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Rockman 4 (Any %) (Single Segment) (ntscj) (nes)

Verifier Responses

I watched the normal quality video and afterwards quickly skimmed through the lq and the hq ones.

Audio: Good (no desynch detected etc)
Video: In the verification thread, it was suggested that the weird resolution (284x240) possibly came from cropping off the black edges in the video. Assuming that's correct, I have no objections.
Legitmacy: Nothing that made any alarm bells go off for me.
Play quality: To my knowledge, this is the fastest reported time out there for Megaman 4 (even beating the best Japanese times by some margin). The strats look solid and the execution is great. There are a couple of minor mistakes and some of the boss fights (especially some of the later ones) could be a few seconds faster. However, considering the general level of play, I'm sure the runner is already very aware of these flaws and it's nothing even remotely close to warrant a rejection. I will therefore keep it short and simple here and leave it like that.

Overall: BIG ACCEPT. It's a pure pleasure watching a megaman game played at this level. Thanks for sharing this speedrun with us!

Time: If I take the first frame of movement to be 635 (level selection screen) and the end frame to be 138.648 (when the last explosion ring from Wily leaves the screen), I get a final time of 38:22.

To the admins: When this gets posted, make sure it obsoletes both of the runs currently on the site (one ntsc-u and one pal). This new run is on the Japanese version, but it's just better in every imaginable way.

A/V quality is fine, though the resolution is a bit weird as noted above. Pretty sure it's just from cropping the black borders because it otherwise looks normal for a NES capture. No cheating spotted, though some of the mashing looks pretty inhuman. Smiley

As far as play quality is concerned, this is as far as I know well ahead of the next best time. Most of the mistakes that I spotted are self-evident and incredibly minor. All the balloon tricks I'm aware of are used to great effect.

Missed the quick jump on Pharaoh Man, boo. Only one that gets missed though, and they individually don't save a lot of time so no big deal.

Good RNG on Dust Man. Not perfect, but didn't lose much time. Could have easily been a lot worse.

One early shot on the Dive Man fight, doesn't lose much time, and a variant of the quick jump that I didn't know existed for the weapon get animation. Neat.

Really good Drill Man fight, nearly perfect RNG and none of the shots took a particularly long time.

That damn rat in Toad Man. Fight goes almost perfect. Ideally you want no hops beyond the first but one extra hop isn't that big of a difference.

Cossack 1 boss is a tad messy.

Cossack 2 boss is basically perfect. I can't recall if you can get good RNG so that you don't have to wait at all, but if if you can only one extra cycle is quite good. Five shots on the first cycle is fairly difficult.

Cossack 3 in general is basically perfect. The difference is measured in frames, probably.

Wily 2... WHAT? You can do that? Fucking hell.

Wily 3... boss refights. Interesting, didn't know Dust Crusher was that good against Pharaoh. Seems obvious in retrospect. There had been some argument over whether or not using Rain Flush on Bright Man was actually worth it, but hitting Drill Man while he's underground for that one damage you need to only need 9 Dive Missiles definitely makes it worth it. Cool, dunno why I didn't think of that trick. Rest of the bosses give pretty good RNG. Not perfect, but that's too much to ask this late in the game. Wily Machine takes a couple extra hits but nothing huge.

Wily 4 screws up an easy shot on one of the caterpillars but the time loss is minor so whatever. Final boss goes quite well. Again, not perfect RNG, but quite good. I agree with the above timing of 38:22, because SDA timing ends when Mega Man starts walking towards the left center of the screen (when the final explosion ring leaves the screen), since that's when you lose control.

Definite accept.

this run is da greatest checkers is a god if you don't like it come fight me, usedpizza, the great dp, thank you for your time

Cheats: none detected

A/V: great (I would say its better from the removed excess black bars reducing file size)

Time: 38:22 (current times on SDA are 40:39 NA and 50:48 EU)

This run is nothing but solid Checkers goodness, after joining SDA I have been watching him grind out this game, and this is the end result.  Having watched the grind this game did not want to give up this time to anyone, but checkers beat it out of its cold dead hands, this is damn close to perfect. Also the Boss luck for the most part is some kind of stupid and the amount of weapon jump get skips is equally stupid.
This run uses all current strats, routes, skips, and damage boosts that a human can do to the best of my knowledge. This run does as other have stated have flaws though I find they are very minor and are the only thing that keeps this run from being essentially a human TAS IMHO, and are all errors well within expectation for a human, which is hard to say given how good this run is.
Oh I also forgot Wily-1 was godlike that is all (minus that stupid #@%$ met boss)

Final decision:
This run is to the best of my knowledge a WR, not that SDA is a WR site, but when you get a WR to obsolete your dated runs I say,

I look forward to hearing checkers sweet voice on an audio commentary on track two Cheesy

Quote from duckfist:
Hi Check, glad to see that you submitted this and I look forward to analyzing your Rockman 4 run.

- Either this is legit or this guy frame advances IRL
- A/V quality is great.  I approve of the resolution, it looks more natural.
- I timed it at 38:22 by SDA timing, or 38:20 from game start to Wily kill.

Pharaoh Man:  Lol instant 1-up.  Extremely smooth first section.  I just noticed - can you reduce lag in the first "balloon guy" section by jumping?  Just now thought of that.  Going on, you actually managed to slide under the last mummy, that shit was always hard for me.  Near perfect stage.

Bright Man:  Perfect balloon sections.  I don't care if Bright second isn't supposedly actually faster, the route is WAY more badass this way.  Bright fight seemed sloppy for you, but still godly in my book.

Ring Man:  So many new strats in this stage I should learn.  Kzez will be pissed about the first ring guy :p  you brushed up against the wall on the first stair, say goodbye to those frames.  Shaky Ring Man fight, but nobody in their right mind would reset at this point.

Dust Man:  Pharaoh shot strats make the first room really tough imo, and it also requires that stomper guy to jump high (or frame perfect slides), so that was nice.  All that really matters is that spike section and a favorable Dust Man pattern, which you got.

Skull Man:  I'm so glad that zip is actually worth it, it's too cool.  Sadly, a sloppy section before Eddie.  On the room after eddie, I was hoping you'd kill the first "shield beetle" and land on the platform in one jump, which was something I always tried but failed at.  Whatever.  This run is so good I have no choice but to mull over the tiny things that barely matter.

Dive Man:  Sad to see Tom's crazy strats leave this stage.  The whales seemed a bit slow; so it's not faster to freeze them at the top and kill them in one jump?  Love the crazy "weapon get skip" at the end.

Drill Man:  Really fun speed stage.  Nice bat luck and god pattern on Drill Man.  Maybe 2-3 seconds could come off of this stage, but for being practically the most random stage in the game, it's very solid.

Toad Man:  dat rat.  Also two tries for that second snail damage boost, that's always frustrating for me.

Looked like ~18:26 eight robos from game start.  Wow.

Cossack 1:  Favorite speed stage.  Nice strats in the first room.  Some hard "4-tile wide" jumps in the checkpoint room, looks like you got one of them.  I'm sad to see Rush Jet not be a strat in the last section, I always liked that weird boost.  Sucks about the moth bot, he's got a pretty tricky hitbox.

Cossack 2:  Heh holding left at stage start.  Sick spike sections.  I know Agwawaf's strat in the second one is faster, too bad it's like actually impossible to do.  God pattern and 5 hits on first pass, decent pattern on second pass.  Hard to ask for more than that.

Cossack 3:  ResidentSleeper.  Where's my Trihex strat?  TriHard

Cossack 4:  Solid.  Love the crazy boss manipulation, too bad he did something weird and moved to the left before that last hit.

Wily 1:  Aw yeah, I tought you the strat on that second room.  That's probably all you learned from me.  Sick met section.  Really fun stage, easy to run, hard to perfect.  Bad pattern on the big met, I hate that :\

Wily 2:  The room with the caterpillars was like the only somewhat slow section.  That Rush Jet strat in the last room is crazy, I can't believe I never thought of it.  Good stage.

Wily 3:  1 Extra Weapon energy is worth it for fighting Pharaoh with dust, I assume.  I love how much you've optimized the refights route.  I see the nerves setting in a bit, but you're still wrecking shit.  Sick Dive Man.  Crazy Bright Man strats.  Drill Man loves you.  You lost a frame on Toad, get out.  Dust Man plz.  Didn't softlock the game on WMachine, -10 points from gryffindor

Wily 4:  Oh man, I wonder what was going through your head here.  Time must have slowed down in between appearances of Wily.  Of course it could be better but fuck it, this is a god run.  CHECKERS CHECKERS CHECKERS CHECKERS CHECKERS CHECKERS CHECKERS CHECKERS CHECKERS CHECKERS CHECKERS CHECKERS CHECKERS CHECKERS CHECKERS CHECKERS

Good shit.  You picked this game up so damn fast and crushed it decisively.  Overall, this run has fantastic luck, a solid route, well-refined strategies, and impeccable execution.  I hope I can be this good at Mega Man 4 some day.  Keep it up man, I look forward to your future projects.


Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'Checkers!'
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Congrats on this, Checkers! You make me so proud! =]
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Pretty sure this is close enough to US that it'll replace Radovich's existing run. Unless there's differences I'm not aware of.
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Congrats, Checkers, that was a great run. So much RNG in this one.
Congrats Checkers!  Absolutely sick run.  ^_^
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Checkers: 2013-09-13 03:09:34 pm
Odd resolution was from me cropping out the black bars yeah.

Thanks everybody. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

Duckfist: In C2 you can't use the Agwa spike strat because you need both balloon refills with using balloon in C1.
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Joka: 2013-09-14 03:28:43 pm
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For the record I feel like it should be at the very least on the same page as Mega Man 4. If you want to keep the categories different because of language ok, but it shouldn't be a separate game page.
Checkers makes me (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)
so pro u don't even know
Awesome run Checkers!!


Can't wait for you to cut the Hotarubi in Mega Man 3 next!