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The two scrags in e1m3 spawned/teleported on top of me while I was attemping the zombie elevator trick, has anyone encountered something similar?

VOD here: https://www.twitch.tv/dabigbooi/v/95818759 - no demo unfortunately
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So sorry for necroing this thread, but I found out that they actually fly into the elevator area from somewhere out of bounds.

This also happens in Quake II, but it's a boss flying through the wall into noclip area.

I have a demo showing this, you can see the scrag just fly into the elevator through the wall: http://puu.sh/vaRHO/8f735cfd72.dem
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LotBlind: 2017-04-09 01:12:47 pm
Not worth a thread of its own: I was wondering why people don't seem to do double/triple grenade jumps in Quake speedrunning? Maybe it's just not useful in any original level.

Scrags: makes sense if they were never "spawned" i.e. teleported inside the level, and if walls don't block movement in that direction. Non-flying monsters couldn't reach the level. Something alerts them apparently.