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FF4 Interlude

Would at least listen to anyone who wants to commentate Barkley ... hard to be picky about a game that has two real runners, so there's that.
Looking to commentate on the LR:FFXIII run, assuming LewdDolphin has room on his couch.
Dapper as fuck.
I can help commentate Phantasy Star 2 if needed.
As well as a couple I've already contacted to help with commentary, I'd be willing to put my services forward for Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume, if DD would be interested Smiley

Still not decided on my couch, so taking offers for XC2

Hi I’m Kyo! Seeing if anyone would like to help fill a couch slot for Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition. Preferred method of contact is either Twitter DMs or discord!
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Yagamoth: 2018-03-18 07:02:40 pm
Yagamoth: 2018-03-18 06:15:39 pm
I offer to provide commentary for Legend of Mana if that is wished and or asked for Smiley

Edit: Approving Caeshura v for couch commentary

Edit 2: Also, Mageius, if you'd like to look into Tales of Phantasia, you are more than welcome to do so - I usually am pretty heavy on commentating myself, but there will be times where I'll need to focus a bit where it would be nice to have someone else commentating. Caeshura offered to do that as well (Sorry, didn't see your reply earlier)
Why be good, when you can be lucky?
I'm can help with FF6 if there's a need for another person. I'm also offering my services for Tales of Phantasia.

I can also offer all of my Japanese to English services where and when necessary!
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Mageius: 2018-03-20 05:37:34 pm
I'm willing to look into it Yagamoth.  Although I'd have to look up the main points of the sun as I've played it casually on both the GBA and the SNES.  But I've got some free time coming up so I'll take the time to read, watch and play the run in order to help. (Though I do own a copy of the GBA version I'm pretty sure that's got an entirely different set of strats though.)
I must simply laugh.
Confirming that I will commentate for Chrono Trigger.

Additionally I can offer to learn about Xenoblade Chronicles 2 , Lunar: Silver Star Story and Brave Fencer Musashi if it is wanted/needed.
I am approving RikuPlayer and theRPGchick to be on the couch for Lunar: The Silver Star.  Elmagus can join me if he wants but a cheerleader is good for me since his Soul Blazer run is right after mine.
steak Steak STEAK!!!
Right now, no one that I know of is currently scheduled for commentary for Legaia and no one has come forward to volunteer to do so.  Except for the slots section, I could solo-commentate, but I don't think it's anyone's preference for that (myself included).
I am able to commentate both Custom Robo and Breath of Death VII, should those involved be willing.
Drifting Skies, I'm willing to help with it.  But I really don't know that much about the game so would have to learn.  Well unless you want something more like entertaining yourself and the viewers?  Though as I said I'm willing to help if you still need it.
Quick update:
- I now have 2 commentators that are currently putting quite a bit of work into learning things about the run in order to cover commentary for me when I'm not covering it myself. When I originally approved you, Mageius, I wasn't sure whether they would be available/around. So I apologize, but I hope you don't mind. I think they will cover pretty much all my needs for Tales of Phantasia Smiley
It's cool man, wasn't sure if I had been approved myself so I wasn't really sure.  Didn't want to put in the time if I didn't need to.
My commentators for KHIIFM All Worlds will be ItsKasa, Spikevegeta and Jhobz