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@Jaltos DUDE! You are amazing massive inside info dump.  Thanks for the Barn stunt info (might be able to use never know) I'm playing on 360 but hey, working together on both of them will reveal which is faster / easier to break or whatever.  So 100% took 2 teams of 2, 24 hours. That's a great benchmark to start from.  Thanks again! I'll be working on any % routing with my brother this next few days! If you think of anything else drop it here! I'll be sure to come back and share findings ASAP! Let's crush this!
So my best solo any% without routing was ~5h30m. I guess we can beat the game in sub 4? Would be great if someone created a mission tree diagram where we can insert all the missions we can play after one another and insert the travel distances, trying to minimize it. For this, we would have to try every possible combination of missions however (google docs anyone)?
About coop: either both ps, both 360, both pc uncut or pc cut. This makes finding a partner really hard >_<.
And yes, the run will be recorded from both povs and then split-screened together.

I guess coop is way faster than solo, because the missions can be split in between the allies.
So my best solo any% without routing was ~5h30m.

I just crammed in a ~5hr run today to see how quickly things could go.  Act 2 I just followed all mission trees straight through with each to see what kind of optimization that would create and look at drop off points on the map. Angel's missions (Especially the Tiger Transport) let you get to another quest giver straight away, but unfortunately that creates the issue of returning to him for final "non-mission" mission.  I think a sub 4 would be well within the realm of co-op, (I'm 360 btw) even without much optimization.  But with it I could see sub 3:30 with some wicked awesome luck on car drops between missions.  Next run I'm going to be taking notes on which missions have timed/"modern" auto-scroll stuff, and which one have objectives you can barrel through. 

Also following Jaltos' advice I only upgraded the Shepherd and got the explosive ammo pretty early on with no grinding and it made VERY quick work of enemies on casual.  Side note: the mission 5 pool jump makes you feel BAD ASS! 
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CBenni: 2013-01-14 07:58:35 am
I never used any other weapon than the standard pistol in close combat (upgraded as much as possible). I lost ~20 minutes in my run by trying to save that one car... the fastest one in the game... during a mission (which obviously failed)
And 3:30 sounds kinda ridiculous, but feasible. If there is ever a marathon near me, I will try to attend and play there ^.^

Also, we need some sequence breaks. There are some OoB glitches already, but none (or very few) of them are actually useful.
There was one glitch that made you fall below the surface (you kept falling) and at some point, it respawned you back to the surface. this could be faster than normal travel or could be used to skip parts of missions. not sure about that.
Is anybody still attempting to run this? I've just started a few days ago myself and wanted to put up some things for discussion

Quote from CBenni:
It has never crashed on me on my main pc, only on my notebook...
I guess its a memory thing?

cu, CBenni

Wanted to see if anybody found a fix for the crash first, before I try a bunch of different things. It's really annoying to test fixes since it happens so infrequently (but often enough to prevent SS runs)

I want to discuss the nitrous upgrade too, mostly from respect (Level 26 iirc). I'm not sure how much faster you really go with nitrous, it seems to be almost entirely motion blur and sound effects to give the impression you're going fast, with massive handling drop and I'm not entirely sure it's worth it.

Someone on my stream mentioned Zimos mission skips if you do Angels first. I'll probably test this today but I don't see anybody mentioning it here. As far as I know you have to do every mission.

I set a 4:50 time with my first run (and thats with a few mission fails) 4:30 easily possible. I've been opting to kill Cyrus for the ending, but I'll time both options. I don't have any decent strategy for killing Cyrus in the VTOL at the moment though which slows me down significantly, any advice for this section? Rockets do about 1/4 damage but are very hard to hit. I'm considering getting reload speed upgrades and waiting until he's stationary for a few seconds before firing as many as I can.
I just started attempting speed runs of this game, which is probably a bad choice, because i haven't played in a year and i have never speed runned (ran?) before. But whatever, I'm trying it. I did a basically blind speed run and have only the last mission left while at 5:41, which i know I can bring down. I think once i finish this run I'm gonna start mapping out the quickest ways to get places, just because the gps only follows main roads.

I'll post more when i actually figure things out.
The thing is, that in my version of the Game, DLCs were included from the very start and I couldnt uninstall them. They cost me roughly 10-15 minutes, because they include 2 new missions that have to be finished. This makes the game basically non-speedrunnable for me. I asked the THQ support about it a while ago and didnt receive any response. Now that THQ has been dissolved, there is little hope that I can get a vanilla version of the game legally.
I installed a patch to remove the DLCs. I'm not sure by 'legally' though. The only way I can think to do so is to make another steam account and buy the game again (just not the full package).

I don't think the patch was illegal though.

Anyway, I got a 4:29:18 a while back which I think is the lowest time so far. The game crashed just after Stag Party (those infrequent crashes that I mentioned in my last post) This is really easily improvable but I've lost my motivation from the crashes and not being able to fix them.

The route is still improvable too, I'm sure.
Pac is Back
Wait, which missions does the game add via DLC that are mandatory to finish?  I've only played the game with DLC from the beginning, but I just ignored the three DLC quests you're offered in your mission log thing.  It's been a while though so I can't really remember.  That would be lame if it's not easy to do a run attempt if you have the full version :/
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CBenni: 2013-05-22 02:00:11 am
CBenni: 2013-05-22 01:58:29 am
Mmh. I dont remember exactly either. Would be good if we had a mission Tree tho. Anyone interested in making one? Cheesy

EDIT: someone already did.
My mind has recently been wandering back to this game, glad to see some activity on the board again! Gratz Cereth on your run! Looking forward to see where this goes in the future!
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Reviving because I too, have taken an interest in possibly running this game as well.

Mainly because I just got gifted it and I played it basically nonstop until I got absolutely everything in the game (casually) - something about it compels me to see how fast I can beat the missions. I've been doing some early game routing, and will probably finish that business in about 3 months (at the rate I'm going now, just got to the second half of the first mission in about a week). Writing down strategies and watching youtube runs has helped immensely.

My main question is a general one though, not exactly related to SRIII - can you get viewers just from routing if you're an unknown user? (on Twitch).
Secondly - I don't have any of the DLC (save for the TF2 and Steam related crap you get with every game) - but unless I S+Q, I don't get delayed by that because I don't load up a crib from the beginning (at least that's how it's worked for me till now). Is it vital to have a vanilla copy of the PC game for it to be legitimate, or are there already catagories going around for this?

I'd love to work/race with people also. I haven't used my channel in a LONG time, but just send me a note on here and I can see if I can set something up Cheesy

Props to all you Genki Fans out there.
Skype: ddrosler
I also am planning to run this game seeing as how there is no proper run of this game yet. I've started to practice but still have a long way to go to get a good time.

I was wondering if there are different categories for this game: like any% casual or like 100%hardcore. Also, if I were to do the run, I don't know when the time should start and end.

I think that if anyone is going to make Saint's Row the Third a legit game to run then all those people will have to agree on rules/guidelines to be followed to make it fair to everyone.

I play on XBox 360 so if anyone has any tips/strategies that would be greatly appreciated.
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Keep Going

I believe that the best, most accurate timing would be done when the game truly "starts." Not necessarily when you have control of your character but when you pretty much have initiated the game to start loading for you. I can't remember off the top of my head when that exactly is, but I'm sure that makes sense.

I tend to practice any% casual - mainly for the basic routing and it's easier to figure out than 100%, or even 100% hardcore. Really the difficulty is somewhat arbitrary as I believe it makes no real changes to how you play out the game, but more so just how many shots it takes to down someone/yourself. Like most games with different difficulties, it's really a question more of "how hard do you want to make it for yourself?" rather than the shortest time available to beat it. Unless it actually does save time over the casual/normal difficulties - then by all means lol.

There are some strategies that don't translate well between Xbox and PC/Steam. What I will throw out there is I recently saw a video on Youtube that showed an interesting way to clear the swat waves in the beginning during the bank robbery - instead of sitting in the middle of the room and firing from afar - on the Xbox version, haven't tested this on PC yet - you can just walk up to the right side of the room and unload with the shotgun. A few will arrive on the balcony but they are few and far between.

If you want some general tips, I've made a list of ones I think are pretty solid:

Don't ragdoll.
Don't get stunned.
Don't crash into another car (unless required to - even then not sure)
Look for checkpoints if they are available over enemies (some aren't required to be killed to progress the story/missions)
GET AN ATTRAZIONE WHENEVER POSSIBLE (It's got the most control and is the fastest car IMO - could be wrong on that though).

And probably something generally worth debate: Pistols - if you can master the headshot, the pistol is your best friend as it can take out people in one shot (except for the brutes, see the original post for more details on that). Same with 360noscope snipes.

I also recently learned that in the game files the phone calls that you recieve from the various members of the Saints that you acquire throughout the game are counted by the game as "missions" (When you 100% a district in Steelport) - but are not technically ones that you beat or gain any level of money, respect, or unlockables from it. Take from that what you will.

Here is what I'm thinking for catagories: feel free to input!

100% (Casual, Normal, Hardcore) - Requirement: All missions, activities, collectibles, etc. (things that appear on the map on the phone and Saintsbook)
100%+ Requirement: All missions, activities, collectibles that appear on the map PLUS barnraising and stunt jumps (things that don't appear on the map but still count), Saintsbook missions

Any% (Cas, Nor, Har) - Requirement: All missions required to get from beginning to end of storyline by any means (including possible skips/glitches, etc.) - unsure if this is actually possible or not yet.
100% Any%: All story missions but no activities, collectibles, or other unnecessary missions required via any means necessary. (sounds oxymoronic, can't think of a better title) - probably just going to be any% if the above isn't possible.
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I'm pretty sure the only way to beat the game is to beat all 47 missions I believe. I'll have to test it to see if there are unnecessary missions towards the end of the game. Other than that your tips seem to be pretty accurate to what is useful, as well as the tester notes on the game. I'll see if I can figure out  any other good tricks.

Thanks for the help. Now I know I'll have some competition. (Does anyone know if the 4:10:56 time by the game tester was recorded? I can't find it anywhere and am wondering how he got that time.)
SDA Apprentice -- (3-1)
Hello ddrosler and welcome to SDA!  We hope you enjoy your stay. Smiley  Funny how I would be  brought back to a game I was interested in doing previously.  Don't know why I stopped. 

Anyway, it probably goes without saying that the 4:10:56 run was never really recorded.  In some ways, it would be as to challenge readers to try and beat the game quickly after they played through it once.  As for the timing, I would highly suggest to not worry about that as much for now.  Granted if you want to go off of the in game timer, by all means, but here at SDA, timing can be a bit different depending on how the in-game timer is compared to a real-time. 

in regards of completion, that can vary depending on what kind of "finale" you want to have.  If I recall correctly, you have to actually go back and do the mission "three way" twice so that you can get both ending missions.  You are probably better off focusing on what Lecaruid mentioned for with is to do an any% run of the game where your main focus is to get to the end credits.  If you are looking for ideas of how to get the run done, I would recommend watching Cereth's Run that he did.  If you are looking for a "run to beat" his is currently it although he did it on the PC. 

Other than that, there is another thing you can consider, and that is to do a runthrough of the game with another player.  The problem with that to do it online is that everyone who plays online uses cheat codes, thus you can't get anything done, but if you were to do a run with another player, perhaps that could cut down on some time, or at least as a minimum, help you plan out the run a bit more.

I have to get another mic myself, but if you need some help planning, I think I can give the third another shot.  I just need to get rid of the DLC since that really does slow the game down tremendously.
Keep Going
MAS8705 - I would LOVE to do some on stream running around/planning with someone else who is also enthused with this game and it's surprising lack of running (props to Cereth for putting a run out there and pretty much 'breaking the ice' on the subject). I don't exactly have times as I'm preparing to move back to my school - but I am definitely down for making some room for a good five hour session or a few segmented runs just to kinda de-rust and break down this awesome game.
I'll be adding my Skype to my profile for more details - as that's probably the best method of contact for me right now.

For once, being extremely poor has given me the opportunity to not have to deal with DLC slowdowns haha.
Skype: undertherainbowd ave
I've considered reviving this topic myself over the past week, but I wasn't too sure what kind of interest there silently was for SRTT speedruns. I'm really glad to see there's at least some interest around here for run development!

I've been doing a little research myself, and I think the best categories would probably be any%, 100% and completionist%.

For any%, the usual constraints apply, seeing as it looks like all the missions have to be completed before the final mission unlocks.

100% (by the in-game counter at least) is all missions, with the final mission repeated for the alternate ending, all the collectibles and all the activities. Actually owning neighbourhoods etc doesn't count towards the in-game statistics, nor does anything in the SaintsBook, so there's still a long run there, and a reasonable estimate would be around double the any% route because of the autoscroller and professor genki missions.

Completionist% is as it says on the tin I suppose, you complete everything in the game, so the 100% route plus all buildings/stores, barnstorming, stunt jumps, survival and gang operations.

The ideal "base" to start from would be the vanilla game with no DLC at all, including the pre-order bonuses. The DLC "congratulations, you spent money on DLC" screens just take up pointless time, unless someone decides they want to do a run with all the story-based DLC installed, I suppose. The downside of the vanilla game is the lack of the Genki Manapult(sp?) which seems to be the base of almost any OOB glitches, but it gives people who buy the game for speedrunning a year or two down the line an even base to start from.

On a personal level, I'm kinda on and off working on a 100% route, although I may try out some any% runs as well, depending on what's happening around here and (presumably) on Twitch as well. I'm going to add my Skype to my profile too, it's probably the most reliable way of getting in contact with me if you want/need to.

On a final note, I really wish Steam would let you disable the DLC in an easy manner that's not downloading a hack or (if you can't find a hack/or lazy) setting up a new Steam account and buying just the base game.
I'm definitely interested to see where this goes and I could probably test some things here and there if need be. I attempted an unplanned mock run recently and it was horrible (I can't drive). It was pretty crushing to lose the thing 5:45 in when it crashed at the start of Three Way. And speaking of Three Way, I'm guessing the best way to go about it would be to immediately get out of the truck, get up to the crib, and use the Vulture in your heliport. It's faster than driving to each location and the weapons are a lot more effective than what you'll probably have in a run. Maybe that's already known/obvious, but I can't be bothered to read the topic fully. (Also, it's funny to watch Oleg try to keep up on the radar. He teleports repeatedly.)

Other than that, I wonder about the use of death warps to cut travel time between missions or maybe even retrying a checkpoint on purpose to reset things. Not sure if either of those would ever be useful, but it might be worth considering. As two more random notes, you can easily get the brute in Steelport Here I Am stuck for repeated headshots by climbing a nearby crate, but that's probably not better than kiting. That and apparently you can complete stunt jumps by simply hitting a bump or another car for sufficient airtime near the jump spot. Not sure if it was a glitch, but I stumbled across that while just driving across a bridge and slamming into traffic. Maybe it could be useful if it isn't a fluke?
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Lecaruid: 2013-08-03 01:19:23 am
Keep Going
I think the best thing that could be done is to basically just have a people keep running through it and testing out these ideas - and basically reporting what they find in this thread. Team up and race and stuff would also help bring in those tasty "surprise strats" that can only be found by random happenstance.

I'm pretty hype Molotov is interested in this - hopefully the hype train will follow and SRIII can be one of those games that everyone just picks up and has a really good time running.

RDave - I forgot about what constituted as 100% in game, I remember doing all the gang operations and thinking to myself "what am I doing if I'm already 100%?" - so that's definitely a good point to bring up - and I like your completionist% - even though I would never do that to myself on any day haha.

I think I would definitely be more geared towards an any% run, but that's my own personal preference.
Skype: undertherainbowd ave
I think any% would probably be the easiest run of the three, seeing as the majority of the routing (from what I know of the game so far) would essentially be "what mission start trigger is nearest to the end of the mission I've just completed" as well as figuring out where shortcuts can be used in the driving. Once the starter pistol is upgraded to level 4 it more or less one shots all the enemies other than the specialists, so accuracy is a bit of a non-issue there, it's more a case of how much and how quickly you can upgrade the personal pistol stats for dual wield and more ammo.

I must admit, completionist% does seem like it's for the truly insane and I have absolutely no plans of even thinking about a route for that in the near future, seeing as the vehicle thefts seem to have set police/gang aggro levels depending on how many you've already completed. I was playing casually on normal mode and it was damn near impossible to get some of the slower vehicles to the destination without a couple of explosions, deaths or other failures of the mission. That said, some of the Saintsbook things seem to be things you can just tack onto the end of a 100% run, seeing as at that stage they're more or less all unlocked and it's just a case of grabbing the slower vehicles first.

As for stunt jumps, I think there might be a mid-air trigger at a certain point near the locations, and all you really have to do is be in a land vehicle passing through them (unlike in GTA Vice City for example, where the success trigger depended on landing in a certain area), as I've seen multiple occasions where people have done stunt jumps straight into the river or just smashing into nearby scenery, yet still have the success text pop up. Then again, as Molotov said, it might just be a trigger of a certain amount of airtime within a specific distance of the jump spot. It's something that would be worth investigating if you're suddenly short of money in an any% run for some reason and you're near a stunt jump location, but not any of the various collectibles or gang operations.
I've been doing a few rus of this myself, and seeing the renewed interest here I thought I'd share something.  Doing this game in Co-Op has the potential to be significantly faster (and more fun) than solo.  Myself and your__name__here took a slow walk through the game a month or two ago and the potential for optimization is quite astounding.  Not only are there missions that can be completed quicker due to a 2nd player minigame (Escort and Tiger Driving come to mind) but there are many missions that can be completed by one person while the other is on their way to grab the next waypoint, or stand at a quest trigger to activate it the second player 1 is done with theirs.  I'm open to working with anyone that would be interested in taking a deeper look into this category Cheesy Because after all, games are always more fun together.
My body is ready Cheesy I would be happy and honored to attempt runs with you - I will practice general gameplay over the next few days, see if controller or keyboard/mouse suits me better. I have gotten way better at the first, since ive been playing bl2 with my new XBox PC controller. It will require complete rerouting of the game however, since Cereths route isnt optimal for coop.

About DLCs: I am not sure if there are any that make runs that I do slower/invalid. In that case, i would have to patch my game DLCless too (as Cereth said above) does anyone have such a patch available/a link to one? I will message Cereth about it aswell.
Totally rad
I've done Co-op runs with Desiderata before. Though it's definitely faster in some missions, a lot of missions are not sped up at all because of this. Generally, both players just teleport to specific mission locations, so there is no benefit to splitting up. The missions during which you have to do a certain amount of damage/scam insurance companies require you to do a lot more than in single player.

Desiderata and I have been on track for sub 4 hours when we were practicing (we had all the DLC, which, iirc, also introduces some new missions), but the game crashes a whole lot. Sadly, the missions where the game tends to crash are also the longest ones - the Daedalus section (where you dress up as the general) and the zombie missions are really long, and tend to cause the most problems.

tl;dr - co-op won't be that much faster than single player, and is a pain in the arse to run seriously due to stability issues.
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ProfessorBroman: 2013-08-05 09:18:04 am
ProfessorBroman: 2013-08-05 09:11:34 am
Actually that's a great point, as far as I remember there are still stability issues with the game that cause random crashing.  I've gotten many a crash right in the middle of one of the horrid autoscroller missions.  Is anyone aware of a fix for this?

Edit: I'm also looking around for answers now.  Don't want to be a lazy bum about it.

Edit 2: A quick search and the most comprehensive guide I've found has a list of 11 possible solutions for random in game crashing most of them revolving around installing and updating driver X for hardware Y.  Along with this there is a potential fix that applies to multicore processors that involves changing the processor affinity to "2" or something.  I have no idea what that would do or even means, but some folks have reported positive results.