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Sarah's Run: Escape from Capital Evil () (flash) [Any %] [Single Segment]

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'Miryafa'!
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Sarah's Run: Escape from Capital Evil () (flash) [Any %] [Single Segment]

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Borderlands 2 Glitch Hunter/ router.
A / V : Good

Cheating: None

Gameplay: Very good, I've never played this game before and didn't know any of the levels prior to watching, however after watching each level 2 or 3 times the routes for each seem to be optimal based on how the game works.

One thing to point out: Due to the message at the end of the game this appears to be a demo / Alpha / Beta version of this game I'm not sure if there will ever be a fully released version or not but I thought I should mention it just in case there is an issue.

Otherwise ACCEPT
My bad, I should have mentioned something about the test version. It's true that only full versions of a game are acceptable. However, the last update on the developer's homepage for this game is from 2010. So I think we can consider the current test version as the final version of this game.
What's that gemma?
Is a game with no full version release even allowed on SDA?  Starfox 2 comes to mind, for example.
I don't see this as equivalent to Starfox 2, though. Starfox 2 was developed, but never released*. The Sarah game was released as a demo, but then never released as a full version. If a full version were available of Sarah (or if the full version were still very much in the works), then this demo version would clearly not have been a good choice for SDA.

* I just did a quick search on Starfox 2, so I might not have gotten all the facts right. It seems like kind of a special case. If someone were to seriously consider a speedrun of that game and also to submit it here, it could be worth some more discussion.
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LotBlind: 2016-05-27 11:35:01 am
Did you actually have to install an older version of unity webplayer to play the game? It seems you'd have to do that to play at current. 6 years ago seems sufficiently long for running a game that's not finished. If we needed a rule of thumb, 5 years sounds logical. Ofc if it gets updated later, this run is instantly obsoletable by any acceptable-quality runs.

If an old project gets cancelled and reused for something new, the final version of the old thing could also be accepted for runs (it's virtually impossible it'll ever get updated) because there's inevitably big differences stemming from such an overhaul. Maybe.

I get the game has you wait for opening doors until they're almost open despite the graphics making it look like there's an earlier gap available around the side of the door. I think that's what the run comments mean. I think it'd be quite a weird oversight otherwise so I have to assume that is so.

accept for very decent-looking gameplay! send sophie your run and she'll be motivated again (doesn't sound like it's a motivation issue necessarily though)
Thanks for the compliments guys! To answer questions:
-I didn't have to downgrade Unity to play the game, but I did have to use Firefox and not Chrome because of Chrome's security features.
-LotBlind is exactly right - the doors look like they're open before they are. And they open from middle to edge.
I don't have much to add, but I've watched and enjoyed the run so I figured I should say something. I can't comment on the route (although it looks efficient, from what I can tell). The execution is good throughout. There are a few hesitations, but it also looks like a fairly input heavy game with a high pace, so it's not too surprising that there are some (minor) mistakes. Good job on an entertaining run! (and I agree with the run comments about it's too bad the game was never fully released)

Decision posted.
Sweet! I'm so happy I made a run good enough to get on SDA! And moreso that you guys liked watching it!
I said "very decent" which is still just a form of decent.

Still keep sending 'em in!