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Onin: 2013-12-20 03:48:20 am
Trust me, I'll be the last person to disagree that it's all about luck. But Monsoon is hardly more difficult, it just ups the luck requirement even further.

Here's the item list. I'll get to uploading soon.

Here is it:
That luck on the teleporters Cheesy
But excellent run, the use of the voodoo doll is quite effective, plus the gun that can tether enemies.. pretty effective on the two worms in the end
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Wilbo: 2013-12-20 04:44:14 am
Wilbo: 2013-12-20 04:44:11 am
Wilbo: 2013-12-20 04:44:10 am
Nice run Onin, some good luck in there, I guess it can only be beaten if someone gets similar teleporter luck with better items but damn that won't be easy
I especially liked the part where his robots gave me 4000 gold to keep reviving my turrets with :3
Would anyone like to try a pacifist run? I don't know exactly what this would entail, but I've been loving RoR although I'm not very skilled at it (only just recently unlocked the merc). I'd love to see someone try to beat it without any items (idk if this would include drones as well), on any difficulty; or at least see how far you can get. Remember that boss items drop where you kill the boss, so don't let it block you off from the teleporter. Miner or Huntress might be required for a pacifist run due to the miner's ability to jump over dropped items and the huntress's ability to use blink (although I don't know if you can blink through a drop without picking it up)

I was also thinking of some other side categories such as drones only, shops only, or chests only. I would assume a use item would be allowed in the drones only category, but I don't actually run it so it's not up to me; it just sounds pretty difficult without a use item.
That would be Low%, not pacifist. And I don't think I'd be interested in 20 minute Providence fights without regen items :|
Yeah it sounds really extremely difficult. This was during a livestream last night, I convinced him to try it and he got all the way to Providence... almost immediately died
I'm not a speedrunner, but I do have an exploit that may make a run faster. Not sure if this is old news or not, but try playing local co-op w/o any controllers installed. What'll happen is that both players are going to be controlled by the keyboard. This will cause two characters to become totally superimposed on one another, essentially doubling the attack power right out the gate. If you de-sync w/ your shadow partner (usually from speed-boosts or jump pads) just press against a wall or climb a ladder to re-sync. I'd imagine the increased attack could help increase the speed.
It would be a massive increase in speed if you could give both players a use item. But avoid movement speed items like the plague o.o

Do you know of any other glitches with that mode? For instance, trying to activate a slot machine with both players standing by it causes an error and wasted gold, which sucks.
I haven't exactly done extensive testing, but I know that player 1 + 2 can both use an item. Normally player 1 takes all the items (and the lion's share of the EXP), but if P1 already has a "use" item then P2 will pick it up. You cannot change P2's item though, unless you de-sync, and you cannot voluntarily de-sync. I've activated slot machines and they work just like in single player.

The P2 character doesn't get much EXP (and no passive items) so the power of this trick has diminishing returns. Still, it is a significant power boost early on in the game at no cost in time. Note that alot of crap can de-sync you, namely the Banner, sometimes the launch pads, occasionally jumping out of ropes and getting hit w/ Providence's fire pillar attack. I also have no idea how the game changes enemy and item spawns for local co-op vs single player, so that might affect the speed.
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Onin: 2014-01-04 11:26:20 am
The speed increase in early levels is actually negligible. A second character doesn't help getting the portal faster, and your killing speed only matters for the final (pack of) mobs after the timer hits 90. I'm more looking at speeding up the Providence fight, as that's really the major bottleneck for the run's end time. Can only imagine what double Lost Dolls or Lost Doll + Glowing Meteorite can save in terms of time.
And about a 100% speedrun of this game ?

Or at least all character/challenge ?

I would be really glad to see one
There's no definition for 100%.

I assume SDA would separate speedruns based on class used, so the Miner record would be a different category. But I'm not too interested in using inferior classes. Maybe Mercenary, he's fun, but so hard...
I was wondering if the "official" run rules for this includes a 100% unlocked items save.
I don't have that save for example, and there are so many OP items that need to be unlocked.
BTW does anybody have a 100% unlocked save to share, if that's the case?
Are you guys using Boar beach in Ancient Tundra to save time? I think that'd be a game changer if you got the RNG to actually get the area to spawn.

So the census on running this is using Bandit? On any difficulty?
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Onin: 2014-01-22 02:55:51 pm
Onin: 2014-01-22 02:55:40 pm
All difficulties are separate categories, we mostly run on normal difficulty. Pick whatever class you feel most comfortable with, but Huntress is easily the fastest and has the safest fight against Providence, which is pretty important with the fixed AI glitch.
I see...yeah, I've been trying to unlock Huntress for a while now. I just need two more monster logs, and after that I'll be good. So what about Boar Beach though? Yay or nay?
I actually never heard about Boar Beach. Is going there actually helpful, considering it's just more travel time?
It's an area that randomly spawns in Ancient Valley Frozen Tundra in the top left. It has only one map layout with fixed enemy spawns and portal, it can be cleared in under a minute and there's no need to wait to use the portal, only to clear the enemies. Taking too long can at most spawn a Toxic Beast, and there's a special item you get for killing a slightly more powerful Boar.

RoR wiki page on it:
Sounds like it'd be useful if you can reach that entrance faster than you can find the portal.
Or if you find the portal on the way there.

When I get good at this game, I'll run it. For now, I'll just keep trying to unlock the Huntress.
For unlocks I'd suggest just getting a 3-hour run going (ie going back to previous levels over and over and over for a couple hours). It's fun, good practice, and gets you a ton of unlocks, some of which can be pretty huge in a run and hard to unlock otherwise (Glowing Meteorite for instance).
I appreciate it, but I haven't been able to finish the game on Normal, only easy. Just gotta keep it up with the Bandit! Thanks though.
3-hour runs make it a lot easier to kill Providence, too. :3
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KrazyRasmus: 2014-01-22 03:56:17 pm
From my experience, if you get a quick boar beach, you get teleported back to the Ancient Tundra (or an other third level). In theory, you can get infinite boar beaches. So yeah, it won't save any time.