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Dragondarch: 2018-02-12 09:13:55 am
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Yes, I'm a lazy bum and copy-pasted last year's thread. Tongue

RPG Limit Break 2018 Games List:

Please feel free to sign up for as many runs as you'd like, so that I can compile a full list of both commentators and backups to pinch-hit in any required cases. The goal is to have at least two people accompanying the runner for each run, so if you see one of the runs light on signups, contemplate volunteering to learn a new run, and contact the runner for help. There are exceptions to this, such as the Breath of Fire and Lufia 2 AC races, the Custom Robo run, etc. which will be discussed and documented, naturally. Also following is the general tips from last year for anyone new to the couch who would like to get involved.

General Considerations:

-The marathon will be adhering to a PG policy. Ensure all commentary and actions are in accordance.
-Read up on NAMI. Understand why we’ve all come together to support them. Feel free, if comfortable, to share any personal experiences with mental illness that can help bring light to NAMI’s work.
-Marathon commentary of an RPG will differ significantly from the average 15-30 minute run at a GDQ. It’s extremely hard to talk about a run only for 3+ hours, so don’t! Mix it up. Work with the host to allow time for incentive plugs, prizes, upcoming games, and NAMI info sessions.
-Factor in the time of day. Graveyard (UTC - 7:00) runs will generally have more dead air to fill, and will benefit from a more conversational approach.
-Having more information than you can comfortably use is better than the alternative.
-The more natural and human the commentary, the more relatable you are, such as “I could never figure out this boss fight as a kid”
-Many attendees (and especially the organizers) are very gifted at entertaining an audience in a marathon setting. You can and should approach them for some pointers on marathon commentary.

Runner Tips:

-Not everyone will be familiar with you, your run, or even the game to begin with. The simplified solution is to make the run accessible to everyone. You may have to explain some topics in layman’s terms, even more so than usual.
-Introduce yourself and your couch mates. Trust me, it’s quite easy to forget this step. But take it further. Sometime during the run, talk about what got you into speedrunning, or running this game. It’s your chance to grow the community of your speedgame of choice, take advantage.
-The first 5 minutes is the best time to touch on the particulars of the game itself. Release date, reception, similar titles if obscure, size of speedrun community, maybe the run history even.
-The folks that have offered to commentate your run have done so because they enjoy watching you, the game, the particulars of the run, or a combination of it all. Therefore they likely don’t need a 100 page document detailing the route ad nauseum. A simple point form outline of the route / tech is more than enough, because the couch crew should be preparing too.
-Whether you’re great at leading the commentary (many of you are) or prefer to focus on the run while your co-pilots talk for you, meet up with the crew to set a general plan of how the play-by-play will be split.
-In the 3 months leading up to your run, take note of the most common questions that come up in your chat during run attempts. Chances are they will be asked during RPG Limit Break.
-Start setting stream time to no-reset runs. Practice rolling with the punches, and commentating along with them.
-A great flow to commentary is simply setting up the topic (“So coming up, I’m about to skip the boss fight”) and then letting a co-commentator follow through (“and maybe Vulajin here can explain how I’m going to do that.”) Having a variety of voices in conversation is much easier to follow and listen to. It also allows you to focus on more difficult moments.
-HAVE FUN! It’s not going to be WR pace with the incentives anyway, so focus on actually enjoying the run. Smile and laugh through the good and bad. Everyone else will too. Promise.

Commentator Tips:

-Watch your runner’s attempts. Many times. Pay attention to how he or she commentates, because you’ll need to compliment it.
-While on site, meet up with your runner. If they get some practice in, sit in with them.
-The task of explaining the more specific tech, skips, etc. may fall on you, so beyond understanding it fully, practice breaking it down to someone that may not necessarily follow the run in question.
-On the contrary, you might find the right opportunity to demystify the most brain-busting enigmas of speedrunning elements, such as “What is RNG?” I’m sure your runner would appreciate if you could answer that, as well as the most common questions he or she might be tired of answering.
-If the runner is nervous, you’re going to be their crutch until they feel comfortable. Maybe keep the mood light, or even do the bulk of the beginning commentary until they catch their breath.
-Perhaps you’re nervous. Simply put, don’t be. You have the easier job here, and with 2 or more on the couch, you’ll get your stride. Just go with the flow.

The dreaded DON’TS!

-This is pretty straightforward, but any divisive commentary at all is off limits, including but not limited to: racism, misogyny, misandry, LGBT, politics, religion, and most importantly, mental health in a negative light. It is not a desired method of getting famous, and it'll only earn you a muted mic and an invitation out of the stream room.
-Don’t Spectate. The viewers are doing that. The attendees behind you are doing that. You are on the couch, so you’re the entertainment. Entertain! Dead air is baaaad. If it’s not a great cutscene, a tense boss battle, or the host, it’s you.
-Don’t absolutely dump as much information as possible, as quickly as possible. It’s an RPG speedrun, often 3+ hours. You'll both never cover everything, nor be able to fill all your time with insightful information. Spread it out with an even pace.
-Don’t Pass it on to the host if they’re not ready. There’s a slim chance the host may not have a donation to read at the time, or may have very recently talked about the charity.
-Don’t fall asleep. Haha!! Ok, seriously though, don’t fall asleep.
-Don’t get salty. The people that enjoy that are far outweighed by the people that get uncomfortable by it. Do, however, be amused as possible by the brutal RNG.
-Don’t have a conversation with the game. By that, I mean “really game? Seriously??? C’mon, game!! Terrible…”
-Please don’t crap all over your game. Many of the viewers are probably tuning in because it was a favourite of theirs as a kid. If, as an example, something in the control scheme makes an aspect of the run difficult or irritating, simply say that.
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Z-Saber: 2018-02-12 08:30:19 pm

Will be needing some assistance for my run (Disgaea 5) and I have some interesting ideas for how I want to present it. Any help would be appreciated.

Looking for at least 2 people for commentary. Anyone interested should at least be willing to learn how the run operates. I'm hoping to have my notes outlined by the end of this month, which will hopefully cover everything you'd need to know.
EDIT: Got some people willing to commentate, just need some willing audience members.

Also looking for 3-4 other people who are interested in providing audience support. Ideally, they should be able to sit through the whole run. They don't have to know the run inside-out, just have a general idea what goes on in the game.

Best way to reach me is through Discord at GreenZSaber#9074
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Xelnas: 2018-02-12 03:55:53 pm
Hey I'm preety excited for RPGLB Id love to do commentary if anyone is looking for a couch commentator. preety cool with learning new games too but ya ill be there ive commentated tons of games even games i don't know very well and been complimented for it (see nippon baseball game at rta in japan

xelnas48315 in discord or xelnastv on twitch via /whisper or just like poke me at the event too thats works
I have enough knowledge of Lufia 2, Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume, and West of Loathing that I could pick up the runs quite quickly. If the runners for any of those games wish to contact me, Twitter, Twitch Whisper, (Same username as here) or Discord (Dangodofthunder#3409) are the best ways to reach me.
I'm looking to sit on the couch with Kyoslilmonster on FFXV, and this was an agreement between us since before submissions.  Also, I have talked to the Nier runner and I plan to couch for him as well.  If anyone else needs a couch, let me know, however i may not know your game so we would need to discuss that.
Quote from Lexicona:
I'm looking to sit on the couch with Kyoslilmonster on FFXV, and this was an agreement between us since before submissions.  Also, I have talked to the Nier runner and I plan to couch for him as well.  If anyone else needs a couch, let me know, however i may not know your game so we would need to discuss that.

I forgot to mention, add me on discord Lexicona#4850 if you would like to talk about this with me
steak Steak STEAK!!!
As an honest question: does anyone who plans on going know the current Legaia NG+ route in the slightest, and/or want to do the commentary?  Other than the 20-ish minute slot grind, I can solo-commentate if it comes to it, but I'd prefer not to so I can rest my vocal cords from time-to-time over 6 hours.  I'd also rather not have the situation of last year having to rope someone into color commentary because no one was willing to commentate.
Why Hello it is Me
At the moment, for the couch with Partners in Time, we have myself and Snoion (runners), as well as Altabiscuit and Migu. For Custom Robo, we have the runners already so that shall be no problem.

Although I will mostly be talking to Yoshizilla through Discord about it, i've also offered commentary for Paper Mario: TTYD.

As for Breath of Death VII: The Beginning, that couch is basically open right now.
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Erave: 2018-02-27 06:11:35 pm
I'm happy to volunteer for Shadows of Adam and have talked to Dowolf about this. Also, another dev Tim will be there as well. We can both be on the couch.
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Lone_Kilted_Ninja: 2018-02-14 06:51:50 pm
Lone_Kilted_Ninja: 2018-02-14 06:49:01 pm
Lone_Kilted_Ninja: 2018-02-14 06:47:35 pm
Anything you can do I can do halfass
While I only know much of any run tech for SoE, SoM and FFVI (generally secondhand from runners who can talk about it just fine themselves), I'd be quite happy to do a run or three of technical commentary.  I have made games and reverse-engineered peripherals for NES, made minor code edits (specifically involving a deep analysis of the FFVI evade% bug and related Retort behavior) for SNES (which is, literally, a NES with more bits bolted on), and done bits of comparative research on e.g. SNES vs Genesis, NES vs TurboGrafx, PS1 vs N64, and the technical progression from GB to GBC to GBA, and can nearly always answer a "how did they even do that?" question with an explanation that is at least industry-plausible if not authoritative.
Which, I am aware, can either be fascinating or deadly boring depending on the audience.

Anyway, if you're running and that's your cup of tea, feel free to hit me up on Discord (ProfNES#7398).  I may or may not be on the SDA boards much.  I'm also on Twitch now (ProfNES), although haven't been doing many streams outside Kusogrande because I am both addicted to and now feeling I need to hurry up and complete XbC2 casual before LimitBreak Wink )
I'd like to commentate for Dragon Quest 8, Tecmo Secret of the Stars, and Virtual Hydlide.  I have already talked to the runners and they said it would be alright for me to join them.

I could also join in commentary for Final Fantasy Legend and Dragon Quest 3 if needed.  Not sure who is showing up for the DQ3 community to help, since there are others who would be better at talking about that game, but I'll join up if the help is needed.
I'll be on the couch for Yoshi_Zilla's Paper Mario: TTYD run! Zill is a friend of mine (already spoke with him about couching) and TTYD is my main speedgame so I can offer excellent commentary and charisma to compliment his stellar gameplay. I'd be happy to couch Partners in Time as well, I don't run the game myself but frequently watch Snoion's streams.
I'd like to offer commentary for DQ3. I run the game and have done race commentary for it before; I've also spoken with SUMDeaner about it some.
SPEEDruns not SAFEruns
Have talked with bich about doing commentary for Final Fantasy Legend, so that's a thing thumbsup
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mrprmiller: 2018-02-17 08:16:41 am
Everyday is puppies and sunshine...
I can handle Heroine's Quest on my own, of course, but I'd prefer to not.  Cheesy  Friends are nice.

I can personally help on the couch with the ultimate gem of RPGing: Virtual Hydlide (I'm actually a big Super Hydlide fan).

There's actually a few on the back-up list that I could help with, also, if that becomes a need.
Evermore Extrodinare ᕦ(° Д°)ᕤ
I'll be on the couch for Breath of Fire race (Spoke with Ryu and Gin about it) Since I actually know a hill of beans about that game finally Tongue
I'm interested in commentating the FFXV run, if they'll have me.  I have a basic knowledge of the run, but my primary asset would be as the Lore Nerd. I have studied the story and lore of the game aggressively, and would be able to fill in the gaps left by skipping cutscenes.

Although this would also be dependant on the schedule: I'm only on site for half the week because work.
Ok so I'm willing to help where I can.  I'd love to help with providing providing commentary on the tales of games being a fellow tales of runner myself.  I'm willing to also help with FE9 although I don't run the game I am a huge casual player.  If anyone wants someone who's willing to help by learning a run to help with commentary just let me know (within reason that is).  Z-saber I'm also willing to help with Disgaea 5 as I can learn the run if needed in anyway you might need help.
I can do Xeno 2.
Offering commentary for Legend of Mana, Lightning Returns, It's Our Revolution, and Fire Emblem Path of Radiance depending on availability and scheduling
I would be interested in and available for doing commentary for Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

I am already making efforts to learn the run's fundamentals for other future categories and have watched a handful of any% no DLC runs from start to finish.

Feel free to contact me via Discord - After5#1875 - if interested.
talked with deuce about musashi already, so that's a thing.

Can offer support for FF6 and CT if runners want ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
confirming that I am good with Erave/Tim on the couch for Shadows of Adam.
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puwexil: 2018-03-18 05:51:53 pm
Professional Second Banana
For Chrono Trigger, I'll take Essentia, eLmaGus, and caeshura for commentary (if any of them don't want to, bichphuongballz can have the 4th mic), and I can commentate any of the following games if the runners need help:

Soul Blazer
Final Fantasy IV: Interlude
Final Fantasy VI
The Final Fantasy Legend
I can help commentate for Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. Somebody has to teach Kirby how to pronounce the names, you know!