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rudyxx: 2015-10-29 06:38:20 am
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rudyxx: 2015-10-24 09:53:59 am
rudyxx: 2015-10-24 09:53:29 am
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
Edit: I retract all of my submissions as I will no longer have time to do any practice.
Wait wait wait, someone else who runs Lili? I'd submit as a race if you wanted lol, I'd just need to derust it.
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
Quote from DeadRobots:
Wait wait wait, someone else who runs Lili? I'd submit as a race if you wanted lol, I'd just need to derust it.

I dunno, there's a pretty random amount of RNG so that could be a problem. I don't mind letting someone else run it though if it got accepted.
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XanaduX1: 2015-10-25 03:54:54 am
XanaduX1: 2015-10-25 03:52:21 am
Game: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Category: "EG Ganon"
Estimate: 25:00
Info: This could be a bonus show-off after a different ALttP run. I haven't worked on it yet but I'm eager to learn it and will show a video of it once I've done a couple of runs. The runs idea is "how would the run go, if you were forced to kill Ganon" in contrast to the usual 2-3min any% run that just walks into the Trifoce Room. Makes use of the Exploration Glitch and Yuzuharas Bottle Adventure. There is a high risk to not be able to kill Ganon because the fight is extremely hard (1 hit KO, no Hookshot, minimum amount of magic, Lamp only) and I'm okay to be cut if I don't kill him first try, the important part is over there anyway.

Game: Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
Category: Any%
Estimate: 2:30:00
Info: My PB is bad(only a handful of no reset runs) but I'm willing to improve it to be able to race with others.

I'll maybe learn FF4 no64 but I don't know if I'll be able to be a decent racepartner in time.

Availability: Everyday for now, might change eventually. European friendly time preferred (10am - midnight)
Quote from rudyxx:
Quote from DeadRobots:
Wait wait wait, someone else who runs Lili? I'd submit as a race if you wanted lol, I'd just need to derust it.

I dunno, there's a pretty random amount of RNG so that could be a problem. I don't mind letting someone else run it though if it got accepted.

Yea, there's a bit of rng, but I don't think its that bad with the newer route, you get a lot of stable flowers from side quests. To be fair, I haven't ran since the new route became a thing. So it's probably still too rng for a race.
just( •_•)>⌐■-■ ..... (⌐■_■)wing it
Game: Secret of the Stars
Category: Any%
Estimate: 3:45:00
Info: Ask Cvagts how amazing this game is.
Availability: Between 11pm EST and 1am EST (run has to begin by then), or any time on my days off (I would have to get to you on this)

Game: Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil
Category: Any% Popkaless
Estimate: 1:45:00
Info: Fast cat / rabbit thingy that goes WAHOO
Availability: Between 11pm EST and 3am EST (same as above would be available all day on my days off)
Roads? We don't need roads...
Game: Contra III The Alien Wars
Category: Hard Any%
Estimate: 00:20:00
Info: My personal best is 15:09
Availability: Monday - Thursday between 10pm - 3am

Game: Mega Man X
Category: 100%
Estimate: 00:45:00
Info: My personal best is 37:33
Availability: Monday - Thursday between 10pm - 3am

Game: Mega Man X2
Category: Any%
Estimate: 00:50:00
Info: My personal best is 38:28
Availability: Monday - Thursday between 10pm - 3am

Game: Mega Man X3
Category: 100% bad ending
Estimate: 01:00:00
Info: My personal best is 50:56
Availability: Monday - Thursday between 10pm - 3am
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danray2352: 2015-10-26 11:19:19 am
Quote from zewing:

Game: Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil
Category: Any% Popkaless
Estimate: 1:45:00
Info: Fast cat / rabbit thingy that goes WAHOO
Availability: Between 11pm EST and 3am EST (same as above would be available all day on my days off)

I made my post earlier, but id also be willing to do the following alongside this submission if it gets in
Game: Klonoa (wii)
Category: Any%
Info: Wiimake of klonoa: door to phantomile
Estimate: 1:00:00
Availability: whenever
Bruh-zilian speedboy
Game: Rayman Origins (PC)
Category: 130 Electoons/No Co-Op/"Better Any%"
Estimate: 2:35:00
Info: My PB is around a 2:04:XX without video because of my bad computer, but you can use this run as reference for what the run looks like: . I will be able to stream the run though, the game will just lag a lot in a few spots but it doesn't waste too much time overall and my estimate is very generous.

Game: Ren & Stimpy - Stimpy's Invention (Genesis Emulator)
Category: Beat The Game
Estimate: 15:00
Info: This is a really short retarded memegame with very questionably designed levels and broken/bad mechanics, kind of an "AwfulGDQ" sort of game. PB is 9:48

Game: Mario Land Minigame Mayhem (PC)
Category: Any%
Estimate: 1:25:00
Info: PB is 1:10:19, run filled with RNG and constant game crashing so i made the estimate very safe
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Mr_Shasta: 2015-11-18 04:20:58 pm
Mr_Shasta: 2015-11-10 11:42:07 am
Mr_Shasta: 2015-11-10 11:40:59 am
Mr_Shasta: 2015-11-10 11:37:16 am
Game: Star Fox Assault
Category: Bronze Any%
Estimate: 0:50:00
Misc Info: Fun fast paced run that's heavily reliant on good execution. There are skips in every land mission and I can provide good and informative commentary on any down time the game has.

Game: Kirby Squeak Squad
Category: Any%
Estimate: 0:55:00
Misc Info: Movement glitches galore and very fast paced in general. Also Kirby is cute~

Game: Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land
Category: Any%
Estimate: 0:50:00/1:00:00
Misc Info: Great run that's very movement intensive in general. I absolutely love playing this game any time I get the opportunity to. Could be a race with Kobral if he's down for it.

Game: Metroid Prime Hunters
Category: All Items
Estimate: 1:30:00
Misc Info: All Items is 100% without the scans in the game, which make up 75% of the in game counter typically by the time I finish the run. Very fast, broken, and all around good fun. People typically have trouble controlling Samus in this game because of the DS controls, but I make it look incredibly easy B) 

Game: 007 Agent Under Fire
Category: Operative
Estimate: 0:45:00
Misc Info: James Bond likes to go fast by skipping cutscenes and triggers, looking at walls for extra speed, and shooting fools bent on taking over the world dangerously quickly. 

Projected Availability: Any time on the weekends, but on weekdays I'm available after 7pm to midnight at the latest PST

Also of note: I ordered a New 3DS XL capture card on August 4th to replace the 3DS XL one I own that broke at SGDQ and it still has not come in yet, which is ridiculous. If it does not come in by the time the marathon happens, I'll have to drop Squeak Squad and Hunters if 1 of them gets in. It should be here by then though, but this is just a precaution. One of my viewers let me borrow a 3DS capture card that he doesn't use much any more, so I will have it by the time of the event and can run Squeak Squad or Hunters if one or both get accepted! My New 3DS XL capture card came in, so I can do Squeak Squad and/or Hunters if they get accepted guaranteed.
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Sparkingmeteor1337: 2015-11-10 05:21:37 am
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Sparkingmeteor1337: 2015-10-26 03:43:39 pm
It's that time again is it? Tongue

Game: Armored Core: For Answer
Category: Any%
Estimate: 35:00
Misc: Willing to race with AllTheHighwinds as a 360 VS PS3 race.
My PB vid:

Projected Availability: 5PM - 10PM GMT
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Jazzychoi1991: 2015-10-27 03:08:48 am
Game:  Quest 64
Category: US Any% / All Spirits
Estimate: 2:35:00 (Any%) / 2:45:00 (All Spirits)
Misc. Info: Potential race with other runners

Game:  Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire
Category: Any%
Estimate: 3:45:00
Misc. Info: The newest main series Pokémon game out at the moment, rarely seen at marathons

Projected Availability: Any day, 2pm EST - 2am EST
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Vultuz: 2015-10-29 01:52:56 pm
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Vultuz: 2015-10-27 11:59:51 am
Game: Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
Category: Any%/100%
Estimate: 2:15:00/3:10:00
Misc Info: Possible (4-Way?) Race again, 100% needs some practice before
Availability: For a race suggest a start between about 8PM - 1AM CET. (Every Day)

Game: International Track and Field 2 (Playstation 1)
Category: Arcade% (All Events)
Estimate: TBD (I Think about 30:00)
Misc Info: Olympic Game, a lot of mashing. Havent done a run yet but that game is definitely not longer than 45Minutes (I actually found a 20~ Minutes run on SDA). I also will bring it to GSH2 (Yes i play that on console) and we can make a "Co-Op" Arcade run there. (Game has up to 4 Players)

Game: Goof Troop
Category: Goofy% / Max% / [Co-op?]
Estimate: 30:00
Misc Info: Either Goofy or Max Run. If Netplay works and someone would be up for it (maybe Hulk) a Co-op run could be possible?

Game: Kirby's Dream Land
Category: Any%
Estimate: 15:00
Misc Info: Filler/Bonus/Backup if needed.

Availability: Weekdays evening (+7 PM CET) [Possible Changes!], Weekend known times.
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TheZedna: 2015-10-27 03:07:12 pm
Game: Lost Odyssey
Category: Any%
Estimate: 7:15:00
Misc Info: Trying once again, this desperately needs some marathon exposure and it would give me a legitimate reason to get back into it seriously!

Game: Final Fantasy I
Category: Any% PSP
Estimate: 1:50:00
Misc Info: Potiental race with other guys. Route changes pretty much made this a completely different run than what it was before. Became fairly popular since the FF relay.

Game: Final Fantasy X-2
Category: Any% JP
Estimate: 3:30:00
Misc Info: Already got in last year but who can resist some J-Pop magic?

Game: Noobow
Category: Any%
Estimate: 35:00
Misc Info: For the WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE...again!

Projected Availability: Theoretically available every afternoon/evening CET. Mo from 6 pm forwards, Tue-Fr 5.30 pm and weekend all the time
Edit history:
Yagamoth: 2015-10-27 09:22:23 pm
Game: Goof Troop
Category: Any% 1p2c
Estimate: 27 Minutes
Misc Info: Can include handcam

Game: Tales of Phantasia (SNES)
Category: Any%
Estimate: 5h
Misc Info: Still practicing, not sure how low it can reasonably go within a marathon setting

Game: Seiken Densetsu 3
Category: Any%
Estimate: 6h
Misc Info: To be honest, this would probably be more of a story-run rather than a high level speedrun

Projected Availability: Available any day, preferably between 13:00 - 05:00, but can technically go any time
Game: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Genesis)
Category: Any% or no glitch abuse
Estimate: 30:00 or 35:00
Misc. Info: It's my main speedgame, so I may as well offer it. Tongue  It's a fast-paced 2d platforming classic with glitches and/or exploits, depending on the category.

Game: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (PC)
Category: any%
Estimate: 2:15:00
Misc. Info: The route has seen massive improvements since RPGLB, with 5+ minutes in raw time savings and the most consistent character build is now also the fastest.  The given estimate is fairly safe, thanks to the aforementioned improvements.

Game: Mass Effect (PC)
Category: any% NG or any% NG+
Estimate: 2:00:00 or 1:55:00
Misc. Info: I'm a little rusty at this, but could get back into it in a week or so if pressed.  Rust is also the main reason for the conservative estimates.  ME hasn't seen much exposure since the discovery of a new glitch that skips several long dialogues/cutscecenes and allows obtaining a more optimal character earlier.  Of the two categories, NG is probably the better run and watch, but NG+ is still entertaining and also the run I'm better at right now.

Game: Final Fantasy XII (PS2)
Category: any%
Estimate: 7:30:00
Misc. Info: Consider me a backup for this game if you accept it.  I don't plan on focusing on it until after AGDQ, but I've been routing and playing it for years now, so if it makes the schedule I could prepare to do what sk84uhlivin did last scrubathon if freddeh's PC dies again (pjdBigKazam).

Projected Availability Not Friday evening (EST) or early to mid Sunday afternoon.  Otherwise I'm open, though I'd prefer a PM or early AM slot for my time zone.
Edit history:
M3TOXI: 2015-10-29 12:05:31 pm
Game: Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams
Category: NG+ Any%
Estimate: 1:40:00
Misc Info: My actual PB is 1.13:24.88 and I am continuing on pushing my PB down

Always available
A tile of dust
Quote from Calistus:
Game: Dustforce
Category: Any%/NG Any%/16 Red Keys
etc. etc.

Updating my availability: I'll be busy T/W/Th from 5PM PST-9PM PST
Game: Mega Man Dongs
Category: Any%
Estimate: 45:00
Misc Info: There are no Dongs in the game

Game: Rockman 5 Air Sliding
Category: Any%
Estimate: 45:00
Misc Info: This game owned before BCAS did

Game: Alcahest
Category: Any%
Estimate: 1:35:00
Misc Info: A very little known Square Action RPG, Alen must save the world by preventing the Evil Demon Alcahest from being resurrected.

Projected Availability: anytime
Game: Chantelise
Category: Any%
Estimate: 1:00:00
Misc Info: I can do Low% that's not really True Low% because True Low% is almost impossible. Low% does take anywhere from 1:30:00 to 3:00:00... Fun!
Availability: Usually Sat 6AM to Sun 6PM EST. Depends on what happens during that week.
just( •_•)>⌐■-■ ..... (⌐■_■)wing it
Err can you delete my secret of the stars submissions?  I'd rather do Klonoa 2 if, like danray suggested, we can get a block so that 3 hours can go to potentially someone else
Hey! I haven't done a marathon in a while, and would love some motivation to get good at stuff.

Game: Chrono Trigger
Category: 100% / All Endings
Estimate: 4:55 / 8:30 (maybe quite a bit faster with practice)
Misc Info:

Game: Saga Frontier
Category: Asellus / T260 / Red / Blue / Lute / Riki / Emilia or any # / combination
Estimate: 1:00 / 1:15 / 1:30 / 0:40 / 1:00 / 1:15 / 1:00
Misc Info: can bid for top story or top 3 or whatever else

Game: Breath of Fire 3
Category: Any%
Estimate: 10:00h
Misc Info:  lots of leeway for rng

Game: Bravely Default
Category: Any% Black Mage
Estimate: 3:30
Misc Info: i have a 3ds capture card for it.

Game: Final Fantasy Tactics A2
Category: Any%
Estimate: 4:30
Misc Info: a little rng heavy but has slower reliable strats

Projected Availability: Monday - Friday 7:00pm - 9am, weekends free
Game: Dragon Quest V (DS)
Category: any%
Estimate: 7:10:00
Misc Info:  Possible race with Aether SFC version.  Dark story, lots of fun

Game: Noobow
Category: WEEE%
Estimate: 35:00

Game: Dragon Warrior IV (NES)
Category: any%
Estimate: 8:00:00
Misc Info:  Must have a game with heavy RNG, wouldn't be me without offering one.

Availability:  Mon and Tues: Anytime, Wed-Fri: 8am-midnight, Sat: Noon-10pm, Sun: 1pm-midnight
Very Thanks..!!
A clarification question for Magus -  If you have 1 game with multiple categories (or want to edit one to have another category), that all still only counts toward 1 game, or each category counts as a separate game?
I must simply laugh.
Quote from PixelKaye:
A clarification question for Magus -  If you have 1 game with multiple categories (or want to edit one to have another category), that all still only counts toward 1 game, or each category counts as a separate game?

multiple categories still count as 1 game