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Rogue Legacy (Any %) (Single Segment) [Boss Rush]

Verifier Responses

Quote from CyberBotX:
A/V good, no cheating detected. While the concept of a boss rush for Rogue Legacy is nice, I don't feel this run covers it well enough. I do understand it's a rogue-like and that getting hit is hard to avoid, but there is a lot of recklessness in this run. Also, even if dying does not reset progress of the bosses killed, it does waste a lot of time. On top of that, there was no use of the Sprint runes, which would have helped to speed up movement in the long run. I do encourage the runner to keep working on making this run better, but I feel I have to give this on a reject, sorry.

Quote from ShadowDraft:
No cheating detected. A/V was looking a bit choppy from time to time at least for me. As this is NG+ bossrush I have to say the gameplay outside the boss rooms wasn't good. Movement was very sloppy, not locking down the castle at any point really hurt the total time in my opinion and a death might have been avoided with improved mana management. The first two bossfights were actually quite good with the given setup but the Herodotus fight could've been better by ignoring the Gravisors.
Then there are the steam community notifications which should be turned off if you're recording a run.

So my final verdict is a reject. This run was good but not great. I suggest to work on this again because the time can definitely go lower than this.

This would not be a boss rush, but rather an NG+ run of the game.  On the category, though...NG+ gets further and further scaling with every run, up through NG+10 I believe, but it may go farther.  This is done on NG+7, so it would still be scaling-and could be faster by being done on, say, NG+3 or standardized via, again, NG+10(or higher).  Not even the category is clear for this one...

Video appears to stutter a bit near the beginning.  Quality is fine, but a bit borderline (I play in 720x480 resolution and it looks to be about that level of quality-1280x720/native would be preferred)
Play starts at 0:14, ends at 15:12 (Fountain defeated at 15:03), so it's a 14:58.

Right off the bat I dislike the way this was played, it uses the Paladin class with the Gigantism trait.  Now, classes and traits are random, sure, and there's no issue with this selection (in fact, in my experiences Gigantism is a help much more than a hindrance).  My issue comes from the runes selected: 5 Grace Runes.  That means no Haste Runes for movement speed up, no Sprint Runes for dashing, either.  This would almost be forgivable if the Hokage class or a character with the ADHD trait were used, as those both give a passive +30% movement speed-these boosts stack additively.  So my initial impression is that it's a slow run just off of movement.  It is worth noting, however, that Grace Runes do affect bosses: but I don't believe the benefit from a 5th outweighs lacking access to a dash (or a movement speed increase).

Equipment choices appear to be Slayer Sword, Slayer Helm, Slayer Chest, Slayer Limbs and Dark Cape.  If I'm correct in this information off the character sprite, this nets +16% crit chance, +60% crit damage and +1 Vamprism, Siphon and Air Jump.  Crits are very effective in this game, so I can't disagree with these choices for equipment.  I suspect  that the Dark Sword would technically be a bit better, though-and it would give an air dash without giving up the 5th Grace Rune (if that's actually faster).

In terms of the luck, the runner nearly dies despite very safe play with the Paladin's Shield ability and finds a fountain, restoring a lot of health.  Money is not an object in an NG+ runs, so opening the chest before the boss is just a waste of time.  Alexander is found at 1:58 and defeated at 2:35.  The runner switches out the spell of Scythe for Axe, costing a few seconds.  Khidr is found at 3:21 after checking 5 or so rooms, which is fairly lucky, and defeated at 3:58.  The Gigantism trait allows you to strike the boss from the standing position...which is not abused.  In fact, every time Khidr started shooting, the runner used the shield which just uses up time when damage could still be being dealt.  Ponce de Leon is found at 5:26 with some decent luck, it could have been better but it wasn't bad either.  Defeated at 6:08, which was a fairly impressive fight to me-shame about the lack of crits near the start.  A Steam notification appears at around 6:26...followed by a death 15 seconds later.  A lot of places where the shield is used, an airdash could have avoided it.

The heir ends up being an Assassin with Eidetic Memory.  This is arguably a better setup, yielding a whopping 81% chance of a critical hit!  The Eidetic Memory trait is really useful normally, though in a speedrun seeing where every enemy is on the minimap is less useful.  The runner uses Mist Form, the Assassin special, to great effect in passing by things.  This was more effective and less time consuming than the Paladin shielding things, and probably more effective at killing bosses.  The runner obtains Charon's Obol, which saves coins...I'm not sure what could have been useful from the shrine in a speedrun, maybe Helios Boots or Hyperion's Ring.  The Land of Darkness takes a long time to find, and Herodotus takes just as long to find, and I don't know why the runner grabs the Fairy Chest...and they die without finding anything useful.

3rd character ends up being a Barbarian with Ambilevous, making the never-cast spells go backwards.  The castle should have been locked down as The Land of Darkness HAD been found, and it would have been faster to warp there and go another direction to find Herodotus.  11:21, another Steam notification pops up.  It takes until 12:22 to find Herodotus...more than 6 minutes after Ponce de Leon.  Defeated at 13:34: I didn't know you only had to beat the blobs.  Tanking hits with the Barbarian was probably more effective than using the Assassin, though skillful play would have put the Assassin's higher damage output on top.  The Johannes fight is done very efficiently, and this enables an "I don't care about your attacks" approach to The Fountain, dispatching the final boss duo very quickly.

So, this gives me a bit of a dilemma.  I've seen a 13:41 run from New Game (which should be slower than NG+), and I see a 12:43 NG+ run on youtube if I just search.  This NG+ run uses 5 Grace Runes as well, but it also uses the Dark Sword (and a Barbarian, and doesn't die).  Is this a good run?  Yes.  But is this a great run?  The lack of faster method of movement throughout the entire run, and the bad judgment call while trying to find Herodotus...I'll wait and see what the other verifiers have to say on this, assuming the Steam notification pop-ups don't make this an outright reject.

Upon seeing the first 2 responses and thinking it over for a bit, I'm inclined to agree with the verdict of reject.

I feel the game play is really sloppy. A ng+ run should not die as they are buffed to hell as is. Unless some information regarding a much slower time vs the yt vids, rational behind ng+7, and not using fastest movement can being the best choice for a speedrun, I cant recommend an accept. I vote reject.

Decision: Reject

Reason: Not nearly enough polish even with RNG factored in (if the game has a fixed seed that could arguably be its own category but that's another discussion)

This run will be available for a month. After that these link(s) will no longer work.
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