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The Basics
What: RPG Limit Break 2019: A charity speedrun marathon for RPGs of all kinds, benefiting the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)
When: May 5-11, 2019
Where: Salt Lake City, Utah

RPGLB 2019 Staff
Lead Organizer/Point-of-Contact: puwexil
Game Selection/Scheduling: puwexil, eLmaGus, Dragondarch, and 1 other games committee member
Venue Logistics: Brossentia, Essentia & Denton
Enforcement: Brossentia, Dragondarch
Tech Leads/Stream Layouts: Vulajin, HeroicSpiritGamer
Volunteer Coordinators: AlecK47, StingerPA
Prizes: Essentia
Social Media/Promotion/Partnerships: cleartonic, Brossentia
Website Design: JHobz
Twitch Chat Moderation Lead: Brossentia
Discord Chat Moderation Lead: djtifaheart
Interview Team: cleartonic
Commentary Preparation/Coordination: Dragondarch

Donations will be shared by NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) and NAMI Utah to provide education and support to people affected by mental illness and their families, including young adults. Both organizations raise public awareness about mental illness to reduce stigma and advocate for access to and coverage of mental health care.  They provide information and resources to people around the world who visit and their social media site.

NAMI has been a great partner for RPGLB thus far in ways such as providing meals for attendees and promoting the stream, so we’ve decided to partner with them again for RPGLB 2019.  Charity selection is something we will always re-evaluate on an annual basis, based on community & viewer feedback.

After considering multiple venues and attendee feedback from previous events, we've decided to host RPGLB 2019 at the DoubleTree Hotel-Salt Lake City Airport.  The University Guest House worked well for us the past 3 years; but is no longer a viable option due to our growth:
-We would have to continue splitting the event between the Officers' Club and main hotel building, which raised convenience, accessibility, and safety concerns in attendee feedback from RPGLB 2018.
-We did request a quote for renting the ballroom and conference rooms in the main hotel building, but the Guest House declined due to logistics concerns with a 24/7 event of our size.

For attendees of previous RPGLB events, here are some changes to expect with the new venue:
-The DoubleTree has a free shuttle to and from the SLC airport, with 24-hour service (runs every 20-30 minutes between 5AM-10PM, and late-night pickups are available by phone)
-Onsite restaurant (with discounted event menu) and 24-hour snack/pantry market
-Fully online room booking
-Free parking for all event attendees (whether staying at the hotel or not)
-Free Wi-Fi in hotel rooms (not technically a change, but wanted to clarify since the hotel booking link says there may be a charge for Wi-Fi use by non-HHonors members)
-Food trucks will not be possible due to hotel policies, but we are currently exploring other options for complimentary drinks/snacks/meals
-Event dates are a week earlier than past years due to venue availability

The attendee cap for RPGLB 2019 will be 300 - we have an initial block of 50-65 hotel rooms per event night (weighted based on attendance data from previous events).

Hotel Reservation Info
DoubleTree by Hilton - Salt Lake City Airport
5151 Wiley Post Way
Salt Lake City, UT 84116
Phone: 801-539-1515

Reservation Link:


Hotel rooms (before taxes) are $123/night for 1-2 people and $133/night for 3-4 people, so a 4-person room would be approximately $33 per person per night (plus taxes) if split evenly.  Daily breakfast is included for each hotel guest.  Roommate arrangements can be made via the RPGLB 2019 Attendees Thread and Discord channel (both of which will be opened after event registration starts in February).

Room reservations can be made online at the above URL or by phone at 801-539-1515, and need to be made by April 12th, 2019 to qualify for our event rate.  For phone reservations, please mention that you're attending RPG Limit Break, so you get the event rate.

The hotel does have an onsite bar (legal drinking age in the US is 21).  Alcohol is not allowed to be brought into the RPGLB event spaces, and obviously drunk attendees will be asked to leave the stream/practice rooms by Enforcement staff.

All attendees must be at least 18 years old - minors are welcome to attend free of charge, as long as they’re accompanied by a parent/guardian that is registered & paid for the event.

Registration Process/Attendance Costs
The attendance fee will be $50 USD for the full event (we were able to discount the attendance fee the past 2 events due to lower venue costs).

Game Submissions/Schedule
Game submissions were open January 19-27, 2019, the game list is posted at, and the full schedule is posted at

Game submissions are closed, and the submissions are all posted on our website at

Selection criteria (same as previous events):
Length - This will be a 6 1/2-day marathon (running roughly from noon on 5/5 to midnight the night of 5/11, for about 156 total hours).  We want to have as much variety on the schedule as possible (both for games and runners), so 6+ hour runs will need to be very strong in the below areas.
Donation Incentives - What we're here for (along with having a fun week)!  Can you name characters?  Are there storyline branches/character choices/optional bosses that work in a speedrun route?  Are there in-jokes in the game that fans would donate to see (ie the Phantom Train Suplex)?  Strong donation incentives will be especially important for longer runs.  Note that donation incentive submissions will be combined with game submissions in January.
Entertainment - Does the run have interesting tricks/strats that make for engaging commentary?  Is there variety in the gameplay throughout the course of the run?  What is the cutscene to action ratio like?
Game Popularity - One of the purposes of this marathon will be giving some RPGs that aren't popular enough to make a GDQ schedule a chance in the spotlight; but at the same time we want to have games on the schedule that a decent chunk of our audience has heard of and will stick around for.  More obscure games also tend to have difficulty getting commentators besides the runner; and having strong run commentary throughout this marathon is a big focus for RPGLB.
Marathon Safety - How consistently can your run be finished within the estimate you give?  How big of an impact does randomness have on the run?  How likely would it have to be mercy killed to prevent going significantly over estimate?
Language - As our main audience is going to be English-speakers, English text is generally preferred over Japanese or other languages, especially for text-heavy games.  This will be less of a concern for games with skippable cutscenes and/or where the speedrun is easy to follow through animations and other non-text means.  Voice acting in non-English languages is always fine, and if selectable can make for a good donation incentive.
Defining what is/isn't an RPG is something I'm not going to attempt - the RPGLB games committee will decide on a case-by-case basis if any offered games aren't appropriate for the marathon.

Banners - The World Ends With You - Shadow Hearts and Final Fantasy X - Pokemon and Dark Souls - Children of Zodiarchs, Quest for Glory, and Odin Sphere - Octopath Traveler - RPG Goofballs (wacky games block)

Feel free to use this thread, RPGLB Twitter (, and RPGLB Discord chat ( - #rpglb-charity-marathon channel) for any general questions about RPGLB 2019!
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Why be good, when you can be lucky?
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Motoss: 2019-01-08 04:44:07 pm
Going to be looking for roommates for sure!

Any information on when any setup will happen so we know what dates we should get rooms for?
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Gamer0278: 2019-01-20 11:26:58 pm
Gamer0278: 2019-01-15 02:06:53 pm
Setup will begin on May 3rd at 6pm. We're probably only going to be starting the stream room that day, and tackling everything else plus finishing stream room the following day.
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Game submissions for RPG Limit Break 2019 are now available on our website:  You will need to create an account (email verification is required, so please use a valid email address). After you have logged in, you can find a link to create submissions from your user profile ( Deadline for submissions is 11:59 PM EST (GMT-5) on January 27, 2019.

(NOTE: Submissions have to be manually approved to be visible to the general public. This is a manual process, so don't panic if your submissions don't become publicly visible immediately!)
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Game submissions are now closed, with all submissions listed on our website at  The games list is planned to be posted February 10, with the schedule to follow by the end of February.
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puwexil: 2019-02-10 03:56:30 pm
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The RPG Limit Break 2019 Games List is now posted at !  The status of all submissions can be seen at (sortable by Accept/Backup/etc status using the buttons on top), and people that submitted can see the status of their own games at

Thanks again to everyone that submitted!  The full schedule will be following in the next few weeks.
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RPGLB 2019 Registration Update: We're planning to open registration around 7PM EST tomorrow (Feb 17).  Registration will be done via our website (details to be announced tomorrow), and the $50 USD attendance fee will need to be paid in order to complete registration.  The site will accept any credit/debit card with Visa/Mastercard/AmEx/Discover backing for the payment.
On-site volunteer signups are now open.  We are looking for volunteers to fill positions that deal with donation processing, check-in, enforcement, hosting, and tech needs with the stream.  The deadline to sign up is March 24th at 11:59 PM EST.  The volunteer schedule should be released sometime in the evening EST on 3/31.

Please see the form here:

Volunteer position descriptions:

Donation Processing - Screens donations to be sent to the host, does admin work with donations and incentives.
Check-in - Checks in attendees on arrival, hands out t-shirts and badges
Enforcement- We make sure that the people attending the event runs smoothly and that attendees are following the rules to keep themselves and other safe.
Hosting - Reads donations on stream, along with prepared blurbs, etc.  All hosts MUST upload an audition recording.  See Host section if interested.

Tech roles

Audio Tech - (Scheduled in 4 hour shifts) Manages the audio mixer (Behringer x32 Digital Mixer) for game setups and adjustments mid-run.
Stage Tech - (Scheduled by game) Does the work around the TVs for game setups, handing out headsets, setting the camera position, and connecting consoles to the capture setup.
Stream Tech - (Scheduled by game) Works with OBS and the stream info dashboard, and also monitors the stream throughout the run.
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The RPG Limit Break 2019 schedule and incentive list has been posted at !  Runner availability sent to staff via Discord/Twitter has all been honored, but we were not able to consider availability/scheduling requests made via the event registration form.  This schedule is in MDT (GMT-6), and an auto-timezone converting version will follow once rescheduling has settled down.

Runners, please check your timeslot(s) and let us know if you need to be rescheduled.  Please also double-check your incentives for accuracy - approved incentives with time costs of 5 minutes or more have already been added to estimates or post-run setups on the schedule.