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Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel (Any %) (Single Segment) [Pamela]

Verifier Responses

Quote from KennyMan666:
Full disclosure: I have never actually beat the game with Pamela. I spent a while not being able to get past the Iris 1 room with the platforms and the lasers and pretty much ragequit. Haven't touched the game since.


No cheating detected, no A/V comments since it's a replay file. Ingame timer is accurate.

Luste stage: Very well done, especially that close call at the end.
Luste fight: Flawless victory.

Dolis stage: Actually riding platforms are for chumps.
Dolis fight: Not much to say.

Sichte stage: Well done.
Sichte fight: One missed charge attack, lost a little time. Otherwise good.

Liebea stage: Like a little snow would slow down Pamela.
Liebea fight: Why is she in a snow field anyway? Flawless.

Schwer-Muta stage: Done and done.
Schwer-Muta fight: Slightly bad luck on the appearances, and correct me if I'm wrong, but can't you hit her when she's on the big squid? That would have saved time on the final hit.

Grolla stage: Yeah. Lucky health drop at the end there.
Grolla fight: THE DUEL. Went well.

Trauare stage: Pamela not being able to swim like Freudia makes this stage interesting. Good execution.
Trauare fight: Lost time by miscalculating that final charged slash. Otherwise pretty bood.

Zorne stage: Took a hit from a flame pillar that looked a little sloppy. First part was great.
Zorne fight: This fight is a bit of a bitch when you don't have her weakness. Close call at the end, but pulled through.

Pamela stage: Dash and walljump makes a mockery of this.
Pamela Simon fight: Taking damage to save time indeed.

Schirach stage: The dash and walljump comes through again, making this stage easier than with Freudia.
Schirach fight: This bitch again. Done ridiculously well.

Lecht & Rink stage: Really good in the coloured platform room.
Lecht & Rink fight: Fantastic fight, especially that final hit.

Eifer stage: A missed walljump. I think it's possible to actually go too fast in the sections with the rising vine platforms. Maze gets skipped because Pamela is good like that.
Eifer fight: One missed slash, causing the fight to take a second or so longer than it could have.

Iris 1: Yeah, fuck the laser room forever. At least now I get to see how Pamela handles the rest of the game.
Graf Sepperin: Actually has to be fought with Pamela! Brute forcing it apparently works.

Iris 2: This stage has great music. And oh god jumping on invisible platforms around invisible spikes.
Eifer devil: There's things that aren't fun to do. Fighting a devil boss without having a weakness to use is one of them. I don't understand the first two hits taken, I feared my game had desynced, but the rest of the fight was great.

Iris 3: Still not much of a stage.
Refights: A miscalculated charge against Trauare again. I believe a missed charge on Grolla as well. Much better Schwer-Muta fight this time around. Flawless Zorne fight was very impressive.
Iris Machine: Ahaha you can DO that in phase one? Phase two didn't have much to say either.

Iris 4: Stage? What stage?
Spiritia & Iris fight: Oh god, fighting Iris as Pamela looks like negative fun. Was well done, though!

So, yeah, really good run. Kenny says accept!

Luste: Stage is perfect. Boss fight could be a second or two faster from better platform rng.

Dolis: Stage and boss were flawless.

Sichte: Took a hit near the start and missed a charged slash on the boss. Other than that, everything else was good.

Liebea: Stage is perfect. Lost a second or two from bad boss rng.

Schwer: Stage is very good. Missed teppyless on the boss. Schwer appeared in two bad spots, so there really isn't much you can do about that.

Grolla: Stage and boss fight were good. Some time can be saved here, but getting a good run of this stage is a pain for Pamela.

Trauare: Took a few hits during the stage (fish are jerks). Besides that, stage and boss were very good.

Zorne: Stage is good minus the hit on the fire pillar. Zorne decided to cling to the wall more times than necessary, which cost about a second.

Karl: Stage and boss fight are perfect. Also swag pendulum jump at the end.

Schirach: Stage is perfect and Schirach gave good boulder drops.

Lecht&Rink: Stage is good. A second or two can be saved by taking the bottom route in the first dark room, but taking that route is much riskier. Boss fight is perfect.

Eifer: Stage was good aside from a hit on the second rising platforms part. Avoiding damage here isn't easy, so one hit isn't too bad. Boss fight was good.

Iris 1: Stage is perfect. The mistake on Sepperin didn't really cost that much time since the boss gave bad fire ball rng anyway, so there really wasn't much you could do there.

Iris 2: Aside from getting hit by the Eggmet at the start, stage was good. It sucks that you can't really do much to speed up the devil fight as Pamela.

Iris 3: Really good boss refights. It's easy to get screwed over here by the bosses deciding to not behave.

Iris 4: This is the best Iris fight I have seen done in a Pamela run. Got very good rng here.

Final time is 33:58:25 going by the ingame timer.

Can't really comment on video and audio since there is only a replay file. No signs of cheating either.

Pulling off a good Pamela run isn't easy because there is more rng to worry about and there are many moments that can end a run instantly, so getting a sub 34 is quite the accomplishment. Very well done run! Accept!

this run was created in the context of cooperation and friendly competition in the rks thread right here at sda. speaking of, kuribon's pamela segments are a good reference for watching this ss.

i'm late to this verification and most significant stuff has already been pointed out by the other verifiers.

interesting intentional hit from the leaf chick in dolis's stage. decent luck on the boss.

some difficulty in the long windy room in sichte's but it is not major.

trolled a bit by liebea.

trolled harder by schwermuta. little wanker. at least the refight went well.

grolla: running into skull cannons seems to be a theme around here. close call after taking quite a bit of damage in the stage, but there's no hint of compromise.

trau: fish are trolls. charge cancel glitch costs a small amount of time at the end of the boss fight (12'10'35). trau asks "doushita no?" my thoughts exactly. victory hop cancel goes off without a hitch though.

zorne: some difficulty with the mm1 wily 1 fire column climb where andrewg also had difficulty at cgdq. one of my worst spots in the game as well. little time lost. bad luck on zorne is more unfortunate, but it can't be helped.

l&r: annoying jump canceling physics of books costs maybe half a second at 18'10.

iris 1: by "bad fireball rng" the other verifier means that hits from the fireballs you see drac firing would have cost time anyway, both in taking damage instead of attacking and in potentially using a tank. let's pretend the runner was clairvoyant and escaped these by lunging down rather than accidentally falling off.

iris 2: some frustration is evident at the slow pace of the goo monster fight, but there is nothing to be done. sorry.

iris 3: yeah, good boss refights.

iris 4: this fight should be required viewing.

and pamela saves the day all by herself, the useless yuri couple uselessly teleporting away. pamela does the whole lonely rag thing really well, but i doubt that knowing the warmth of a sister-in-arms would tarnish her valor. suggestions? anyone?

as for me, i'm a fan of pamela x liebea.


No cheating, A/V can't be commented on. Final time is 33:58.25.

8 Bosses: The stages here are done very cleanly and look quite optimized in terms of movement outside of a few unintentional hits, but hey, that's just how a single segment run works. Boss fights are good for the most part leaving very little room for improvement. In particular though, the runner doesn't get a Zeppyless Schwer-Muta fight and an ill-timed last hit on Trauare costs a second or two.

Black Cross: Really good stages here too, though there's a few minor execution errors here and there. The boss fights also go by really smoothly.

Iris Castle: Iris 1 and 2 go really well aside for falling during the Sepperin fight, but he gave an awful fireball pattern anyway as another verifier noted so it's by no means a tragic loss. The boss rush is exceptional, and it's followed up by an equally impressive Tia/Iris fight. It's nice to see RNG actually cooperate for once.

So yeah, an extremely good Pamela run. It's really awesome seeing a Zero based character rip through this game. Accept.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'Senovit!'
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