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Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel (Any %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses

The final time is 0:32:50.76. No cheating. There's nothing to say about the audio/video quality at this point since we just have the replay file.

Some comments on each level:

-Luste's stage: Only one small mistake which bjw acknowledges in his comments. The Luste fight was pretty good. It's easy to get screwed by the randomness, but everything went reasonably well.

-Trauare's stage: Very little room for improvement.

-Schwermuta's stage: Again, more or less perfect.

-Zorne's stage: Small mistake at the beginning, but everything else went well.

-Dolis's stage: I don't think the mistake during the fight is as bad as he implies. Especially since she can easily give you patterns where a fight this fast is absolutely impossible.

-Liebea's stage: No obvious mistakes.

-Sichte's stage: Went incredibly well, considering how difficult it is. Probably the highlight of the run for me.

-Grolla's stage: Small mistake on the miniboss, but it doesn't cost much time. The Grolla fight went about as well as you could ask for.

-Pamela's stage: I think the boss fight could have been a bit better if he avoided her attacks. Not a big deal, though.

-Schirach's stage: My only comment is that you don't have to jump over the two-tile gap after the superslide in the middle of the stage. Though this may have been in case he missed the superslide, since it is easy to fall into the hole and get crushed if that happens. Either way, it's a very small time difference. Overall, this stage was great.

-Lecht and Rink's stage: A few mistakes. The failed superslide is the only one in the entire run, which is pretty amazing in my opinion. It's not an easy trick. And this instance is actually completely new to me, so I can't fault him for missing it.

-Eifer's stage: Everything went well here. The maze skip can actually be done in one less shot, but the timing is incredibly tight. I wouldn't expect anyone to try for it in an SS run.

-Iris 1: I guess bjw found the superslides in this stage after he did this run? The first one is one of the coolest tricks in the game, so it's sad not to see it here. Oh well.

-Iris 2: The stage itself was great. Brilliant use of Fluegel in the third room. I'm pretty sure you only have one frame to get the hop for the ideal purple devil fight. If you can get it, great, but I wouldn't call it a mistake if you miss it in an SS.

-Iris 3: What is it with Zorne and ruining otherwise perfect boss rushes >_>

-Iris 4: Final boss fight was incredibly fast. Great end to an amazing run.

All of the mistakes mentioned are minor things that you would expect in an SS. There's very little room for improvement, and considering how difficult this game is to run, I doubt we will see a better run any time soon. It's a definite accept.

this run was completed in the context of friendly competition and collaborative research on srl and in the rks thread here at sda. in this kind of environment, there is little concern about people misrepresenting their accomplishments; the run has, in a sense, already been verified many times. however, sda wills it, and i will comply.

pretty standard luste stage and boss. in their comments the runner notes the accidental hit on the skull. as usual, there is a fine line between resetting every time a single frame is lost and ending up with a decent time before we're all on windows 2038 and the game is no longer compatible with our quantum computers. i suspect that the several tiny mistakes like this one in this run gave the runner pause before finally deciding to submit it. i ran freudenstachel as well as the original rosenkreuzstilette for a while. perfection is much more elusive than it looks. i stopped because i didn't want to hate the game forever. i think we can all agree that this run is close enough to perfection for now. i honestly do not anticipate it being beaten unless something new is found.

shame about the loss of momentum in the water currents in trau's stage. i'm getting old; i think i played around with the physics here a few months ago and reported back that facing the direction the current is about to change to will consistently prevent the game from resetting your momentum. but even if that turned out not to be correct or didn't make it into this run, the severity is the same as the other minor mistakes: the show must go on. runner takes the left route through the second half of the stage, which to my knowledge is the fastest.

nice dance with schwermuta.

collision with the reptile early in zorne's stage is the next in the series of maddening minor mistakes. i believe it was 072 who introduced the use of schneekristall in this first long room. it was one of the reasons i stopped running the game. i can't handle the timing. i'm surprised the runner says this is a normally a consistent room. this kind of thing happened to me all the time. then the runner nails the superslide just before zorne. zorne herself loves to waste time while whining at you. i think it's 2-3 seconds above optimal - both here and in iris's castle. considering the runner's luck in the other boss fights, though - especially the dolises - we will have to ignore zorne. "dare ni mo jamasasenain dakara" and all that. onward.

can tell from the first few rooms in dolis's stage that the runner's computer is fast enough to display the game without appreciable lag (watch the seconds on the timer at the lower right). this is important because the in-game timer doesn't lag with the game. if your computer sucks then you can easily lose more time in dolis's stage than the runner loses to mistakes over this entire run combined. the placement of the second hund climbing the tall room was new to both 072 and me. it is quite fast. the collision with the frogman costs no time. the runner laments screwing up the 1-cycle dolis the game offered at this point, but i find this mistake to be as minor as the collisions in luste's and zorne's. to some extent you can't connect your performance with what the game gives you. it might as well have been a 2-cycle dolis from the start. only the final time matters, and this is the fastest run of this game in the world to my knowledge. therefore it wins.

perfect superslide luck continues in liebea's and the runner manages to avoid the bizarre glitches associated with the former in this stage. aren't those ice elementals cute, though? the liebea homunculus is fully under the runner's control, both here and in the refight.

i agree with 072 that sichte's may be the highlight of the run. this is balls to the wall, something that people who haven't attempted runs of this game will never understand. it is a stage without firm footing and many spikes.

use of the frügel in the third room in grolla's stage was a late development. i was always hesitant to add the frügel because of how cheap it seems, but it is definitely superior here. it's actually quite easy in my experience to get caught by the "mini"boss's laser, so again i classify this error as minor. the room following with the snake generators was often a problem for me, and the runner's use of f.zwinger here seems to neutralize the issue to some extent. for me it was difficult even to pull off something like the slide jump to the boss door in this stage consistently. this is definitely one of those "harder than it looks" runs. grolla begins in a quick way. the runner narrowly avoids being hit at the very end by watching carefully. all in all a smooth fight.

there seems to be a slight delay before the runner selects pamela's stage. it's not clear to me where this came from. pamela's stage was probably my #1 run killer, more so than sichte's or r/l's. watching it run still makes me tense. axe hell is mitigated somewhat by the runner's use of eisschwert. then we have the latest very minor mistake (bad disconnect from a ladder at 16:38 game time), again small and entirely isolated. it's one of those fake run/intentionally borked tas kind of mistakes that looks impossibly dumb immediately following some omfg high precision execution. sadly this kind of mistake appears all too often in real runs of this game, as well. perhaps infuriated by the fall from the ladder, the runner pulls out all the stops in the final room before the boss. as for pamela, i'm not entirely convinced that taking damage from her is faster. she becomes vulnerable without taking damage several times during this fight. ultimately, we are talking about 2-3 seconds total, however.

good bomb and large bomb jump timing in the first half of scratch's stage. somewhat suboptimal timing leaving the "mini"boss's room. 072 already noted that it is not necessary to jump over the gap while supersliding in the next room. the falling block skips go perfectly. scratch herself appears easy, but the tables can turn in this fight at any moment. do not be fooled. this is an excellent fight.

the timing to clear the first set of rising spikes in r/l's stage is very tight, and it didn't end up happening this time. again, it's minor. excellent route with the frügel through the first dark room. this was a late addition. in some ways this is a heartbreaking superslide to miss, but i think a run with every possible superslide may prove too elusive. i have nothing to complain about when it comes to the r/l fight.

on to eifer's stage with the metroid prime-like maze skip via charged eisschwert snotcube climb. timing leaving the "mini"boss's room is better here than in scratch's. eifer blocks floy with suboptimal patterns, but it is to be expected.

the runner decides to show off a bit in iris 1. it's not clear to me that switching to kopiekreisel to whack drac/mmx final sigma is faster than just going into the menu, but it's probably not slower, and if the runner is consistent at it this way, then why not?

some fine musical accompaniment from floy in the first room of iris 2 while waiting for the frügel to deliver her to the ladder leaving. then the frügel comes into play again to reduce the time spent flailing in the goo. precise timing is very important in the next two rooms. the runner is literally a few frames away on either side from sudden flaming death. these rooms were probably not intended to be done this quickly. perhaps one half to one whole second is lost when the runner misses the long jump out of the water. i tend to agree with 072 that forcing the hop into range before the goo monster fight in an ss is not realistic. it is something like a 1-2 frame window trick. the superslide just before makes up for it to some extent, as well. despite how it looks, it is much faster to slow time in order to hit the goo monster even having missed the hop into range than it is to allow time to run normally and accept an additional round of goo shenanigans.

as the runner notes, the refights display mostly optimal patterns. the runner reaps the opportunity for redemption against dolis. interestingly, grolla and zorne seem to take almost exactly the same amount of time as before. the iris machine is fairly straightforward.

while watching the first part of the final battle, 072 said, "you can slide under those iris shots!?" the game is deceptively deep. there is always something new to be seen. the second half of the fight is also excellent, the runner dealing the final blow to iris positioned as close as possible to the spot floy must occupy in order to allow the cutscene ending the in-game timer to proceed.

with or without the dialogue, the ending can easily be interpreted as yuri. floy and tia are confused by the strange lights in their fields of view, but now the beating of their hearts is unstoppable.


Quote from KennyMan666:
A/V can't be commented on, no cheating detected. Ingame timer is good.

Luste stage: Well done. I'm glad the massive lag in the final section doesn't cause any desyncing.
Luste fight: Very good. Is she random?

Traurae stage: Oh god water level and oh god swimming in a Mega Man game. At least it's slightly less stupid in this than it was in MM8.
The actual swimming part was pulled off ridiculously well.
Traurae fight: Yeah, she died.

Schwer-Muta stage: I remember playing this stage for the first time and I was so confused. I wish I had saved that on twitch, since I was streaming my entire first playthrough. Very nicely played.
Schwer-muta fight: I feel sorry for her.

Zorne stage: A hit. Nice use of Schneekristall, when did shield weapons become useful?
Zorne fight: I remember fighting her without her weakness and that was the opposite of fun. But that has nothing to do with this fight which was awesome.

Dolis stage: Strudel, aka: skip everything
Dolis fight: This is how you position Eisfackel.

Liebea stage: Because using platforms are for pussies.
Liebea fight: Liebea became a lot more badass between the original and this. You wouldn't know that from watching this run.

Sichte stage: Spark Man and Elec Man's stages meet Castlevania. I'm not sure who thought this was a good idea. But it was incredibly well played.
Sichte fight: Ah, Freudenzwinger. Still the most awkward to use subweapon in Mega Man history.

Grolla stage: Did somebody say Makaimura? Cheesy Very nice use of Freudenzwinger. Blood with all the slipperiness of ice because fuck you that's why.
Grolla fight: Poor girl never stood a chance against bullet time Freudia.

Pamela stage: Dropped from a ladder, lost a second maybe. This stage was made to be skipped with Strudel.
Pamela fight: Suffered the same fate as Grolla. TANK EVERYTHING.

Schirach stage: I AM HAVING VERY BAD FLASHBACKS. Ballsy move in the room with the dropping blocks and oh fuck you you can DO That in the final room?
Schirach fight: I once called this the most hopeless Mega Man boss I have ever- oh fuck you desync. On rewatching, it fails again... because he runs out of Freudenzwinger. It's at this point I realize I'm on ver 1.03a and the run is on 1.04a. Iris 1 desynced right away on a check, so let me just go hunt down version 1.04a. Everything has been syncing perfectly up until the Schirach fight, though.

OKAY WE'RE BACK AND PATCHED AND SYNCED. So, Schirach fight: Yeah, that happened. Guess one of the things the patch did was reduce the amount of weapon energy Freudenzwinger uses.

Lecht & Rink stage: I blinked and it was over.
Lecht & Rink fight: I blinked and it was over.

Eifer stage: Niiiiice maze skip.
Eifer fight: Very well done.

Iris 1: Ah, Quick Man's stage on crack. Also known as the stage I simply CANNOT BEAT with Pamela and never beat with Freudia without abusing the time slow weapon.
Graf Sepperin: lol

Iris 2: There's things it's fine to do in Mega Man clones and hacks. Invisible spikes is NOT in that category.
Eifer Devil (or something): Very good. Very, very good.

Iris 3: Short stage, not much to say.
Refights: Amazing. Slightly bad luck on Zorne.
Iris machine: Also amazing.

Iris 4: Not much of a stage!
Spiritia & Iris fights: good, good!

Ridiculously good run in general so Kenny can only say accept.

Time is 32:50.76, no cheating.
Can't comment on video or audio.

Minor mistake colliding with skull shooter.
Not perfect Luste platforms, can gain almost 2 seconds on her, but good enough. Gets the crusher skip, a must for a really low time.

Boarding the jet underwater is pretty awkward, better to take an extra half second to get the position right than fail the setup for one
of the better jetslides in the game right?
Underwater currents could be almost 2 seconds faster, but more importantly, there were no corner slingshots or spike collisions.
Split underwater room could save 1.5 seconds by boarding the jet and sliding but it's a tricky setup.

Could do a sliding kopiekreisel into the goomba instead of jumping, difficult though.
Could attempt the jetslide at the end of the stage if you're a gambler, can't be blamed for not taking those odds though.
Bonus points for getting the swaggy tunnel exit jump halfway through.

Minor mistake of colliding with the lizard in the beginning.
No try-hard yoku block hund jump!
Zorne only clings to the wall once and doesn't invincibomb, not bad.

Good overall. Could use the hund to get up the first ladder after the dryad near the beginning.
Although it's a shame to miss on Dolis's good pattern, at least it was the good pattern instead of two slides. At least getting
5 shots helps a lot anyway since getting 2 in when she floats down is pretty difficult. This was not a deal breaker for a run.

Easiest stage in the whole game. Jet and win.

...followed by a difficult stage. Gets every trick. Only minor mistake is missing the jump at the end of the windy area.

As mentioned, this stage is a nightmare to plan, there are so many possible combinations of switching between sliding and using the
jet that it's hard to figure out what's better without tools. But the method used is generally considered to be the best (close enough) way of handling things until a TAS.

Didn't go for a jetslide in the third room, looks like he was thinking about it but aborted at the last second which wasted a little
time making the huge jump into the pit.
Got hit by the midboss, also got trolled by an energy drop by a snake spawner causing him to miss the jump the first time. Also
nearly got majorly trolled by an item drop in the triple skeleton area! Be careful!
Had the best Grolla pattern.

Fell down the ladder in the first maid room.
A jet jump could be used instead of the hund in the first pendulum room.
Got the good first jetslide and the risky second one too.
There are two other ways to get through the final room that don't involve having to wait for the first moving pillar.
Not defeating Pamela as she appears on the left after reappearing in the good pattern costed 2 seconds. It's worth avoiding Pamela's
initial combo (two glyphs and fireball) but after that the best thing to do is stand point blank and mash until she disappears. It
doesn't seem to be a coin toss whether Pamela shoots swords on the ground or jumps in the air; she seems to jump much more
Freudia's jump speed is almost twice as fast as her ladder climbing speed, so it's always better to jump up ladders where possible.

Nothing but more minor things - The most time that could be saved by timing a jump into the pit after the miniboss versus just
letting Freudia fall into it is about one-fifth of a second. Accidentally loses about 0.15 seconds instead by jumping too late!
Could've put in one more slide before using the jet after the midboss and on the line of bombs at the end.
Had the jetslide over the gap after the giant eggmet made, but jumped near the end anyway even though if he had failed he would've already been dead by that time!
(Schirach is actually one of the easiest bosses, the only RNG is where the two rounds of boulders fall which are easy enough to
avoid, her movement pattern never changes.)

Doesn't jetslide the first room (pretty hard), gets hit by rising spears (probably even harder to do!)
Worst thing that happens is missing the long jetslide. Jumps too far back on the jet to get the minor gate jetslide at the end.
Gets the quick kill on Refraktia.

No horrible maze mishaps. (But no absurdly difficult maze room jetslide either!)
4 freeze isn't truly hard unless you're trying to grab the ladder on the hund jump too.
My replay desyncs on all versions of the game after the second hit during the Eifer battle, but if she goes down in 3 rounds (3-3-1), then everything goes as planned.

Iris 1
No mistakes, but doesn't do two jetslides, including one of the hardest ones in the entire game in the third room.
Manually switching weapons to beat Sepperin is indeed faster than pausing - what's important is not at what height Freudia delivers
the blow, but when she lands. Sepperin doesn't start exploding until Freudia is fully on the ground.

Iris 2
Only minor mistake is falling back in the water, only a loss of about 0.7-0.8 seconds.
Unfortunately does not get the double jump, which has a window of 3 frames. It's not frame perfect, so it can be done once in a while and is sort of "practicable".

Iris 3
The two major RNG offenders (Grolla and Dolis) behaved, the minor offender (Zorne) invincibombed once but it doesn't damage the timer
too much. Everyone else gets wrecked as they should be. Just those three bosses alone in this stage can kill a run at times this low.

Quite the cherry on top, incredibly good final battle. Constant damage on first form with no lightning slides, gets all 5 hits in on
second form before she disappears and finishes her off on the left side. Very difficult to beat her faster than this.

Very, very good run. It's going to be tough to improve, relying on fighting for seconds using increasingly risky strategies, tighter jumps
and smoother slides everywhere, the double devil jump, and cooperative RNG. Not getting or failing to take advantage of good RNG for some bosses can quickly destroy a stage's worth of optimizations. Doing all that and keeping the list of minor mistakes low, RKSF could see a 32:30 eventually.

This run belongs on SDA. Accept.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Brian 'bjw' Walker!
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