines how many races I need to win to beat the game.

Or, if you've got some time to fill:

Dragon Warrior IV (NES)
Categories: Any%
Estimate: 8:00:00
Misc Info: A pretty long run, but most fans of the series consider this game one of the best in the series, and one of the best NES games period.  Despite it being the longest NES DW speedrun, the lowest percentage of it is spent grinding -- there's simply a lot to do in the game.  The unique chapter system the game uses breaks up the first half of the game into pieces that each focus on different characters, and the routes for each all have different overall strategies (You finish chapter 3 with 0 EXP, for example).  I've been running this most weekends for over a year now, despite all of the emotional trauma caused by grinding such a long game.

Dragon Quest IV (FC)
Categories: Any% Glitched
Estimate: 5:30:00
Misc Info: This run is mostly the same as the NES run until chapter five, where there are a few interesting glitches that you can exploit on the Famicom version to save some time, such as getting free casino coins and getting access to the balloon as soon as you get the ship.  The grinds are also greatly sped up, as you can just kill metal slimes/babbles instantly with fairy water on the FC for some reason.  Unfortunately, this run would be in Japanese, and consequently might not be as interesting to people who haven't played the game before.  This category is typically only run when a Japanese player running the normal glitch-restriction category has a bad start and doesn't have time to reset, but it's got some cool things to show off that you can't do on the NES.

Projected Availability: Any day of the week works for me, but I preferably wouldn't be starting a long run during early morning hours (4-8 EST) Mon-Thu (I can take a day off work for this but I can't kill my sleep schedule)
Game: Donkey Kong Country
Category: RBO
Estimate: 40:00
Misc Info: Really hard category, estimate is generous to account for safety.
Projected Availability: Any day should be fine but not between 2AM-8AM EST.
Edit history:
Cantaloupeme: 2016-11-13 05:09:23 am
Cantaloupeme: 2016-11-13 05:07:58 am
Game: Zelda 2 FDS (Famicom Disk System)
Cat: 100% All Keys
Est: 1:25:00
Adv: 4am-7am all days EST for all of my times

Game: Predator NES
Cat: any%
Est: 25:00
Adv: 4am-7am all days

Cat: any%
Est: 15:00
4am-7 am all days
Game: Super Mario Land 2 (GB)
Category: Any%
Estimate: 0:07:00
Misc Info: Rematch race with Oh_Deer
(Current WR)
(Scrubathon V Race)
(Marathon Run)

Game: Bubble Ghost (GB)
Category: Any%
Estimate: 0:08:00
Misc Info: Possible race (will ask garbanzoguy)
(Current PB)

Projected Availability (in EST): Monday-Thursday (3:30PM to 8:00PM) Friday (3:30PM to 10:00PM) Sunday 12/11 & Saturday 12/17 (8:00AM to 10:00PM) Saturday 12/10 & Sunday 12/18 (Unavailable)
My life is a scrub.

game: dragon quest 5 DS
cat: rta
est: 6:10
misc info: lots of manips, including a metal slime in the party.

game: dragon quest 4 DS
cat: rta
est: 5 hours
misc info: no one knows this run, but everyone knows the NES version.
dq4 pb:
Game: Cally's Caves 3
Category: Any%+Saves
Estimate: 0:35
Misc Info: 2D Action platformer. Movement glitches and skips make for a fast-paced run. Race with CoysmyktheDolfyn and MrKvikur.
Projected Availability: Dec 9/11/12/13/14/16/17/18: 4 AM-4 PM EST. Dec 10/15/19: 11 AM-4 PM EST
Edit history:
garbanzoguy: 2016-11-13 11:59:47 am
garbanzoguy: 2016-11-13 11:55:38 am
Game: Bubble Ghost(race with slashinfty)
Estimate: 00:08:00
Availability(in EST):
Monday-Friday: after 6 PM EST
Weekends: any time generally, may be unavailable 12/17
PB video: