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Professional Second Banana
The Basics
What: RPG Limit Break: A charity speedrun marathon for RPGs of all kinds
When: May 12-16, 2015
Where: Salt Lake City, Utah
Why: With the ending of Crystals for Life, it's clear from the feedback thread and numerous other places that the RPG speedrunning community is as strong as ever; and there's a definite desire for an annual RPG marathon to continue.
Who: A group of RPG runners and veterans of C4L has come together, and delegated responsibilities as follows:
Lead organizer/point-of-contact: puwexil
Game selection/scheduling: puwexil
Venue logistics (Internet, meals, coordinating airport pickups, Swedish Fish supply, Demon Chocobo wrangling): Essentia & Denton
Tech lead (streaming PC, audio, capture devices, OBS or XSplit setup, uploading runs to Youtube afterwards): Vulajin
Volunteer coordinator (hosts, tech station, donation processors): AlecK47
Prizes/Incentives (prize & incentive forum threads, tracker data entry/maintenance): djtifaheart
Social media/promotion: Brossentia
Website Design: Lag.Com
Banner/Stream Layout Design:
Twitch chat moderation lead: Brossentia
Quakenet chat moderation lead: djtifaheart
Commentary Preparation/Coordination: Driscollad
Travel Coordinator: Zyre

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) - Provides support, education and research for people and their families living with mental illness through various public education and awareness activities.
Donations will be split between the Utah and US National NAMI organizations, and focus on general programs benefiting teens and young adults.

In order to keep attendance costs low and predictable, Essentia has graciously offered her home in the Salt Lake City, Utah area (where SGDQ 2011/2012 were held) for the event.  The tradeoff for this is that onsite housing space will be limited; and we've decided to cap that at 30 (bring your own sleeping bag).  We will be able to accommodate an additional 15 attendees staying offsite; and will provide transportation to/from local hotels as needed (cost shouldn't be too much higher than staying onsite if hotel costs are split across 4 people, and will also mean a bed and quiet place to sleep).

In the event that we get more than 45 signups, priority will be given to runners with games in the marathon and staff, with additional people signing up after the cap is reached going onto a waitlist, which we will use to fill openings resulting from dropouts.  If the attendance cap ends up being a major issue, we'll most likely expand to a larger venue in 2016; but for the first marathon it is important to the planners to have a venue with stable costs that don't depend on # of attendees (as this was probably the most widespread feedback on C4L '14).

Attendance Costs/Payment Details (Payment due April 1st)
If staying onsite: $50 + $20/day ($150 for full event)
If staying offsite: $20/day ($100 for full event)

Runners with games on the schedule or non-runners that have been approved to attend can sign up and pay their attendance fee ($20/day excluding bonus/fun days, plus $50 if staying onsite) any time, via PayPal to RPGLimitBreak~AT~gmail~DOT~com (or alternative arrangements with puwexil if you can't or don't use PayPal).  Please either mark the payment as a 'gift' or add 4% to cover PayPal transaction fees.  Payments are due April 1st at 11:59PM EDT - anyone not paid by then will forfeit their spot (and have their games cut if any) to someone else that submitted an interest form.

Hotel Options
The more economical option is the In Town Suites at Woods Cross, an extended stay place that rents by the week.
Phone: (801) 296-6400
Rate: $330 per week
Incidental Charges: $50 deposit for the first week
Occupancy Limit: 4 per room (including children)
Amenities: full kitchenette, laundry in building
Shuttle Services: none
Distance from event: approximately a 10 minute drive, rough estimate of a 30 minute walk
Other Notes: no continental breakfast, no tripadvisor ratings

There’s also the Country Inn and Suites, though
Phone: (801) 292-8100
Rates: $123.29 (1 king and sofa bed), $133.29 (2 queen), $143.29 (2 queen and sofa bed), $153.29 (2 queen family suite) – taxes included
Incidental Charges: $0.01 hold (yes, one cent)
Occupancy Limit: 4 per room (including children)
Amenities: mini fridge and microwave in all rooms, free continental breakfast (menu is on their site), basic fitness center, indoor/outdoor pool
Shuttle Services: between airport and hotel and between Lagoon Amusement Park and hotel, both 6am-11pm
Distance from event: under 10 minute drive, rough estimate of a 20 minute walk
Other Notes: good tripadvisor reviews (83%), offers a 15% discount with tickets to Lagoon Amusement Park (and discounts on park tickets if you buy from their desk)
Lagoon Amusement Park website:

tl;dr most people will probably prefer In Town Suites because of the lower cost, but if somebody wants to bring their family and have their kids and significant other spend at least some time at the amusement park (it’s open on the weekends only in May).  For those concerned about getting between offsite lodging and Essentia’s place, we should have people available to give rides.

Game Submissions/Schedule
Schedule is now posted here.  See the game submission thread for full details.
Donation incentives for specific runs on the schedule can be suggested here.

Signup Forms (Signups are now closed and attendees have been notified)
Attendee Signup Form:

If you'd like to donate a prize to be given away during the marathon, check out the prize thread for full details.

Banners (Horizontal RPGLB Logo) (Vertical RPGLB Logo) (Final Fantasy) (Secret of Mana) (EarthBound) (Pokémon) (Lunar) (Don't click unless you really, really mean it!)
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Sir VG: 2014-07-28 08:16:48 am
Fucking Weeaboo
First off, YES!! I love this news. It's great that Essentia is a host, because Denton's cooking is AWESOME. They have a great place and will be a great site for this marathon.

As for the name, Limit Break sounds cool. Doing something referencing Light Warriors/Warriors of Light would be cool too (aka older FF games). For the charity, I put my vote to NAMI, but I am perfectly fine with OAR or JDRF as well. I think IPCH is a bit too specific and won't be a big of a draw for our foreign friends.

Can't wait for May now! Smiley
Edit history:
Highspirits: 2014-07-28 08:18:09 am
This sounds awesome Puwexil!  I'm glad the RPG community came forward to start putting this together.  I'm very interested in coming this year, I even have game I'll be able to offer!  This event falls right after my school semester, so its perfect for me.

I'm willing to help out where its needed later on, I was keeping up the flight information thread for C4L, and also doing donation tracking at the marathon.  I'm not very good at website design or anything, but you can plug me in a dirty job. 

Part of me wants to stick to JDRF since that is what the marathon has been helping, but if this marathon is to steer away from Crystals for Life, maybe its time to find a new direction? 

Limit Break is awesome!  I'm bad at coming up with names on the spot, so I'll think of something in the shower and give a hoot.

Mario The Cat!!!!
I vote for NAMI.  Name sounds pretty awesome, actually.  I can help Brossentia out with the Social Media, if he wants the help!  Won't be there physically, but you always have EE and my help!  If you want prizes, please let me know.  I can help by donating a few. Smiley
Name: has a ring to it

Charity: I'm pretty biased towards JDRF naturally, but charity is charity. I would like JDRF to be at the least one thing carried over from C4L.

Venue: ....Tents? 30 is a good round number, if the number rises to 40, could camping in May be a thing in Utah?
Mario The Cat!!!!
High Spirits: Because Swedish Fish are God... Smiley  JK.  They are still awesome!
No pain, no gain
Essentia's probably going to make me clean her house, so yeah, I'll be there. Tongue

RPGeddon is the best name I've come up with. Good luck finding anything that sounds cooler.

Mrs. Emptyeye, you and Emptyeye did amazing with SGDQ and Twitter! Of course I'd let you help out with that.

Driscollad: I pretty much agree with you. I want to be open to other charities, but if they'd be willing to work with us, I think they were fantastic. I'd put my vote to JDRF if we can carry things over to a new venue without any problems.
Sounds cool! Excited to see where this goes.

For the charity, I support NAMI.

I need to think about possible names. "Role playing games" doesn't lend itself well to a title, so maybe something with "Quest" or "Adventure" would suffice.
Another vote on the pile for NAMI as the charity of choice; also a fan of the Limit Break name.  Excited to see how this shapes up!
Everything's better with Magitek
I just wanted to note that the reason Primary Children's Hospital is on the list is because it is local to Salt Lake City, so it wouldn't be hard to have direct contact with them. I'm okay with whichever charity we choose, though!
Edit history:
CVagts: 2014-07-28 08:31:17 am
"Let's put a SMILE on that face!"
The "Limit Break" name is pretty good but it still sounds FF-centric to me.  I'll try to come up with some other ones and see how they stack up.

"Tales of Marathonia" and "RPGs Done Eventually" don't stack up.
Random Encounterthon?
Speed Quest
Adventures Completed with Haste
Accelerated Expeditions
Role Playing Rush

Some off the top of my head, I'll see what else pops in there...
Edit history:
Neerrm: 2014-07-28 08:45:10 am
Ooh, this is exciting. I'll hop on the name train too. Something like "Phoenix Down" would be simplistic and neat. I'll keep thinking of ideas.

As far as charities go, there are a plethora of worthy causes out there so it'll be hard to choose just one. I only ask that research be done into the charities themselves (ie how much of donations actually go towards what they are supporting) before we commit to them.
Is marathon attendance mandatory in order to contribute to the runs in the marathon ?
Fucking Weeaboo
Quote from Romi:
Is marathon attendance mandatory in order to contribute to the runs in the marathon ?

Yeah, this is going to be a local marathon (hence the hard cap since it's in Essentia's house and not a hotel). There are still things you can do without attending though, mostly in the promotion and organization department.
I have a soft spot for wanting to save and help children so any foundation that involves saving children is my preference. So the children hospital is fine with me.

I like the name "Limit Break" because it sounds strong but I think outside supporters might be confused with the name thinking it might just be a regular gaming marathon since it has such a strong meaning to anyone who's played RPGs. What I mean by that is "Limit Break" sounds like it could be used in any type normal non-charity marathon. I feel like the name needs something softer sounding like "Esuna For Children" or just "Esuna" by itself.

Anything with Phoenix Down would also be nice except people might be cruel with the word "down." 

But the most important question I have is for me personally, does the game have to be marathon safe?
Edit history:
Zyre: 2014-07-28 09:12:42 am
The Speedrunning Teacher
I'm also excited about this! I'm working on routing Grandia II right now, so I may have something I can contribute. Only drawback for me is that I will still be teaching each of those days except for the last day. If only this was two weeks later...

Even though I'll be working each day, I am still only an hour away at most so I can help out in some way (equipment, coordination, late afternoon/evening airport pickups).

Quote from ThatsFairZack:
does the game have to be marathon safe?

I can't officially say, but I would say yes, it should be marathon safe. Probably no harm in offering when it is time though.
Let's Dance!
While Limit Break is a good name, it is pretty inexorably linked with Final Fantasy.  That's not the worst thing, since to a lot of people, you say RPG and the first words that pop into their head will BE Final Fantasy.

How about something to do with Save Points?  Every RPG has saving in it.  'Final Save Point", or similar ways of working it into a title without being awful.
Ancient cave is entertaining, very entertaining, and with a 2 hour estimate instead of 1:30, more chests could help secure the must-haves. It might be worth testing, but the arch fiend / assassin / dragon death could still be very strong.
"Let's put a SMILE on that face!"
I'm not sure how I feel about "Save Point" or something similar over "Limit Break" but SP does have the advantage of being universal as opposed to FF-centric.
waifus are laifu
"Limit Break" is a nice name, I can't think of anything better. For the charity, I just like NAMI cause mental illness is something close to me since I have it. But really anything is okay.

YES I will submit games, YES I will be there no matter what. This really means a lot to me AND I'll finally get to meet my name-stealer Essentia!
I would definitely be interested in helping out as staff if you guys need it.  I want to someday start my own marathon for Canadian speed runners so I could use the experience and see how others do it.

We could call it Stars of Destiny Tongue

Also im totally up for the Intermountain Primary Children's Hospital.  As someone who had to be hospitalized in a kids hospital (AKA the IWK in Canada) these places do a lot to keep kids happy and ready to move on with life.  I've been in plenty of hospitals in the past and the one that treated kids the best is definetly the children hospital.
Stay chill, be cool.
I'm really glad a new RPG marathon is happening.  As for the name of the marathon, I'm fine with Limit Break or whatever other name ends up being used.  I'm also fine with whatever charity we end up going with.

I would definitely like to make it there and possibly submit a game or two!
Edit history:
Melodia: 2014-07-28 09:32:11 am
Quote from Dana Crysalis:
How about something to do with Save Points?  Every RPG has saving in it.  'Final Save Point", or similar ways of working it into a title without being awful.

Oddly enough, the original DQ in Japan used a password...

But I don't really like 'Save Point' as the name for a marathon. It doesn't really seem....marathony. I DO really like "Speed Quest"