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just started to run this a few days ago and got 11:06(11:01 IGT) yesterday. thumbsup
Y'er no match for me!
Started doing my first few actual runs, got a 14:02. Bad RNG for the teleporters and I need to start really just going straight for the teles and optimizing my time when the teleporter is active. Being Sanic with the Bandit is so much fun.
I went and requested a leaderboard for RoR at, so everyone who wants can throw their runs up there now.

I've kinda limited the categories to, well, the sensible ones, but if anyone really wants another legitimate category added, just drop me a line somewhere.

IGT% is not a legitimate category. :F
Bad news. The game got updated to 1.2.3 just now. While it didn't fix the Bandit Sprint, it did give Providence his damage shield back, which was a large part of why this version was faster.
Problem is, GOG's version is still down at 1.2.1, the version with bugged experience gains. There's a good chance it might skip 1.2.2 and move straight to 1.2.3.

We'll see what happens to the GOG version, but if a pre-patch version becomes straight unavailable (even through backup'd installers), it's gonna come down to routing 1.1.2 (Merc with walldashing) versus 1.2.3 (bandit sprint) and see who wins out.
Crisis averted, GOG has patch 1.2.2. We're backing up the installer to keep it around.
I found a way to skip the last two doors! It's easy! You only need to swap the Glowing Meteorite for Carrara Marble and do a little trick.

Once you're on top of the stage to skip the first door (using the 4x Hopoo Feather and Rusty Jetpack), go all the way to the right, on top of the final room. Fall off the ledge, hugging the side of the final room's outside, and place the marble gate on the level of the ladder. Once you fall under the room, use the Hopoo Feather jumps to get to the left of the second ladder. Hold the up key, use the Carrara Marble, and BAM! You're in the final room, with no need to wait for the two doors!

This saves around 60 seconds. You lose some time because you can't insta-kill the wyrms with glowing meteor, but this time difference is small compered to the 60 second skip.

I'm not sure how this skip works, but I suspect it has to do with how the game handles the Carrara Marble's teleport internally. It seems that while it teleports you to the vertical height instantly, it seems to slide you to the correct horizontal position, which if you hold the up key, allows you to snag yourself on ladders.
Wow. I thought I'd tested every possibility with the marble, but the best I could do was wedge myself in the floor, which required reusing the marble three times in order to get unstuck, which is obviously slow as hell.

I'll need to test exactly how this works, but yeah this will definitely save time. Which means I gotta get back in the saddle to grind my ass off again.

Goddamnit. Cheesy
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PenguinGuy: 2015-01-07 12:47:26 am
Playing around with it I could figure out it's not random, and that if there is a ladder inbetween you and the gate, you'll appear in line with the ladder at the height of the gate, provided the ladder is at a certain spot. I think the way it works is if you imagine a rectangle with corners at you and the gate, if there is a ladder crossing one of the horizontal sides of this rectangle it will work.  If there are multiple, it seems to picks the closer one. I say "think" and "seems" because it doesn't always follow these rule, but it usually does, and exceptions are consistent.

Anyway, I don't think this teleport glitch has any use outside of skipping those last doors. The margin for where you place the gate and where you teleport is very large; you can place the gate anywhere on the side and so long as you teleport to the left of the second ladder you're good. Additionally, if you place the gate on top of cargo 3 (between 2 and 3), you can teleport on the side of the final room and it will work.

Edit: I forgot to mention this but the glitch works with any character. I haven't checked every character (that would take forever) but I discovered it with Acrid, and sampled some other characters and they all did the trick too.
Get over here!
Quote from PenguinGuy:
Edit: I forgot to mention this but the glitch works with any character. I haven't checked every character (that would take forever) but I discovered it with Acrid, and sampled some other characters and they all did the trick too.

That's cool but bandit is still fastest choice. It's going to be a nightmare to grind that out Tongue
So uhm. Thanks to this glitch, my RoR runs are now on sub-10 pace.

I may be able to grind this out within the week.
Wow, sub-10 minutes that's insane, good job!

I'm not sure if grinding this out for better RNG would save any time at this point, you might be able to shave seconds if you can start Providence on Easy difficulty (which you almost did), but not much. I think you would need to seriously break the game to go any faster, like somehow skip complete levels. Watching that run, its so optimized it's ridiculous.

Good job.
There's easily still a couple seconds to shave off, but it'll be hard to get any better than 9:49 igt/9:55 rta.

Any% is dead.
Get over here!
So I just got around to reupload the GoG installer(s).
I found new tech.

This setup uses the automatic out-of-bounds teleport system to do what we previously used the Carrara Marble for. It's a pretty tight setup, too high or too low and you teleport to the wrong spawn location and it'll fail, but this setup is decently consistent.

What this means is that you're able to carry a different Use item into the Providence fight, which will shave a couple of seconds off the fight. And it seems like the best contender is... Fireworks. 1 pack of Fireworks and the Skeleton Key should be able to oneshot the third phase, which takes more than 10 seconds to get through. Counting 4 to 5 seconds for the slow ladder climb up, that saves at least 5 seconds off every run.

Beat Shadowdraft to the punch. 8 second improvement. Can still go sub-12.
Get over here!
There has been some grinding going on in the background:

Co-op Any%:

Co-op Any% Monsoon:

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Zergreenone: 2015-09-26 01:49:12 am
I dunno if you guys know about this glitch already, but if you activate a sacrifice shrine and immediately start the teleporter countdown, the sacrifice shrine will be destroyed (because you activated a teleporter) but then will reactivate (because the use cooldown ended), and in this glitched state you can use it as many times as you like. I see potential for a medkit (for healing)/fireworks/ceremonial dagger (for safety) into a billion crowbars for a one-hit kill on providence. Or maybe just an improved run which obtains a lot of items. You need to be lucky to get a sacrifice shrine next to the teleporter.

Also, I think that someone should try running risk of rain on low% (no items) for artifacts and artifactless, or 100% (segmented, unlock all items, achievements, monster logs, etc)

I am, of course, way too lazy to do this myself Wink
With the Hidden Realms update,Acrid became a playable character in Risk of Rain 2. For those unfamiliar with the game, every level save the last one has players racing against the time to activate the teleporter. Returning to ROR2, Acrid was a pivotal figure in the original Risk of Rain. He's a hybrid melee/ranged character who comes in handy while battling bosses, especially when playing in a group.

The process of unlocking the many new characters in Risk of Rain 2 may be complicated, and Acrid is no exception. When it comes to figuring out how to unlock particular characters, it may be a bit daunting for beginner gamers. check out for guide to unlock Hidden Character :