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Quote from KrazyRasmus:
From my experience, if you get a quick boar beach, you get teleported back to the Ancient Tundra (or an other third level). In theory, you can get infinite boar beaches. So yeah, it won't save any time.

I just tested it, and yes, this seems to be the case. No dice for boar beach, sadly.
Is there still testing going on with team setups?  I feel as though some characters who normally wouldn't be considered for a solo run become viable in co-op.  The most obvious example that comes to mind for me is the Enforcer, and if you pair them with a Bandit you can not only have the Bandit's speed getting the teleporter but when fighting the same enemies their combined stun and pushback could mow through tons of both regular enemies and boss health.  Similarly I think that Han-D has a lot of potential for raw damage output as long as they get backed up by someone with good stun on ranged attacks.
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So they added Artifacts to the game. Some of them make the game ridiculously more challenging, some of them add some quality of life stuff. This raises two questions.

1. Any% Artifacts will probably have to be a separate category, right? There's at least two major time/rng-savers available: Command, eliminating item RNG and allowing you to just plan ahead every item pickup, and possibly Glass, which gives you 10% hp but 500% damage (and the hp is easily countered by an early Infusion followed by Guardian Heart stacking). You could get some sweet ass times with those two artifacts (though it'd be pretty difficult in execution).
2. Any% All Artifacts. Totally mean and unfair, but kinda hilarious. Still have to unlock the last artifact, but yeah, this shit's hard.

Edit: Okay, I think I've routed Any% Artifacts as best as possible:
Character: Mercenary.
Artifacts: Command, Glass, Spirit.
Items: White - 1 or 2 Goat Hooves, x Glasses. Green - 1 Infusion, 1 Leech Seed, 1 Infection, x Missiles. Red - 1 Tesla Coil, 1 Thallium, x Cursed Rings. Use - If stage 1, Marble. If later, Lost Doll.
With Merc being a melee without ranged attacks, you'll have to be more careful about enemy spawn placement, and probably can't afford to search too far for items. But that's fine, you don't need nearly as many. With all his invulnerability, he won't die unless you mess up, so you only need bare minimum survivability.
But the main difference is finally being able to use the Merc's dash glitch. With the Spirit Artifact, using a Lost Doll will give you barely enough movement speed to execute the glitch. You'll be able to use this in the final stage to get through the doors, saving at least 40 seconds over every other character (cooldown and all). And 40 seconds in a game with so little room for improvement is a LOT.
In addition, Tesla, Infection, and Thallium all go through Providence's damage shields. With +500% damage, that means they barely even exist. It becomes trivial to DPS him through the shields, although you are put in a dangerous position doing so.
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New WR with the above route. Sorry for the FPS counter.

I improved it.
Get over here!

18:57 IGT

I guess from here on out I'll be recording offline since the game doesn't like streaming and capturing at the same time very much.
Quote from Onin:
Red - 1 Tesla Coil, 1 Thallium, x Cursed Rings.

After watching that 12:33, I feel like you might be better off with ghost skulls instead of cursed rings since the crit rate isn't that high. Looks pretty nice otherwise.
Yeah, there's a lot of adaptation depending on what other item drops you get. I've also been wondering if it's worth replacing the lost doll, losing some seconds on the doorclip but significantly increasing your damage on Providence(either meteor to oneshot the worms, or broken mirror (does that copy the tesla effect?)). It's all a matter of seconds, while portal placement and enemy spawns is a matter of minutes, though.
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JudgeTheDude: 2014-05-20 05:05:36 pm
Hey !

Very nice game, pretty hard to speedrun, but very very enjoyable ^^

20:16 IGT
27:09 Real Time (thanks to framerate dropping in Contact Light)

(Dammit, since I only have 5/4 screens, youtube didn't count as 480p, but as 360p -.-)

But I wonder, why do I keep having this framerate drops in the UES Contact Light ? I didn't have them some weeks ago, and now, I always go to from 60 to 30 fps without any reason. Do yo have any idea why ?
If by "some weeks ago" you mean "before I started recording", the answer is simply that this game is pretty badly optimized, being a Gamemaker game, and Gamemaker is especially bad at handling high numbers of entities in the same room. The final level is huge, and without a relatively excessive amount of processing power it will not run smoothly while recording.

You could try and see if using OBS local recording keeps your FPS in tact, it should cause much less of an effect than the directX capture programmes.
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JudgeTheDude: 2014-05-21 10:54:10 am
No, framerate drops started before I recorded my first runs, it has this problem even when OBS or any other capture software is off. And the stragest thing is that it worked fine for months, but then started, without any reason, to drop framerates. I know this level can be really huge, but it was huge before, and the game ran pretty good.

I'm currently on OBS, only local recording, recording in 480p (5/4 resolution) and so it doesn't affect my framerate. The problem occurs everytime, now, with or without OBS.

I also tried to reinstall the game, check my CG (nVidia 8600GTS) drivers, and check my CPU (3 GHz Core 2 Duo, I don't remember the ID), but it doesn't go over 60-70%

Edit: I just realised I didn't update the game, I wasn't in 1.1.2, I'll check if it works after update.
Get over here!
Finally joined the sub-13 club with my latest PB!

I lost ~10 seconds on the last level failing the dash glitch and not getting a good meteor for a quick kill. But other than that I'm pretty happy with this.
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Onin: 2014-05-28 07:56:58 am
Onin: 2014-05-28 07:56:15 am
So I found a definitive reason why we can't use IGT.

If you die while having activated a finished portal (i.e. while it turns your gold into experience before teleporting), which is really easy to do with Glass and a Meteor, you will spawn at the next level, at level 1, with 0 seconds on the clock (and no items). Do this from Temple, and you'll arrive at Providence around 1 minute IGT. He'll be a pretty difficult fight since he'll oneshot you, but with his base health of 5000 it should be possible.

So then you have a, I'd estimate, 5 minute IGT run. Completely unbeatable. Optimal IGT times would require using this glitch and then finding the most efficient way to kill Providence from level 1, and the entire rest of the run wouldn't matter anymore in the slightest. And I'm definitely not running that shit ._.
I agree—since this constitutes the timer actually bugging out, I think that is reason enough to determine that the timer is unreliable and avoid using it. In a game where the timer is reliable, like the one that I mainly run, Spelunky, IGT is good because it completely eliminates human error. In this case, though, I think we can pretty easily agree, in addition to the other reasons for it, that real time is the way to go.
Well, by SDA ruling I think using that setup wouldn't be allowed anyways since it would require pre-run setup. Regardless, this games in game timer is pretty messed up in a whole host of ways already anyways, so whatever.
Get over here!
It's not too hard to retime for RTA anyways. If you don't drop frames you can probably just translate the ingame time into real time. Well except for submissions. But that's another story.
Any World Record on Solo Offline Monsoon ? I'm speedrunning this category with consistent times now (almost sub-19 IGT with constant 60FPS). Considering the difficulty, it's a nice challenge.

By the way, a Monsoon run will always be at least 2:30 min longer than any normal run because of the 120 seconds timer on every teleporter. Just reminding Wink
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Groki: 2014-06-04 02:53:36 pm
I have identified a way to literraly pass through the WALLS. It's the same technique that we use to pass through the doors of the last level. But I think that it only works at a given speed. I don't know if it's a known bug, I didn't find anything about it.

Here's my video of this glitch :

It could save some time on the Tundra map maybe !
Get over here!
Uh yea .. that's the same stuff that happens on the Risk of Rain. Nothing new Undecided

Basically the dash skill scales with your movespeed. And when you hit a certain treshhold collision detection won't work properly anymore.
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Groki: 2014-06-04 03:05:24 pm
Ok. Any info about Monsoon Solo Offline World Record ?
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Onin: 2014-06-04 03:12:45 pm
I occasionally use it on some maps to either try and manipulate mob spawns, or just travel faster. Like if the pillar on the right side of Dried Lake doesn't have a passage, it's faster to damage boost and dash through the wall than to climb the ladder. And sometimes dashing through the wall and just moving to the edge of the map can help despawning mobs in the center of the map.

I don't think anyone has really run Monsoon seriously. Spending 2,5 extra minutes doing nothing interesting doesn't sound too appealing to me. I wonder if Providence wouldn't one-shot you on Monsoon, either.
If you're looking for a benchmark for a good time, you'd want to get as close to 2,5 minutes per map as possible, plus a fast providence, so something in the vicinity of 15 minutes would be a pretty sick run.
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Groki: 2014-06-04 03:21:02 pm
Providence is a real challenge in Monsoon. Here's a video of one of my run :

I find this difficulty mode really challenging. And I think that it's just better for the show Smiley ! Because most players can't finish the game in solo offline monsoon (solo online is pretty easy by the way). And clearly, I think that the only consistent way to finish it is to use the glass artefact.

Yeah I'll try to get around 17mins first. I lost about 2 minutes in this run by derping in tundra and against providence. But in fact, in Monsoon, you don't play exactly like in rainstorm, because a very good run can be destroyed in seconds, especially by providence who is really violent in this difficulty. In my run you can see it, I prefer to play safe for my first runs in this difficulty Tongue !
New World Record on Monsoon Solo Offline : 17:26 Real Time. Considering the +2:30min with the difficulty, this run is equivalent to a 14:56 in normal difficulty Cheesy !

I loose some time on the Holy Shrine (more than 1 min to find the teleporter...). Otherwise, this run was perfect.

Two questions:

1. What's the difference playing solo online? I never bothered looking at that, didn't think there was any difference.
2. What's the logic behind your item choices?
Infusion and Leech Seed don't scale very well. If you need more survivability for Providence, I'd suggest Guardian Heart(s) instead. They can interfere with damage boosting but optimally you'd want 6 Goat Hooves so you don't need to get hurt for the door clips anyway.
Barbed Wire also stacks really badly (50% damage for the first, +10% damage for every additional). Golden gun barely adds any damage on Providence. Predatory Instincts won't trigger very often with only 10% crit chance (5% base plus 5% from the item). And Hermit's Scarf is just plain RNG.

Not getting any red items at all sucks, though. I'm sure with more/better items you can cut down the Providence fight significantly.
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Groki: 2014-06-09 10:40:41 am
1. Try a game in Monsoon Offline and Online, both solo, you'll see that Monsoon Online solo is way easier (maybe easiest than Solo offline rainstorm). Less mobs that are weaker than in Offline Monsoon.

2. Leech seed is great because you can heal a lot with the mercenary. And Infusion is an obligatory item in Monsoon if you don't want to be OSed. Guardian heart can be great yes, But you can't regen your shield while you take risks to deal the maximum damages to Providence.

6 goat Hooves mean less Barbed Wire which is my main damage output. But It can also give me the ability to get the meteor without any trouble.
For Golden gun, yeah, I agree with you.
Barbed Wire is really great with Tesla Coil against Providence, almost 1000 dmg every seconds, even when he has his shield up.
About Predatpry instincts I agree with you, but none of the green item are good for my build (unless Infusion and Seed Leech). I will use Toxic Worm in my next runs.

What Items do you recommend to kill providence fast ? I watch your speedrun, but you take too much risks for a Monsoon run (when you are under 100 health, consider you are dead...). I think that the best is Tesla Coil / Barbed Wire.

And about survivability, it's very important, because I had already few run under 16min that have been destroyed by a nasty Provi :/ ...