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Professional Second Banana
The Basics
What: RPG Limit Break 2017: A charity speedrun marathon for RPGs of all kinds, benefiting the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)
When: May 13-19, 2017
Where: Salt Lake City, Utah

RPGLB 2017 Staff
Lead organizer/point-of-contact: puwexil
Game selection/scheduling: puwexil, eLmaGus, and 3 other games committee members
Venue logistics: MetaSigma, Brossentia, Essentia & Denton
Tech lead: Vulajin
Volunteer Coordinators: AlecK47, StingerPA
Prizes/Incentives: djtifaheart
Social media/promotion: Brossentia, cleartonic
Website Design: Lag.Com
Banner/Stream Layout Design: Vulajin
Twitch chat moderation lead: Brossentia
Quakenet/Discord chat moderation lead: djtifaheart
Commentary Preparation/Coordination: Driscollad

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) - Provides support, education and research for people and their families living with mental illness through various public education and awareness activities.  Donations will be split between the Utah and US National NAMI organizations, and focus on general programs benefiting teens and young adults.

Across both previous RPG Limit Break marathons, response to the cause of mental health awareness/support was quite positive, though desire has been expressed for the donations to go towards more internationally-focused efforts.  We brought this up with NAMI, and were told that international outreach is something they are working on growing, as follows:
A strong feature of is our storytelling platform, which is powerful way to engage people through sharing experiences and offering support. We know that many people living with mental illness feel alone, so we focus on providing a virtual community of hope regardless of where you live. Despite geographic boundaries, there are shared experiences that can benefit people affected by mental illness and their families. Given these stats, we’re looking at ways we can digitally market to folks in the global community.

We also have programs in Italy, Canada and Mexico. One of our state organizations, NAMI Ohio, has staff in Singapore. And recently we’ve working with the Embassy of Mexico, which wants to lead other nations in engaging them in mental health issues.

I know I speak for Jamie when I say how very much we have appreciated the opportunity to partner with and engage the RPG Limit Break community around an issue that touches so many people’s lives. Some of the comments that the community has shared around their own experiences with mental health have been powerful reminders of why NAMI and NAMI UT exist and the need for the work we do locally, nationally and globally.

With this and the great support NAMI has continually provided us with catering meals for attendees and promoting the stream, we’ve decided to partner with them again for RPGLB 2017.  Charity selection is something we will always re-evaluate on an annual basis, based on viewer/community feedback.

The University Guest House in Salt Lake City worked out pretty well for an event the size of RPGLB 2016 and attendee feedback was mostly positive, so we’ve decided to return for at least 1 more year.  We did look at alternative venues that offered some conveniences the Guest House lacks (like an airport shuttle and online booking), but did not find anything that was also affordable for an event of our expected size and had the resources to support a 24-hour event/stream.  RPGLB staff will be continuing to look at new venue options for future events as we grow.

To accommodate more attendees than last event, for RPGLB 2017 we will be using the Officers Club ( just down the street from the main Guest House hotel building (~5 min walk).  The entire event will be located at the Officers Club May 13th-19th: stream room, practice/casual rooms, and daily catered lunch - basically everything except sleeping, breakfast, and dinner.  Since we need to leave the Officer’s Club on the 19th after the stream ends, we’ve also rented 2 conference rooms in the main hotel building (the same rooms we used for RPGLB 2016) for the 19th-21st, which we’ll be moving our TVs to so there’s a place for people to hang out and play games before heading home.

The attendee cap for RPGLB 2017 will be 175 - we have an initial block of 30 hotel rooms, which can be raised up to 40 if needed.

Hotel Reservation Info
University Guest House & Conference Center
110 South Fort Douglas Blvd.
Salt Lake City, UT 84113
1-888-416-4075 (toll-free) or 801-587-1000

TRAX Light Rail Transit Map:

For people flying in to the SLC airport, we recommend taking the TRAX light rail as that's only $2.50 each way (take Green Line from airport to Court House stop, transfer to Red Line, take Red Line to Fort Douglas stop, and walk a few minutes to the hotel from there) – the full trip should take about 1 hour. Trains run every 15 minutes between roughly 6AM-11PM MST, and the full schedule can be found at For a faster trip, there’s an ExpressShuttle service (estimated cost of $15 each way), other taxi services, or you can make arrangements with a marathon attendee that has a car.

Hotel rooms (before taxes) are $109/night for 1-2 people, $119/night for 3 people, and $129/night for 4 people (so a 4-person room would be approximately $35 per person per night if split evenly). Roommate arrangements can be made via the RPGLB 2017 Attendees Thread and Discord channel, linked above.

Room reservations can be made by phone at 1-888-416-4075, and need to be made by April 13th, 2017 to qualify for our event rate. Only 1 person per room (who needs to be at least 18 years old) needs to call to make the reservation, though the hotel will need the names of all occupants prior to check-in, along with whether or not the bill should be split. A credit card is needed to place the reservation, but will not be authorized until check-in. When calling, please mention that you're attending RPG Limit Break, so you get the event rate.

The hotel also has an online booking system at, but this system is separate from our event block/rate (so it will show different prices from the above, and may incorrectly show that no rooms are available during the event dates). If you use the online booking, you will need to notify RPGLB Staff so we can have the hotel change your reservation to our event rate (otherwise you’ll be charged a higher rate, and your room won't be counted toward our contract) – please do so by Discord or SDA Forum PM to Brossentia or MetaSigma with your name and the dates of your reservation.  In addition, if you use this system, you will still need to call the hotel (at the above number) and provide a credit card to hold your reservation (which will not be authorized until check-in).

Alcohol is not allowed in the conference rooms or other public spaces at the hotel (by both RPGLB staff and hotel policy, since we don't have a license for serving alcohol at the event), but is fine to have and drink in guest rooms as long as everyone there is of legal drinking age (21 in the US).

All attendees must be at least 18 years old - minors are welcome to attend free of charge, as long as they’re accompanied by a parent/guardian that is registered & paid.

Attendance Costs (Payment due April 1st)
Due to the issues that led to the event date change, we were given a substantial discount on our costs for the event space; and because of this we’ll be lowering the attendance fees from last year’s.
The attendance fee will be $30 USD for the full event - payable via PayPal to RPGLimitBreak~AT~gmail~DOT~com (or alternative arrangements with puwexil if you can't or don't use PayPal).  Please use the 'send money to friends or family' option (which avoids PayPal fees), or if you choose to use the 'pay for goods or services' option instead (or if that's the only option available for your country) please add $2 to cover PayPal transaction fees ($32 total for full event).
If you’d like to cancel your attendance and receive a refund, you can do so up through April 29th (2 weeks prior to the event start).  After the 29th, no attendance fee refunds will be given.

Signup Forms/Threads
Attendee Signup Form: (deadline passed)
Volunteer Info Thread:
Volunteer Signup Form: (deadline passed)
Commentary Signup/Discussion Thread:
Attendees Thread (roommate finding, onsite event planning):
Prize Thread:
Prize Submission Form:
Attendee Shirt Order Form: (deadline May 4th 1PM ET)

Game Submissions/Schedule
Game submissions are over, and the schedule has been posted here and here.  See the games thread for full details.

Banners (Horizontal RPGLB Logo) (Vertical RPGLB Logo) (SaGa/StarTropics) (Sweet Home) (RPG Critters) (Dragon Quest) (Diablo/Cthulhu)

Feel free to use this thread for any general questions about RPGLB 2017!  All updates will be posted to this thread, RPGLB Twitter (, and RPGLB Discord chat (
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kirbymastah: 2016-11-26 08:19:13 pm
Ate the extra spicy banana
kirbymastah has the right idea. Can't wait!
Given the...decline of activity on these forums, might I suggest cross-posting this to [redacted] other forums as well? Would be a great way to catch more eyes and bolster the marathon.
I don't think there's enough charact
Although SDA isn't active in other discussions, you would be surprised by how many people check SDA for marathon information. 
I don't think it's a bad idea, but I don't think it's needed either. Anyone that wants to participate in marathons tend to check SDA forums for information. I haven't met someone who missed signup due to not checking out this forum board.
As for bolstering the marathon, that's up to streamers to advertise the run to everyone, not just people who want to participate. 
Now, that being said, don't be shy to spread RPG-Limit-Break info to other forum boards. Give it more attention! I'll be sure to put up the banner on my stream. 

puwexil, MetaSigma, Brossentia, Essentia, Denton, Vulajin, StingerPA, AlecK47, djtifaheart, Driscollad, eLmaGus
Thank you for hosting this event for another year! This is going to be a great year for everyone.
NowOwnsAFreaking Plane
I will add in that I feel the SDA forum is by far the best to organize in person meetups still.  When I set up an in person marathon last year, the SDA forums were the only ones that actually provided logical discussion and did not become plagued with spam.  In fact, a mod of one site ended up removing the marathon from the list simply because they didn't think it was going to be an enjoyable watch.  While things may have changed on those other sites, from my personal experience, SDA still seems to be the best source.
Edit history:
MrStarbird: 2016-12-03 02:38:19 pm
Leader of Starbirdia!
I cannot wait for this! Nami is such a great organization to which I can relate to. I look forward to submission date!
Edit history:
GhostKingG1: 2016-11-30 10:40:54 pm
GhostKingG1: 2016-11-30 10:40:29 pm
Why Hello it is Me
We had a discussion on this (the forum to host the marathon) in the discord. It sounds like they want to stick to SDA this year, but are open to exploring other possibilities going forward. Which I can agree with for reasons Marill said.
as said earlier on twitter, i'm totally free from work this week. i would gladely help like usual <3
Already have vacation approved for the event!  Was a lot of fun last time and I'm actually more excited for this than AGDQ Smiley 

I definitely want to try and help out as much as I can for the event!
Everyday is puppies and sunshine...
I would be out there myself if my family and I weren't on vacation the week before. It was a lot of fun.
Will you be needing off-site volunteers again? I would be more than happy to assist with Chat Moderation and Social Media again - had a blast working with the teams! Smiley
Live and Learn, Die and Learn Faster
So hyped for this!  Last year I just came in to lurk and watch live, but this year I'll be submitting a run and, regardless of getting to run it or not, I am definitely volunteering for help with tech, etc.  Let's Go!
Why Hello it is Me
Super hyped about this event again! Only question:

Will we have an actual couch this time instead of three pieces of other couches Tongue
Three pieces of other couches?  You mean a plank of wood painted to look like a couch?
Professional Second Banana
If the hotel doesn't have better couches available we should be able to bring over the one from Essentia's house that we used for RPGLB15.

Also, reminder that game submissions start this Saturday.  The process will be largely the same as the previous 2 events (see the RPGLB16 games thread for reference), with 1 change: we will be formally combining donation incentive offers with game submissions, rather than asking for 'possible incentives' with submissions and then doing a separate incentives thread later.  This should make it easier on runners (can take care of everything for their submission at once, and find out sooner which incentives are accepted/declined) and on the games committee (can factor in time for incentives when building the game list/schedule).  Runners can add/remove incentives later-on as needed; but please try to be as thorough as possible when making your initial submissions (including providing character limits for character/file names and full lists of bid war options).
Professional Second Banana
Games submissions are open! for the next 2 weeks to make your submissions.
Ascended Lurker
How does one volunteer to help out? I've always wanted to attend a marathon of some sort, but I can't run games and am little more than a big fan. Do you guys need menial labor volunteers on site? I attend the University of Utah, so it would be really convenient for me to help.
Volunteer submissions will be opened at the same time as registration, which we are currently expecting to happen in February when the game list is released.  We'll need Tech station (mans the stream PC, plus helps set games up), Donation station (reads through donations to make sure they're good to be read on stream), and Host (announces donations, general marathon info during runs) volunteers when the time comes, so we'll need plenty of people to sign up for that.
Ascended Lurker
Cool, thanks! I'll be sure to be sure to keep current on updates regarding the marathon, then.
Professional Second Banana
A bit of bad news to report.  RPGLB Staff was working on finalizing our event contract with the University Guest House for May 15-20, when it turned out that our contact at the hotel had made a mistake somewhere when we planned out our event dates with him; and the space we're planning to use is now unavailable on May 20th (our planned finale day).

Changing hotels at this point isn't a viable option, so we're unfortunately going to have to adjust the marathon dates.  We’re exploring options to either keep the marathon the same week with earlier start/finish times or to change weeks within May, and aim to have specific proposals within the coming week (which we’ll be posting for community feedback, since we want the option we go with to inconvenience as few people as possible).  Until we get this resolved, please do not buy plane tickets or make other difficult-to-change travel plans.

On behalf of the RPGLB Staff, I'd like to apologize for any difficulties this ends up causing - this situation and its resolution will be factoring into our venue search for RPGLB 2018.
Final Fantasy Speedrunner
Sorry to hear that, good luck with the rescheduling!
Professional Second Banana
After further conversations with the hotel, here are the 2 strongest options we currently have on the table:

1. May 8-13 - May 7 setup, marathon starts at 12PM MDT Monday, May 8th and ends roughly midnight the night of Saturday, May 13th.  This is the same as our original plan, only 1 week earlier.

2. May 13-19 - May 13 setup, marathon starts around 6PM MDT Saturday, May 13th and ends around 10PM Friday, May 19th (exact start/end times will depend on setup complexity, since we would need to have our equipment out of the space by midnight that night).  This keeps the marathon the same week as originally planned, and moves the start/end times earlier.  This option also extends the marathon by ~15 hours to compensate for not having a weekend finale.  If we go with this option we'll also pursue renting a different conference room for the 20th and 21st (which we’ll move some of the TVs to), so there'll still be a common space for people to hang out before heading home.

RPGLB staff has a slight preference for option 1, since we feel that not having a Saturday finale will hurt the event for donations (both previous RPGLBs made about 33% of their total donations on Saturday, and AGDQ2017 just made over half of its $2.2mil total on Saturday), in addition to option 1 having more time for setup/teardown.  Since option 1 will impact attendees' vacation/travel plans more than option 2 (and I’ve heard multiple people say that they’ve already purchased plane tickets), we'd like to get some community feedback, particularly from people who have submitted games or are otherwise planning to attend in-person.  Let us know by end-of-day Wednesday (1/25) if you have a preference among the 2 options, or if only 1 of them would work for you to attend.
I've submitted a game, and I'm all for option 1.  Option 2 is better for me personally, but I think the benefits for the charity and the staff far outweigh the minor inconvenience I'd experience to adjust my vacation request at work and pay a little more for the flight.
Stay chill, be cool.
I'm for option 1 here.  Ending on a Saturday is important I think.